You and me and this plot makes three

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  1. Hey Layne glad to see you back. so so far this is what I have in our logs for our plot, If you do not like it, want to change it, remember it differently, or just aren't feeling it that's all fine. I just think it'd be a bummer to have to start all over if we still wanted the original plot. I'm okay with it, I like it, but let's see.

    So first thing is first.
    1) Vampire (( you were playing this)) x Human (( i was playing this))
    2) Humans are ignorant to Vampires running their city. The vampires having ultimate control over everything.
    3) An important member of the Vampire society accidentally reviles herself to a female human (I am pretty sure we were doing lesbianism))
    4)This kicks up a lot of smoke and dust because the human is not a familiar which means their secret could be exposed.
    5) They talk, chat, the Vampire takes it upon herself to see that this secret is kept, as a consequence the plot thickens and romance may ensue.

    So that is what we had, if you ahve logs of anything we talked about and the information was wrong post that please. IF you have something you want to change, switch up, or edit post that too. If not than we are missing these items: the setting, the story behind how they met or meet, the starting point of the story, and the location of the city it's sarroundings and so on.

  2. Okay, this looks roughly right, though I think we changed your part to male because I said I suck at playing girl-on-girl xD
  3. Okay I can play male. What kind of a city would Layne the awesome like to use?"
  4. Hmm I'm not sure.. Do you have a preference?
  5. Other then it being nice and large no. So it can be large and spread out, or large and compact. I don't mind either way.
  6. Maybe it's both? All compact in the middle downtown area and then a bit more spread out?
  7. I can dig it. What about our opening scene?
  8. Uhhhh.. Hmm, I don't know.. I don't know how to make the vampire somebody important or something o_o
  9. He could be the Mayor, he could be Head of Human affairs, he could be Lead Extractor of Local Neutriants, anythign really
  10. Mayor would be awesome! A vampire mayor that everybody thinks is a human? Badass x3 But if the Mayor is the guy then you'd be the mayor which would make you the vampire? I don't mind that if you don't xD I could be a.. hmm.. A female human journalist interviewing the mayor for some big city project? Maybe? Then she'd be nosy xD
  11. Well the Mayor can be a female if you still want to play the vampire I do not mind. If you desire to play a human female journalist (( which sounds like fun)) then I'd be glad to do it. So yeah that sounds wonderful. Either or which would you like?
  12. The female journalist sounds fun! I'd like that ^^
  13. [660099]OKay so we have a setting, we have character assignments and we have a plot. Are we missing anything else?[/color]
  14. Not that I'm aware of! Go ahead and throw up the first post!
  15. sorry i NEVER saw this ad... i feel like a newb now.. Anywya yes i'll post the first post.