DICE RP AD You all begin in a tavern...

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  1. Hello Adventurers! I am looking for a group of people to join in a Dungeons and Dragons roleplay! It will be DM post/ players reaction post sort of thing and I'm looking for a group of four or so players. It will be set ability score system just letting you know and I will be running a homebrew world of mine. Any questions please send me a message. Cheers folks, and roll a natural 20.

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  3. Importantly, whats the current party composition? I think I saw a cleric but that was it..
  4. I'm a sorcerer (I've linked my character sheet as well), we've got a barbarian/fighter and a cleric in the works. Make your mind up off of that.
  5. Sweet. Thanks.

    That leaves me pretty open to do whatever, actually.
  6. I mean, I'm not set on the cleric. Might go paladin. Or rogue.

    ... though you're still open to do whatever tbh, I haven't really thought about it. Heck, I might just pick the party role I need to fill based off of what you pick.
  7. I'll have this all complete by tonight, once I'm home from work.

    @Natural Arc: Looks like you said all WotC is acceptable? Core, SCAG, Volos, and Unearthed Arcana?
  8. Yeah, all those are acceptable.
  9. Alright; I know what I'm going.

    Paladin (with intent on multiclassing Warlock)

    Complex, (Im not sure whats easiest to call you): Feel free to be another paladin if thats what you were leaning, We're pretty well covered in all regards :)
  10. Sounds good. Most people go with Complex :D

    I'm thinking I'll go either Monk or Bard (@Ananfal that means either Imina or Sosei, XD)
  11. If you care about party rounding, Bard would do well. If you just want to go "IDGAF" and run at the enemy, that would be Monk. They get to do some crazy shit. :P
  12. I mean, that's why I'm considering Bard in the first place tbh. Again, Sosei (party face, though from enchantment to illusion) vs Imina (because she's awesome).
  13. Go a monk and I can advise you on how to get 38 AC minimum at level 20 with only 2 magic items
  14. I'm down. Imina it is.

    ... though she's a fighter by nature, oh well.
  15. Here it is;

    I'll expand on the background and such when it's not past midnight and I have work in the morning.

    ..I've never had a character so bad at skills xD

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  16. Hey, take three levels of fighter and you get action surge and if you take champion you can crit on a 19-20. Also you got flurry of blows so eventually 7 attacks per round.
  17. Also Davion, how is your AC 18 and this is not forgotten realms, evermeet isn't in there
  18. Chainmail base ac 16. Shield +2 ac. =18.

    And I'll change evermeet then.
  19. Coolio. Didn't see the shield. My bad.
  20. Just got to get a character from the complex of constelations
  21. Since we're getting to the end, I figured I would put up my revised sheet, not much changed so if you already looked, you don't have to look again. Just, if you're saving these anywhere, you should save this one.

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