You are Banned because ____________

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  1. Hey Guys! I have an awesome game in store for you! I call it "The Ban Game" because you just ban anyone right above your post, with even the most ridiculous reasons you could think of. Here is an example:

    fratfruit39: Wow, Nice Game!

    The Choco Chimp: Banned for complementing him, not me.

    JimmyTheJakuzzi21: Banned for practically ripping off poop.

    SunnyButterson: Banned because Spaghetti.

    So, I'll be the one to post first so you could try to play the game. The one who doesen't get banned shall win a cookie! Now, go ahead & spread the bannings!
    The Next Game will be about Cookies. Lots & Lots of Cookies.
  2. Okay, now BAN! the heck outta me!
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  3. *bans Jorick for being a Magnificent Bastard*
  4. Dawn you banned because you don't have enough snow on those trees!
  5. You are banned because you have a funny gif as your signature.
  6. banned for being too cute
  7. BANNED.

    You are the Dark Knight, and you have returned.
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  8. Banned
    for being a good mother​
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  9. ^ Banned for being an officer of friendliness.
  10. You have been banned.

    Reason: For getting away.
  11. banned for being queen
  12. ^ Banned for not having boobs.
  13. banned for lack of pants
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  14. You are

    Member powers aren't allowed to be overwhelming.
  15. Banned for having too many titles.
  16. Banned because I don't' know how you did that
    EDIT: FFFFSSS. Banned because you posted before me and I didn't realize
  17. You have been banned.

    Reason: For posting before ME and causing me to delete my other post!
  18. Banned for deleting a post instead of simply just editing it.
  19. Banned for banning someone else.

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