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Hello Adventurers! I am looking for a group of people to join in a Dungeons and Dragons roleplay! It will be DM post/ players reaction post sort of thing and I'm looking for a group of four or so players. It will be set ability score system just letting you know and I will be running a homebrew world of mine. Any questions please send me a message. Cheers folks, and roll a natural 20.


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I'm down, what edition is it? I have experience with 5e and 3.
Awesome, I'm down, and I might know a couple of people willing to jump in!
Awesome, bring them along and send me some characters.
I am one of the above mentioned friends and I'm definitely down to get some dice rolling. Do you want us to fill out the regular 5e form and include some backstory and post that in here or do you have your own sheet, or...?
Standard 5e sheets and backstory will be included. Be free to make up your own town/settlement names because it'll add to the world and it'll be some fun. I personally love it when players add their own flare to the worlds I make
Alright! Now, do you have anything set up for... dragons? ;)
You know... dragons? Big scaly things that flap around in the sky? Think Smaug from The Lord of the Rings?
Is it possible for my character to have a background with dragons? That's mostly why I asked, so I could add some details in my backstory. If that's not alright though, I'm fine with changing it!
There are dragons, yes. There are also dragonborn. And remember, you are starting at level 1. You should have next to no adventuring or outside experiance from your starting place.
Right, I'm aware of that, but I just wanted to know what you already had set up for dragons so that I could include that in the backstory for my character, who will either be a full blown dragonborn or just know dragons. They'll still be level 1, with no experience.
Both are total homebrew but only use Valid D&D books and Unearthed Arcana stuff. I will also say you can use the classes designed by Matt Mercer if you want to, but thats it. So in players case, that'd be Volo's guide to monsters, Sword coast adventurer's guide for classes and races. Temple of elemental evil player's guide, PHB and Unearthed Arcana are all allowed
Cool! I've lowkey wanted to play a Stormborn cleric (SCAG I think) for a while, though that's still up in the air. What's the world like, or will that wait until we get a full group?
I want to make a half-elf warlock who serves a dragon god, would that be allowed? I figured since this is homebrew, some irregular stuff could work out.
I think that warlock type would fall either under the Hexblade or Undying light pacts.
The world is quite similar to earth in a way. But has odd areas of what's called "Shadowlands" which are areas which the borders between the plane of shadow and the prime plane merge. There are also four elemental gateways around the world, each being a planar gate to one of the four elemental planes. Each is guarded by it's own people who keep the rifts in check and stopping them from invading the prime plane. Gods are your general D&D pantheon as well as pathfinder ones if any of you are familiar with them. The dark elves are in a long standing civil war, while all the other races are on a constant edge because of the constant re-animating of the undead every full moon, as well as demons coming once every year to attempt to decimate the world. There is the basic world set up. Make your way around that. Any questions please ask.
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