You and Me Against the World (Blade & Soul/ Hajoon Needed!)

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  1. (Hello! This is a thread based off of the online game of Blade & Soul, more specifically the moment where it is discovered that Hajoon is still alive. I'm hoping for someone who is familiar with the game and Hajoon's character to jump in, so if you are then feel free to jump in! The premise of this RP is about the reunion between Cricket and Hajoon that takes place in the Abandoned Well and will go on to be about their journey as the last surviving members of the Hongmoon Clan. If you choose to join as Hajoon then whether he eventually dies from Dark Chi like he does in the game's story or continues to live is totally up you! But without further ado, here is some info on who Cricket is :bouncy:!)

    Name: Minji
    Nickname(s): Cricket or Min
    Gender: Female
    Age: Early-to-mid teens
    Race: Lyn
    Class: Force Master
    Backstory: Minji was brought to Heaven's Reach by Master Hong after he had decided to take her on as his final student, before then she had been living alone in a remote village in the mountains (having lost her parents in raid by bandits). When first introduced to the other disciples of Hongmoon, Minji was quiet and pretty reserved because she had been picked on by others in her village since she was a little girl for her small stature and childish appearance. It worried her that her newfound clanmates might look down upon her as well and exhibit the same behavior towards her, but as she got to know the others she realized that they weren't like the people from her childhood. For then on Minji began to show her bright and happy-go-lucky personality, one that got her dubbed with the nickname "Cricket" for her small size and boundless energy. She grew very attached to the other members of the Hongmoon school, especially to Hajoon since he was the only other one there training as a Force Master and she began to look up to him in a lot of ways... Though she would stubbornly never admit it.

    (Here's the first post of the thread, it takes place right before Minji is about to face off with the Masked Hongmoon or Hajoon in disguise. Feel free to jump in!)

    After the attack on Heaven's Reach... Something in me changed...

    Call it loss of my peace of mind or that I've been scarred for the rest of my natural life... But every time I close my eyes, even for a fleeting moment, I see them... I see my own clan mates being struck down by monsters clad in black while I stood helpless, watching them meet their demises in a mist of crimson before they fell to the unforgiving ground... Their snow white uniforms soiled with dirt and blood. I... I can still see Master Hong's face... The look reflected in his eyes as he was swept away from me by cruel tendrils of dark chi and hoisted out of the reach, forcing me to watch as he breathed out his last words before he disappeared from my sight forever.

    "You must... S-survive..."

    It has been weeks since then... I still haven't been able to sleep probably and my appearance is evidence of the troubling memories that plague me, with shadows beginning to form underneath my eyes and pale skin that is something akin to white porcelain. But despite it all, I keep the worst of it hidden and try to go about the days with a smile on my face... After all, it would have shamed Master Hong if I had decided to sulk around when there are people now who need my help. In fact...Just earlier today, I had volunteered to journey to Everdusk for Brother Dochun in order to deliver a message to the mayor, the task went without incident and I was getting ready to travel to the nearby cemetery as a request from Dodan... But then came that letter... Baring words that caused my blood to boil...

    "To the Pretender Who Claims To Be A Member of the Hongmoon Clan...You are a liar!All of the Hongmoon students were killed in Jinsoyun's attack. Your lies bring shame upon Master Hong and will not go unpunished! I challenge you to meet me in the Abandoned Well. It is there that we shall see if you are truly one of Master Hong's students.

    P.S. Once you set foot in my lair, there's no turning back. So if you have other business in the Abandoned Well, do that first!

    My fist clenched into the paper before I found myself crumpling the message, having read it over a second time as I stood in front of the entrance to the Abandoned Well. How dare this person write such things! How dare they attack me with such words after I had just lost the very people who had become a family to me! And to say that I brought shame to the Hongmoon clan?! They had another thing coming, for I would not let them get away with this... So dropping the paper to the wet grass below me, I began to make my descent into the Abandoned Well to face the punk author of the letter.
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