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  9. Name: High Priestess Zeta Li Va Les
    Race: Vulgen (open)
    Vulgen are a young race in the grand scheme of things. They have only been space faring for a little over a hundred years. But they are a military focused warrior race. Their children are trained in combat often starting not long after the child learns to walk. They are trained in everything from CQC to using their weaponry. The average Vulgen child of ten is often a more capable warrior than most other races full grown adults.
    Most may see this as ‘cruel’ but really its not as cruel as it may seem. The children play games and have a fairly balanced childhood, but instead of a school to learn just book smarts Vulgen children’s school includes combat training. There is also only two school groups, ‘basic knowledge’ which is 12 and below. This teaches the basics that their children should know, history, science, combat, language, etc. Then comes ‘advanced knowledge’ which starts when Vulgen becomes sexually mature since that is when their abilities start to manifest.

    Vulgen have a natural electrical charge within their body which they can discharge at will. This electrical charge comes in two varieties, control and power, very rarely there will be a Vulgen who has both. Young Vulgen lack this charge, instead it appears around when the Vulgen enters heat the first time (typically around the age 13-14), so generally this is viewed as a coming of age moment. When this appears young Vulgen are tested to see which variety they have.

    Control is rarer and typically seen as weaker but can usually do the more destructive things. Control Vulgen have greater control over their electrical charge, allowing focused discharges. With enough training control Vulgen have the ability to discharge their electricity into the sky allowing them to focus natural electricity down where they wish.
    Power is generally the more common and often used to charge generators or even the Vulgen ships. Power Vulgen have far greater output but typically can’t direct it more than ‘go that way’. They are also tend to have more energy thus able to discharge more before growing exhausted.
    Then there is the ones with both. These are rare, typically only 1/1000 have this ability.
    All Vulgen are trained in creating a shield of electricity, this shield is able to easily deflect most energy weaponry, and ballistic weaponry also has difficult time piercing it. However its not that effective on explosions.

    Depending on if your control, power, or both will change future studies with those rare few who are both often being called ‘Priestesses’. Now something interesting is that while all Vulgen are trained in combat and technically every Vulgen is part of the military, but not every Vulgen is a soldier. It is during these ‘advanced knowledge’ classes that Vulgen choose what they want to do and focus themselves more. Vulgen graduate at the age of 20, though it could take abit longer if they choose to become something more complex like a scientist.

    Now Vulgen currency is...unique. First there is two currencies. Second only one is physical. Third the non-physical one is more important. So their currency is called Honor, one is Self Honor and one is Family Honor (SH & FH)
    SH is physical, it is payment for services rendered. So it is the ‘you did good today here you go’ and the ‘I would like to buy this’ currency. In most cultures this is the ‘important’ currency, but to the Vulgen this is purely a way to get food and maybe some non important items for fun.
    FH is the more important one to them and is obtained in multiple ways. But FH is also not just you, its also your entire family’s honor. When a Vulgen marries they choose which family to ‘enter’ and take a small portion of the other family’s honor. You build up FH through working, fighting, farming, and payment. Something interesting is that fighting and farming give the same amount of FH since to them while fighting for your race is important, feeding your race is more important.
    A Vulgen can also give up their leftover SH to increase their families FH. So if a Vulgen is rich with SH they are looked down on because they are sacrificing their families FH. Crimes also cause a major hit to your FH so typically crimes are exceedingly rare.
    Its kind of a unique circular system where everyone pays their SH to the government, the government then takes that SH and pays their people for their services which is then given back to the government. It also means that when dealing with other races Vulgen...typically don’t have money and are forced to barter or offer services.

    Now something interesting about Vulgen is their physiology. There are no ‘male’ Vulgen. In that there are no Vulgen with a natural member. How then are Vulgen conceived? When they enter heat Vulgen are able to tweak their body growing a member which to others looks to be made with electricity. Typically this is only when Vulgen enter heat, but strong Vulgen Priestesses are able to do this naturally at first by putting themselves into a heat like state but with enough training they can do it without this.
    Vulgen are also...well...very rapid breeders, typically one Vulgen couple will have anywhere between 30-60 children before they reach the age that they no longer enter heat.
    The average Vulgen lifespan is 165 years, though obviously that is natural lifespan only as being a warrior race means that unnatural deaths happen all the time. Vulgen can give birth between their first heat all the way until they are about 125 years old, though typically Vulgen wait to start a family until they are married which tends to happen around their twenties.

    Looking at a Vulgen one can often see electricity arcing between their ears or along their tail. So its often not difficult to tell who’s a Vulgen at a glance. Vulgen military also tend to wear outfits that show off a large amount of their body, and this is for two reasons. First most trained Vulgen can form a shield so covering up is only needed in cold environments. Second Vulgen can boost their electrical power by masturbating. Yes masturbating. Its not uncommon to see a Vulgen carrying their gun in one hand and the other down their pants. (Side note, randomly touching Vulgen ears and tails are ill advised since its quite personal and viewed similar to kissing, licking and groping a lover in their culture. So not only do you risk shock but you also risk angering the Vulgen who your touching. Ask before touching.)

    Now on to Vulgen technology. Due to their natural electricity Vulgen technology typically utilizes their bodies natural charge. They have places for workers to charge massive batteries for their cities, these places are also surprisingly efficient, with most being able to charge several massive cities without much difficulties at all. Their cities also tend to be built around or under farms, with their large population their farms tend to be quite massive multilayered farms with special equipment to help the plants grow or to help the animals/fish within breed faster. They are also not all that hesitant about cloning their animals for more meat.
    Their weaponry is quite similar to a rail gun, in that it uses their bodies electricity to fire slugs of metal. However they also have weapons that allow their Power variety to focus their electricity like a Control. They don’t tend to use missile weaponry, nor really ballistic weaponry...well except the rail gun slugs. This unique design also means that other races find it quite a bit more difficult to use Vulgen weapons since they don’t have natural electricity and the drain the Vulgen weapons takes means that their soldiers would need to carry around generators just to power them.
    Vulgen vehicles are also powered by the driver, which does have a fun side effect of despite their planets being covered in massive buildings it is also surprisingly fresh air.

    Now the whole ‘powered by a Vulgen’ thing also carries over to Vulgen spaceships, though typically more than just one is needed to power them. Vulgen spaceships are massive beasts with one of the stronger shields out there. This is understandable since if shields are needed and the Vulgen powering the ship aren’t enough every Vulgen on the ship can add their power to it. So very few things can pierce it to hit the Vulgen ship within, even missiles tend to explode before touching the ship.

    Recreation wise Vulgen don’t have ‘sports’ the way other races do. Instead Vulgen have miniature battles and wars with specially made weapons and protection. Its kinda like a massive laser tag game except with bolts of electricity and a fair bit more risk of breaking bones. Vulgen also don't really have ‘movies’ and ‘games’ or rather they have only recently started to make both after first contact with aliens introduced them to these things.

    The leader of the Vulgen people is the Head Priestess. Generally this position is given to a Priestess with the most FH, but sometimes it can be differed to another. The current leader is the first time this position was held by someone who has technically not graduated school yet. Once every ten years a new Head Priestess is picked by the other Priestesses, though they will gather yearly or in emergancies to discuss other things.

    Vulgen themselves have spread out across their admittedly small system colonizing all four planets. The hottest of the planets only has a few small habitation bubbles while the other two have many bubbles. They also have habitation bubbles on these planets moons. However they have also started to spread into other star systems...granted so far only two other systems but their rapid growth has gotten the notice of the others in their galaxy.

    They are young but were brought into the council of aliens more as a ‘hey we are going to regulate you and tell you where you can and can not colonize’. Granted this may also be a fear thing since their first contact war ended in the Vulgen destroying their foes and using that tech to be able to even leave their star system. So its also possible they were put on the council simply so that the other alien members could go ‘yea you may have a lot of people but if you attack us, or try and settle in our systems, we will crush you with our superior technology’.
    Age: 17
    Appearance: (open)
    [[warning mature content]]
    Zeta is a very well grown young woman. She has extremely long violet hair, large fluffy violet ears with tufts of fur within, and a large bushy violet tail. She also has tufts of fur on her body, like around her neck and above her breasts, on the back of her hands, and down her spine. Zeta’s eyes are light green in color.
    Clothing wise Zeta wears a kimono style dress which reveals a fair bit of her ample chest and only requires a slight adjustment to show off her private area. The dress is mostly black with violet trim and blue box and cloud designs. She does not wear underwear because it gets in the way. All over her dress is metal diamond shaped hooks, these can be used to hook and keep the dress closed but the main use is to gather her bodies natural electricity. Using these hooks she can do a few interesting things, including using them to direct her electricity, forming uniquely shaped shields, and releasing a smaller burst of electricity from just one of the hooks rather than her entire body.

    Now Zeta’s breasts are DD nearing the E cups, and because of this she generally doesn't fight hand to hand. If she needs to fight she will often use her electricity far more than others of her race. This doesn't mean she cant fight hand to hand, it just means she prefers not to. Virginity is also not really a thing in Vulgen culture, since they are taught about sex in school and most have sex with a fellow classmate. The few that don't are still taught how to masturbate to increase their power. Zeta is no different, so she is not a virgin and also not all that shy about getting her power boost.

    Something interesting is that Zeta’s body doesn't really ‘arc’ electricity. Unlike others of her kind you wont really see electricity arcing between her ears or down her tail. Instead Zeta’s entire body seems to be covered in a slight electric field, so you can see electricity arcing between strands of her hair.
    Bio: (open)
    Zeta’s parents are both farmers, in fact a large portion of her siblings are farmers with only a few becoming other things. Zeta is the youngest child of fifty four and the only one who came out as both a control and a power. So when Zeta learned she was becoming a Priestess she had to rethink her future plans. Sure she could become a farmer like her family, but she had other duties as a Priestess. It was her duty to either train the future children, lead their people, help develop their technologies, or become a soldier. She doubted she would ever become the Head Priestess so she figured she would probably become a teacher.

    Now in school Zeta was taught all about their past. How they fought each other until one leader managed to go to the moon. How their people unified and spread across their system. That their first contact with an alien race involved being attacked by them. How they destroyed their invaders and reverse engineered their ships turning them into Vulgen ships. And finally how they are now part of the council and spreading into the galaxy.
    She learned about other races, sure she doubted she would ever see any since ‘visitors’ typically only go to the major cities. But it was still good to learn about them. She learned control over her power and became quite skilled, very quickly learning to do things that took other Priestesses years to learn. And she went to every meeting, every gathering.

    The most recent meeting was to pick a new Head Priestess, though as a student she wasn't allowed to vote on that stuff she could still watch. So she went, she watched as the Priestesses voted, then she grew confused when the voted Head Priestess refused and differed the position to her.
    Sure as a farming family her families FH was quite high but typically its Priestesses from a military family who is chosen. They have their elders to help make strategic choices during war...why...her?

    She wanted to differ to another but knew that would be the equivalent to slapping the other Priestess in the face. So she agreed to lead her was only ten years…
    The Vulgen was surprised that their new leader was a girl who had yet to graduate. There was some who felt that a mistake was made, but for the most part they were intrigued to see how the girl does.

    Zeta felt the weight of everything quite quickly when she had to learn all the different races, and continue her studies. It didn't help that barely a week later a call from the council came in that an urgent meeting was happening and that she had to go to the council ship. She hadn't even gotten settled into her new position and she was already required to go meet the other races.

    So yea Zeta has been studying and making sure she learns all that she can, not only is she new for her people but shes new for this council. Any mistakes she makes would look bad on not only her race but her family. The minimum she had to do was to learn each and every leader’s didn't help that their intel was weird. Apparently there was some leaders without a picture. And this ‘Queen Nova’ apparently never even went to a meeting before so there was literally nothing on her. This was going to be an interesting meeting...
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