You are all awesome~

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  1. Just wanted to remind you, that you're awesome ^_^
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  2. Yes, and?
  3. Thank you !!!

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  4. We're awesome because you perceive us to be awesome...


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  5. [​IMG]

    We practically all wrote this book.
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  6. dude

    awesome is a lifestyle, not an action
  7. I didn't choose to be awesome. Awesome chose me.​

    well that was lame lol
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  8. You misspelled 'magnificent'
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  9. Goodness my apologies!
  10. Thank you.
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  11. Thanks for making an entire thread for awesome guys like me.

    Here's one I made up (because I'm awesome like that)

    "Awesome people achieve awesome things who inspire other awesome people to achieve."
    - AwesomenessKON
  12. Aw, I got disliked for being awesome :c

    Too bad, still fucking awesome.
  13. No, it was more towards the comment but whoo hoo awesome.
  14. Why state the obvious? X3
  15. Are we going to get into a dislike test of combat? That's a bit childish now. I'm too awesome to stoop that low~.
  16. Of course we're awesome, everything is awesome! You're awesome too, ya know.
  17. My awesome is awesome.
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