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    h yeah this was the life! No mother here to bother him, no women to float over his shoulder, most of all no roommate to nag him about his clothing. He had been there pretty much for two weeks prior to school starting, the boarding schools Show Magic team. A group based around taking the magic that they learned from school and applying it in a neat and artistic way. He had managed to make it on this years Freshman Team and well they had ot arrive two weeks early for practices. Because of this the dorm room was already a mess. He ahd his clothing tossed about it, somewhere, his undies on the secondary bed, and his trash needed to be taken out. At this moment he wlaked around wearing only his boxers and his lean mean clean cut chest with just a little happy trail form his belly button to his manhood was showing.

    He stretched a few times before taking off his underwear. Denian had soft smooth milky skin that had the most tender brown hair stretched out voer it laying smoothing down on his legs and arms. His long brown hair bound tightly behind him in the classical pony tail he wore. Now in the fresh air his junk dangled loose as he took in a few deep breaths. “life is good.” He told himself taking the freshly worn boxers and throwing them on the other bed without so much as looking. He yawned some and lay back head against the pillow now. His legs crisscrossed bending at the knee exposing himself to any and all that may approach. He had heard that all the Athletes got their own room, something about needing the privacy to practice and be flexible in time. With a roommate around one might not so much be able to do that, if that was the case they’d have a lot of fights.

    Now in a state of sleep his eyes closed and his mind drifted off. This would be the perfect school he just knew it.

  2. Harmony's eyes flashed quickly between the number plates outside the doors and the slip of very crumpled paper she clutched in her right hand. She had been transferred into the school at short notice and as a result was not only very lost, but looked out of place in a too-small uniform emblazoned with the motif of her previous school. She wandered slowly along for a while, and then paused in front of the appropriately numbered door. It seemed about right. She took a deep breath and pushed it open, stepping inside before she'd actually looked.

    She'd closed the door behind her and even slipped off her shoes before noticing the attractive and very naked boy on the bed nearest her. Harmony's back hit the door with a loud thud and she let out a shocked girlish scream. Her cheeks burned bright red and she pulled her satchel up to her face, trying to disguise the fact that she wasn't actually looking away from the sight before her.

    Oh god, they pair both genders in the dorms here?! And why is he naked?
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    he cuddled him close. Her ahir smelling of soft freshly dropped dew. Her skin as gentle as a rose on a cool summers day. Her breath welcomed him in. Soon he could see her, so beautiful. Her name was Stephaney and she appeared to be the perfect female. Soft tender, large, breasts that stuck out to him and bounced and giggled. The oh so tender flesh touched his in the kiss and he soon was in what most men would call a wet dream. In the real world however he was sleeping sound as a rock his manhood slowly growing. The AC blew hard making the room freezing, the chill making the air so wonderful> He didn’t even notice the lady that had wlaked in, well Until she screamed like a fucking banshee.

    He jumped up out of the bed at the sound of the scream. His eyes didn’t first go over to the girl, oh no he was too sharp witted for that. His eyes first laid on his wand which he summoned from across the room. Doing a roll he was now in a crouching position, his semi-erected manhood dangling. He lay eyes not on a female figure, as his contacts weren’t in yet, but a blur that he could easily make out to be a male, or perhaps a creature from another dimension. “Hey you, what the fuck are you doing in my room?” he called standing up right now with his manly bits hanging out He walked over to her, still uncertain that it’s a her, and spoke again in his light voice. “Why didn’t you knock man? I mean come on I was asleep here after practice and enjoying the cool air.” He huffed some and just sighed. “I mean I’m sure you may be new here, and that’s cool, but try not to just go bursting into peoples rooms. I mean think about if I was really, really sleeping, I could have nuked your ass.” He teased and punched the woman’s arm. “Anyway what did you need?”

  4. The redness in her face stubbornly refused to die down as Denian approached her. She did her best to ignore him from the chest down, trying to contain her embarrassment. The wood of the door felt all too solid against her back; part of her wanted to melt through it and try that entrance again.
    "I... This was meant to be my room as well as yours I guess, the teachers assigned me here when I arrived and that's about all I know." She spoke in a rush, unable to get the words out fast enough. As he punched her arm she squeaked softly, shoving him the note she'd been clinging onto so tightly. There was more by way of explanation there than she could put into words right now.

    "C...could you put some underwear on please?" She mumbled, biting on her lower lip. "I'm not used to... That is..." She stumbled over the words and then lapsed into awkward giggling. Her legs gave out and she slid down the door, coming to a stop on the floor with a soft bump.
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    e giggled some and then blinked. It just fucking hit him. This chick was a CHICK! This whole time he thought it was a male, just light or gentle – perhaps even a member of a different species? No this thing, this girl, was a fucking girl. He couldn’t grip his mind around it. As he thought about it more and more he forgot, and tuned out, the next parts of what she was saying. Instead he stood there as naked as can be, his manhood now growing to a full on erection standing tall and even lightly poking her. ”What on earth exactly is this? I thought that atheletes had their own rooms with their own beds and everything. Here is this fucking girl standing here talking about LIVING HERE. Wait a minute, girl…in my room? There is a girl in my room? There is a girl in my room!” he soon freaked out afterwards his eyes darting to the extra bed with his boxers.

    He quickly dawned a pair of used all black boxers with a white waistband that read Hanes on the front of it. They did little to hdie his erection, only making a weird shaped tent now. “So.. What is your name? I’m Denian, you can call me Den, it’s great to meet ya.” He said with a cocky little smile. Clearly he was happy to have company, but upset to have a roommate. He looked her over a few times and smirked liking what he saw. Needless to say his erection ‘wasn’t going to go anywhere.


  6. "Den, huh?" Now he was wearing underwear at least, she could actually look at him. The blush faded slowly to a soft pink. She pressed a hand against the door and forced herself back to her feet, extending the other hand to him.
    "My name's Harmony. I know it's kind of a lame name, but my parents are both musicians and eventually their professional attachments won out over creative names..." She sighed, then smiled at him. Her eyes were still wary, as though she expected his clothes to spontaneously combust. He was being nice enough, but she sensed he was thrown by her presence.

    "This school seems to have a much less conservative approach when it comes to the student boarding allocations than my previous one." She giggled as she paused, punctuating her words with sound rather than silence. "I thought I'd be alone, or with another girl, so I just walked in. Sorry about that." She averted her gaze, momentarily embarrassed as the image flooded through her mind again.
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    e shook his head listening to her explain everything. Was this girl daft? Of course the school was relaxed on policy it was a combined force of every realm in existence and knowledge. In short some peoples cultures were set so that people ‘had’ to have co-ed dorms. IF it was set so that only those people slept in co-ed dorms than more money would’ve had to go into building the place. That obviously meant that the people running the joint didn’t have that kind of money right? Den did understand however, some people hadn’t traveled from there realm. That kind of experience wasn’t uncommon in the school, especially among the newbies like this girl. She said something about transfers too? What school did she come from? Taking in a few deep breaths he moved to sit back on his bed after giving her a half hearted hand shake. She seemed nice, just.. different at the same time. Now that he was on his bed again his erected manhood was about standard eye level, which still didn’t dawn on him that it was visible.

    She had such a sweet voice, much like the dream he was just having. Such a kind face and gentle body, oh bodies! He still couldn’t shake that dream he was having and that hot, hot body he was staring at! With a deep sigh though he tried to stop his imagination before ti ran away. The images continued to flood however, he imagined that sweet body being the one before him, putting Harmony’s face on that body. He couldn’t help but gulp, his manhood now throbbing a bit begging for attention. “So Harmony, may I call you Harm?” He asked again trying to break the tense silence. “Also feel free to make yourself at home we’re roommates it would seem.” He say kicking his feet up and laying down, allowing for his member to stick straight up now. She didn’t say much, he liked that. She was quite, he liked that too. Moreover she didn’t seem to be one of those stupid high end girls who would hate living with a amle, he adored this!.

  8. The blush that had died down came back with a vengeance when Den returned to his bed, still clearly aroused but apparently oblivious to her embarrassment. She moved her gaze to his face; it was easier to concentrate on speaking when her eyes weren't lingering where they didn't belong.
    "I guess you can call me Harm, yeah. Nobody's ever asked before, but it sounds as good as anything." She smiled at him. In the back of her head a little voice piped up. You wouldn't care what he was calling you if he put that nice big erection to use first... Tell him, I know you want to~ Harmony licked round her lips once before realizing what she'd just thought. A scandalized expression worked its way across her face. "Um, I'm sorry!" She squeaked out at him, flustered, and then turned to drop her bag on her own bed.

    She sat down with a flump, then eased onto her back, closed her eyes and pressed her legs tightly together, trying to control the urges that had hit her out of the blue. Her skirt rode up towards her hips, the soft white fabric of her panties making an appearance, unbeknownst to her. She shifted slightly, moving her arms above her head and resting on them. Her chest puffed out slightly with the action. Her breathing was slow and rhythmic as she tried to regain control of her body. Harmony's voice was husky when she spoke next, mainly wanting some sort of conversation to distract her.

    "So, I guess you're on one of the school's extracurricular teams? I'm thinking of trying to find one to join... It could be a valuable use of spare time." Though not nearly as fun as what you're thinking of right now, Harmony~ She bit her lip, keeping her eyes closed and trying to force the bad thoughts from her head.
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    grinned showed up on his face listening to her explain what she thought he was in. This was a moment of pride for him actually! Not everyone made it into the Magic Team and not everyone who made it stayed. He on the other hand didn’t try out but received an invitation, thus making him better at it. In further addition to all of this, she seemed to be in such awe that her very voice was fluttering and shy – in actuality it was that she was horny and embarrassed. Hearing that sputtering voice she was giving off he had to smile to himself; he was so amazing that he could make girls swoon! Den eyed her as she moved to her bed – eyes studying her with tender care. Then he saw them, and BOY did he see them. Soft, white, delicate, and hers, those tender knickers sticking out in his mind; screw the lady of his dreams he had one right here! He felt his erection grow, a small amount of pre-cum moving itself to the tip giving just a tiny wet spot about the size of a dime.

    Oh what he wouldn’t do to go over there and plow her. His hormones growing faster and faster his innocent virgin mind dreaming of what it’d be like. She’d open her legs, thighs lily white and clean shaved, the scent of her sweet womanhood would fill his nostrils. It’d smell like lavender with honeysuckle and pear. The gentle aroma would entice him as he would slowly remove her delicates with his hands, thumbs brushing any part of her body they could reach. Then he would lay eyes on it, clean and smooth, soft, nothing like it looked like in porn, not that he watched any. Then with the grace of a dove he’d ease into her, her muscles would be a perfect fit, she’d call out his name in a whisper, and they’d be off to the races. These were his ‘dream’ his perfect world. Den had never been one for porn so the vagina didn’t look like it should have. The scent was obviously off, but hell what was a mans was a mans right? In the midst of his innocent virgin-fantasy his erection had now started to throb harder, almost a visible shift now.

    ”Yes I’m on the Magic Team. It’s pretty tough but you should know I have to practice in here sometimes. I’ll try to keep it down so you can study, or read, or do whatever it is you do. I just want to be fair to you too.” He had respect that much was something she could say. With the calm speech done he rolled back on his back his manhood bouncing – this spot wasn’t comfortable – not when there where panties to be seen! He rolled again on his side eying her and then shifted back again – if he stared directly she’d know! So every now and again his head would drift over to the right to eye her, and then drift back over to the ceiling. ”I hope you don’t mind that some days I’ll be coming in late. You see the team sometimes has to practice at night so the Moon Magic is strongest. These nights are usually close to exhibition days.” If one practiced when Moon based magic was strongest then doing it when it was weakest, during the day, would be easier.

  10. "Of course I don't mind, just... well, try not to cause explosions or anything when you come in after a session." She giggled quietly, nervously. "Explosions could be difficult to sleep with. Then again I suppose so could a lot of other things..." She trailed off into thought once more, then opened her eyes and tossed a look over at Den, scared he was picking up on her thoughts or body language. Some of the school's students could do such things, and she hadn't even checked yet if he was one of them. She nibbled on her lip and then looked away.

    "I'm not sure how this could be much more awkward, I'll be honest with you. I'm not..." Her voice was quivering. "I wasn't exposed to males for the most part at my old school. You're as strange a species to me as the dog-eared teacher who gave me directions, only difference being I'm pretty sure sex between the dog-man and a human wouldn't really be considered appropriate, even here." The words were out before she had thought them through, the implications of what she'd said hanging thick in the air. She realized exactly what she'd just said and her hands splayed back over her face to hide the mass of red that painted itself across her cheeks.

    "I mean... I..." She stuttered, not knowing how to take it back.
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    iggles rose from his chest listening to her last comment. His eyes staring up at the wall as he listened to her stumble over her words afterward. He couldn’t help but enjoy the mistakes of her words. He understood what she meant but it still didn’t change the fact that he found great amusement in the presumption of having sex with her. As he continued to think about sex – specifically sex with her – he drifted his mind back over to those soft cotton panties; he just barely saw the panties but goodness did he want to see more. In his minds eye he was already over there, tugging them off with his teeth from the crotch. Making the soft fabrics glide across her softer skin. Once they were removed he’d move into his previous fantasy, all would be perfect! A small hum escaped his lips. His voice was a soft gentle tenor, higher pitched, the kind of tone that would make the atmosphere light with warmth.

    He shifted again eyeing her in the face now – his peripheral vision ever watching those soft panties – eyes having a bit of a sympathetic yet serious. They had reached a simpatico both found the situation awkward, linking minds together for just an instant. He spoke finally, about a minute of eternity passing before doing so. “I’m sorry this isn’t what you planned. If it helps though I’m feeling the tension too.” He ha decided that not paying attention to the females very last comment was the best way to handle it. Perhaps if he ignored it the awkwardness and tension would dissipate. If that happened then a chance to really get to know one another could happen right?

    With a bit of a grunt he was setting up and looking at her, the white cotton panties still in his peripheral sight. The softness kept attracting him to it like a fly to honey. ”Well if it makes you feel better. You are my first real interaction with a member of the opposite sex.” He winced at the mention of the word sex.”I come from a realm where we are separate from all females but our mothers from birth. We never encounter each other until we are eighteen.” That didn’t mean he had never seen one per se, just that he had never had prolonged exposure. However, this being a promising long-term relationship he did take large notice of her. With that in the back of his mind he hummed again. And smiled warmly. ”I’m going to have some jasmine tea, would you like some? It’s fresh.”

  12. Harmony felt a surge of gratitude towards Den for not teasing her about her lack of fore-thought. Her hands slowly lowered from her face, though the blush stayed stubbornly in place. She glanced up at him with a smile at his question.
    "Mmm, tea sounds really good right now... I think I'd like some, yeah." She stretched lazily on the bed, most of her body flexing as she did so. Once done, she moved onto her side and regarded him quietly as he sat up.

    "You know, it sounds more and more like they do this on purpose. I reckon it's the headmaster's sick idea of a joke. They probably have audio bugs in the hall to get the reactions from people that are loud when they're flustered." She was mostly joking and it showed in her smile. "I know I fall in that category, but I'd guess my physical reactions are better than my uh.. audio... ones." She knew full well that wasn't the correct word to use, but damned if she was going to exacerbate the situation by dropping potential innuendo into her words.
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    en was stretching around the time that she said she wanted the tea. He nodded though and listened. His body was a slim yet toned body. The kind of body that one might call a ‘stick’. He wasn’t too skinny, but didn’t have a lot of meat on him either. A smile crossed his lips once he jumped from the bed. If she was watching she’d see his penis bounce up and down a few times in his boxers. A grunt escaped him as he trotted over some of the used clothing on the ground and just hummed to himself. He moved over to a strange device that was mostly used for caldrons for magic class and started to whisper some words. Soon the metal that would keep the Caldron from falling into the fire moved ever so closer together, able ot hold the teapot in place. After that he floated the teapot over to him and packed it on the ring. He soon put water and a fire under it and grunted.

    Listening to her theory of the microphones he decided to playa round with her some. ”Of course they do don’t you know the rulers here? The teachers have mic’s AND cameras IN the rooms. It’s apart of the student hand book. I think it’s like page thirty?” Spoke in a very direct, none amused, tone. He moved over to a large mountain of clothing and watched as his book bag floated out of the middle of it and grunted again. He was tired and wanted to sleep but this girl came in and ruined that! Once he reached intot he bag he mumbled some more words, words that sounded like more grunting. He pulled out a student hand book and tossed it to her, page 33 being edited to read just what he had explained. He pulled a small little magic trick of coruse.

  14. Harmony watched in fascination as Den manipulated his belongings. She wasn't one for using magic outside of the classrooms, and found it interesting to watch and examine those who did. She was torn from her observation rather quickly though when he spoke up, informing her that her "theory" was in fact correct. She squeaked as he tossed his student guide over to her, flicking quickly through to the thirties and scanning the pages. Her face flushed red for the umpteenth time since opening that door and she cast him a horrified look.

    "You were lying around like that knowing full well that someone's watching you?" Her nose scrunched up. "Are yoou some kind of pervert or something then?" She didn't imagine for a second that he had tampered with the pages; she was a trusting person. It was both a virtue and a vice. She squirmed at the idea of someone watching her dress and undress through hidden cameras dotted around the room. "I'll have to start changing under the covers..." She sighed and buried her face in her arms, still loosely gripping his student guide between her fingers. A rather inappropriate thought struck her and she giggled.

    "Imagine what a field day all the exhibitionists would've had when they read that..."
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    is min went right to the thought of her undressing, Hell it didn’t take much effort right? He was horny, she had her panties showing, With a grunt though he looked at the now boiling water and went over to a small cabinet and bent over to look for the tea he promised her. Her butt stretched his boxers out firmly giving her a view, if she was watching. He wiggled around some before popping out and giving a bit ‘ah hah’ pulling out a nice large cansister of what appeared to be freshly crushed jasmine. He sprinkled it into the lethe and smiled. ”Hmm needs more stuff.” he grunted out to himself before bending over again. This time he found dried apples, dried cranberry, banana chips, and fresh lemon. With a grin he took the lemon and flung it into the air. He mumbled some words again and the lemon was sliced. Squeezing itself until the very pulp fill out of the rien. The juice falling into the boiling water. With that done he put the large lethe into the brew and sighed. This would be a good mixture.

    He spun around, back against the wall now to look at Harm. Still able to see her white laced panties he spoke again. ”I’m a nudist, I prefer being naked. That’s why my body is evenly tanned all around see?” He spun around in a small circle for her to view. ”In fact I’d have remained naked if you didn’t ask me to cloth myself. I prefer it. Something about the freedom of the skin feeling the air, the way it keeps me cool. It’s all just amazing.” At this point eh was somewhat lying and somewhat not. On his plane they were nudists. He did live his life at home nude, if he could. However, around the school he wore a calm light fabricated robe, so as to not make any students uncomfortable. The other part of this lie, really a trick, was that he was lying about why he put on clothing. He put on clothing because, for the first time in his nudist life, he felt embarrassed!

  16. Harmony blanched at the mention of his usual lifestyle. She wasn't sure how she would handle living with him if he was in truth most comfortable when naked; where she lived it was essentially some sort of taboo to even expose specific parts of the body. The usual areas of breast (on women at least) and crotch had to be covered at all times, but so too did ankles and wrists. Old traditionalists also insisted on the neck coverings that were formally abolished about 10 years before Harmony was born. To meet someone quite so utterly opposite her in nature threw her off a little.

    "Frankly the only people allowed to be nude where I live are the Baiistiin. They're essentially a race of animals with human features; some of the more intelligent ones can talk and I think I even met a few that can perform magic but as a general rule they're kept as pets. They don't seem to mind as long as you treat them for the most part as equals." Her eyes followed Den as he turned to lean against the wall. There was something odd going on, she thought. His eyes were straying too much.

    Her eyes narrowed as she did some quick calculations. She suspected he was looking at her panties. Only one way to check I suppose... she thought to herself.

    She shifted herself, sitting up on her bed and spreading her legs apart as subtly as she could, bending down to fix her stockings. They'd managed to work almost down to her ankles already.
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    e giggled to her and eyes her. No not at her panties, or at least not yet. She seemed to be making a small hint at him and when that small hint was able to run through his mind he had to giggle. She thought he was a heathen? She thought he was just some toy or a dog thing that she compared him too that she could keep under his foot? Moments like this he was so glad he was a crafty wise little prankster. He was going to tell her that he magically altered that rule book to read differently, but now he would let her suffer! She’d act like everyone knew, assume that would and be embarrassed later. He just wallowed in that for a few moments in his mind. Thinking of when she said how he was an animal and all of that. Of course he was taking it all too personally and hurting her feelings over something like this was probably going to end up ruining everything right? She deserved it fro comparing him to an animal didn’t she? She deserved the pains he’d feel right?

    He grunted a few more times looking over his shoulder at the tea, in moving his head he of course snuck a quick unnoticeable peripheral view of her panties. The stupid tea wasn’t done yet, that annoyed him. He huffed a moment and decided to be nice though. ”Please do not call me an animal… I understand that my culture is different from yours, but I don’t like being called an animal JUST because I like being naked…” His voice sounded super angry, perhaps it would be wise to let him cool off or vent? He clearly had a bit of a chip on his shoulder, perhaps people on his planet, other inhabitance, called them animals?”if you are going to insult me about my culture that’s fine go talk to the dean and tell him how much you just hate me so you can get out of my life… I don’t need a Gemhadar floating around my room drinking my tea, and insulting my culture!” With that he spun around and glared right at her face, it seemed to be slightly pink all around and his eyes seemed to be misty and mercy. His species, when angry, did this discoloration it was supposed to be away to scare predators. He looked at her just a few minutes and eventually walked over to his bed and sat there looking her in the face a few minutes before seeing the tea was done.

    He poured himself a cup and then made her one too. After being done with his honey and sugar he floated them over to her to use. He was still a gentlemen but his erection was killed his face still pink his body looking stiff and ridged. He was furious what else could be said? Now it was clear that he was over reacting, that he mistook what she said for something she ‘didn’t say. However if harmony knew anything of his species she’d know they had soft feelings, short tempers, and cooled down fast. Even as he lay there he was calming himself down, his skin would cool off some and he’d look over to her more and more like he was sorry. He just took in deep breaths and didn’t say anything, far too embarrassed to say a word.

  18. "I'll have you know I wasn't calling you an animal, I was explaining my apparent horror at the idea of not wearing clothes. It's something that's punishable by jail time or potential banishment where I live depending on the area uncovered." She frowned at him. It was apparent she'd worded herself wrongly, but he was definitely over-reacting a bit. She sighed, staring down at the tea he'd floated across to her and genuinely feeling a bit guilty about it. Her fingers worried at the side of the cup, smoothing down the little marks round the outside. It was warn against her hands.

    "Look, I'm sorry. I'm still a bit disconcerted from the dimensional jump, I've never been exposed to anyone outside of my own culture, and... well, honestly, you're very attractive and I have no idea how I'm meant to deal with you as a result." She pressed her legs together and her toes began to tap lightly off the floor, more a nervous habit than anything else.
    "There's that and the fact I've never really interacted with guys. I've had female friends for most of my life. The only male I had regular contact with was our Baiistiin... And he wasn't..." She trailed off. She missed him already, and she'd only been away for a couple of days. She wondered if he would remember her when she returned home eventually. He wasn't the brightest bulb in the box and had forgotten a few of her friends on occasion.

    Harmony glanced up from her tea, clearing her throat. It wasn't the time to be feeling sorry for herself, given she'd just annoyed the crap out of her new room-mate. As if walking in on him naked hadn't been bad enough.
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    ighs came from his mouth as he listened to her apologize. This only made tings feel worse. Why on earth was she apologizing clearly he over reacted, which was normal for his species. Clearly he showed too much emotion at one time, and put his feelings out there far too quickly and allowed himself to be overwhelmed, none of that was new. But this girl, she was willing to apologize to something that wasn’t her fault. This girl was just down right amazing, and in many ways unbelievable. She seemed to be willing to be he bigger person regardless of the situation Listening to her explanation fo how uncovered bodies would send one to jail he just laughed and shook his head simply thanking god he didn’t have to go visit her realm, he’d be in jail more than a murderer.

    He started to sip at his tea, eyes closing so that he could focus. His erection hadn’t gone away in the least, even with his anger. He loved the flavor of jasmine tea with honey, something about the sweet bitterness that stung the back of ones taste buds made him feel good. He swished the liquid around in his mouth a few times and started about, his eyes now open. He did noticed she’d closed her legs, a small sad look appearing for just a few moments prior to it fading. Back to her crotch again, the panties were still hidden from him damn it! this was going to bother him now. For a long moment though he swallowed his tea, taking almost a full minute before ti was all gone from his mouth. What he was about to od would not be easy.

    ”Dear… let me explain something. My species is very easily emotionally upset… Like right now I know I over reacted, and I’m embarrassed. I honestly want you to know that I’m not upset at you, I just over reacted… I’m sorry.” half of him was kind of hoping that with this conflict resolved she’d go back to showing off her panties. With a smirk though he finished off his first cup, floating his cup over to retrive more beverage.

  20. Harmony smiled awkwardly at Den as he apologized to her in turn. This didn't seem like it would get them anywhere fast. She nodded to him though, accepting the apology with the least fuss she could manage. She sipped her tea all the while, feeling the much-needed warmth in the pit of her stomach. Her new companion helped himself to another mug. Harmony's fingers flirted with the top of her own mug as she searched for something, anything, to say to ease off the tension in the air.

    The search was abruptly halted when a knock sounded at the door. She set the cup down and bounced off the bed, glad of the distraction. Oddly enough, when she arrived there she was greeted by her suitcase, a collection of dancing sparks and nothing more. She stared blankly for a few moments before pulling the suitcase into the room, uttering a bemused "thank you" for whatever invisible entity had decided to bring it up for her.

    "Is this sort of thing normal here? Invisible things bringing your luggage to you, using magic for day-to-day tasks?" She asked Den, hefting her case onto her bed with the help of a knee. She wasn't sure she wanted to unpack it in front of him. Most of her bindings and underwear had been left at the top, since they were most likely to need replaced on her journey to the school, but were also the things that embarrassed her most. "Or... hmm, does it help to develop finer skills if you have to use it for smaller tasks?" She was mostly babbling to avoid the issue of unpacking.