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  1. "Hey come out already, you going to stay in locked up in there all day?" said Hiyu knocking on Rai's door. Rai was lying around in his room most of the morning. He didn't want to leave it mostly because he knew what his mother would tell him to go and do, but if he didn't leave the room Hiyu would get upset and Rai didn't like upsetting his brother. Rai opened his door only to get a light crop on the head by his brother. Even though it was a light crop it still hurt to Rai. Just like Rai, Hiyu had dark blue long hair, but he had green eyes while Rai had red. Hiyu was much taller than he was. He was about 5'6 while Rai was still a short 4'2. Rai didn't like being short and was envious of his brothers height, but what could you expect with his brother being twice his age.

    Rai loved his big brother because even though he was rough at times there was a kindness in it that Rai could see and feel, even though it wasn't apparent to the rest of his family. Rai use to find himself thinking from time to time "if only he were around my age, we could be best friends and I wouldn't have to hang out with Kai". Rai hated Kai. He would always pick on him and insult him. Whenever it seemed Kai didn't get his way, he would even go as far as hurting him. Rai could never understand why it was always him being pick on. Rai always felt comfortable being alone. He felt safe in his room not worrying about the next time he would get picked on. He was a peaceful person and couldn't understand why others couldn't be.

    Rai rubbed his head, trying to rub away the slight pain from Hiyu's punishment. Hiyu smiled at him then sighed. "You have to keep up your guard little brother. You should of seen this coming. You haven't ate breakfast yet, come on," said Hiyu walking to the living room area. Kai followed him smiling slightly while still holding his head.

    "Hiyu stop picking on your brother," said his mother sitting in the living room resting her head on her hand with her elbow on the table, her fingers in between her hair. Rai loved his family. Even after his father died, the family still managed to stay bright and happy. Recently their mother started to become ill and can't do as much because her body was so weak. It made Rai sad when seeing her like that. He didn't want to worry her with the situation with his friends. Hiyu would take care of most of the cooking and cleaning while he was made to go out and play. Rai didn't mind helping his brother, but Hiyu wouldn't let him and he didn't know why.

    Rai's mother was a very beautiful women. She had long red hair and had red eyes. She was a kind hearted women who would always smile about anything except when his father died. Rai didn't want to remember her face when he died. It broke his heart whenever he remembered it.

    After finishing his breakfast, Rai knew what was coming next. "Rai time to go and play," said his mom looking at him with her good natured smile. He didn't argue, and did what we was told. He walk to his mother, putting both hand on each side of her head then kissed her forehead. This was the family's way of saying goodbye. It symbolized "if I don't make it back home, I got to say goodbye and I love you properly" and their family took it very seriously. His mother did the same then patted him on the head. "That's a good boy," she said while scuffling his hair a little.

    He hated when they did that. Rai cherished his hair. He guessed it had something to do with the family custom of having long hair, but he wasn't sure. Even though he took his time he did what he was told and left the house. He looked up at the sky. "It looks like it may rain soon," he said noticing the grey clouds.
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  2. Misa walked along the streets of her home town, clutching her stuffed rabbit tightly to her chest. "I guess we should go find everyone, right Nana?" Misa looked down to her rabbit friend. Even though it wasn't alive, she still named it and talked to it whenever she felt alone.
    Ever since Misa's parents died some years ago, she was living with her Aunt Lola, a very eccentric and loud woman. Misa didn't like her very much. Remembering back to this morning, Misa sighed.

    "Misa! Time to wake up!" Aunt Lola yelled in her usual cheerful tone as she pounded on the door. "Wakey wakey!"
    Misa rolled onto her stomach, sighing. She was already awake. 'Why does Aunt Lola always have to make a huge fuss about everything?' Misa rubbed her eyes as she sat up, attempting to rub the sleep away. Lately, she hadn't been able to sleep very well.
    Climbing out of bed, she took hold of her rabbit Nana, and made her way to her bedroom door...

    Misa stumbled. So lost in her thoughts, she didn't realize she bumped into someone. "I-I'm sorry!" she said shyly, bowing her head down to the man she walked into. A smile spread over his face. It was the local baker, carrying his daily deliveries of bread.
    "It's alright, little one." he said with a kind voice as he patted her on the head. Her family was a regular customer at his bakery, so he recognized her all too well. "Her you go, Misa!" Handing the young girl a small bread bun, he continued on his way.
    Misa stared as he walked away, a slight blush on her face. She couldn't even muster up the courage to thank him. Smiling slightly, she bit into the bread as though it were and apple, and continued on her way to meet her friends.
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    Rai continued on his way to the hideout. He took his time getting there because he didn't look forward to being around Kai. He had hoped Misa would be there. When Misa was around Kai would ease up a little with his bullying because he had a crush on her. Rai hated the thought of relying on her for that. He felt like he was using her. Rai always wondered why he even continued to hang around the group. He would be a lot happier being alone, at least that's what he thought. He was sick of the bullying, but what could he do? He wasn't strong enough to fight Kai. He was older than he was, bigger, and stronger.

    As he continued walking down the street from the corner of his eye, he spotted a girl holding a rabbit with a bread bun in her hand. He recognized who it was instantly. "Misa it's you," said Rai not thinking he was loud enough for her to hear. He was hoping that she was walking to the base just like him. He waited to see if she noticed him or not.
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  4. Misa lifted her head at the sound of her name being called. At first she wasn't sure if she heard it, but when she Rai, she knew it was him. A small smile grew across her face. "Hello, Rai!" she called happily, running towards her friend as fast as she could. Misa had always thought Rai was a good friend of hers. Being around him made her happy. It's not like she had a crush on him or anything... Misa blushed slightly at the thought as she reached him. "Are you headed to the hide out?" she asked, clutching her rabbit tightly. At the sight of Rai, she had completely forgotten that she had a bread bun in her other hand.
  5. Misa seemed happy to see him as she always did. He never understood why she would show a nobody like him such a smile. Even in his gloomy mood he couldn't help but smile. Misa was the only one who seemed as though she cared in addition to his family. She then asked him if he was headed to the hideout. His eyes began avoiding her. It was a bad habit of his to look away when answering something he didn't want to. "Yeah, I'm headed there. Seems like your headed there to," he said trying to keep his smile. The more he thought about going there the more down he felt. He knew he couldn't avoid Kai forever, he would find him, he always did.

    He didn't want to worry Misa. He always tried to keep smiling around her to keep her from noticing. Sometimes he wondered if it still worked on her, or if it even worked at all. He couldn't really tell. He was bad at reading people, but regardless he would try.
  6. Misa could see right through her friend and his guise. She knew him better than that. After a small debate in her head, she decided she wouldn't ask him about it. She was sure that if he wanted to talk about it, he would.
    "Well c'mon!" with a huge grin, she took hold of Rai's wrist and tugged at his arm. "We can go together!"
    Misa hated walking around the town alone. Honestly, she would enjoy anyone's company. But the fact that she had run onto Rai made it 100 times better.
  7. Rai was surprised at first when Misa suddenly grabbed his wrist and dragged him to the hideout. The hideout was an old shed abandoned by an old man that past way 2 years ago. He was a kind old man. Rai remembered first meeting him. The old man would tell him stories about when he was a warrior who fought to protect the village when he was young. Kai and Rina never believed him though, said that he was a stupid old man. Rai hated how disrespectful they were to him, but the old man didn't care. He would always laugh, enjoying the name calling. He would always say "youth is a wonderful thing" and would say how much he missed being young.

    When reaching the hideout the thought of the old man would rush through his mind. There use to be a house in front of the shed, but was torn down because it was too old to live in, but for some reason left the shed intact. Kai and Rina were sitting on an old barrel, looking bored to death until Kai noticed them approaching. Kai instantly put on a devilish smirk which Rai knew all too well. For a brief second he could see a little anger in his deep blue eyes. Kai was about 5'4, 10 years and had short blond hair.

    Kai walked up to Rai putting his arm around the back of Rai's neck in a friendly act. When he was close enough, he whispered something in his ear so that Misa couldn't hear. "What did I tell you about being alone with Misa?" he said "Should I make it clear again?" Rai shook his head no, not wanting to be beat up again. "Why me," he thought. "Why does everything always happen to me."

    Kai's arms were muscular for his age. When he put his arm around Rai's neck it seemed like it would shallow his head as well. Rina remained sitting on the barrel smiling at them or it seemed like she was smiling at Rai. You never knew what she was thinking. It always seemed like she was plotting something. She never spoke her mind, she would just stare and observe. Kai never bothered her. It almost seemed like he was afraid of her sometimes, probably because he didn't know what she was thinking either.
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  8. Misa watched the two boys, her eyes filled with slight annoyance. It may have seemed like a friendly gesture, but she knew Kai never had good intentions when it came down to Rai. It was no secret to her that Kai beat up on Rai often.
    Misa would never admit it, but Kai kind of gave her the creeps. She knew he had a crush on her, it was obvious. But she could never like a bully like him. She wasn't sure how anyone could.
    "Leave him alone already." she said in with a frown, clenching the arm of her stuffed rabbit tightly. Rai wasn't the only one fed up with the bully's actions. She was getting tired of it too.
    It was a rare sight, seeing Misa get upset. She had always been reserved, even in situations like this. But today, she wasn't in the best of moods.
  9. "Oooohh," howled Rina quietly surprised at Misa's sudden outburst. It wasn't like her. Her amusement showing on her face, as she smiled. She was the same age as Kai, but seemed to act older. She knew what Kai was feeling after that shocker Misa sent his way. Kai paused for a while, taking in the situation. He turned to Misa while still holding Rai's neck with his arm. "Misa don't be like," he said "You know I'm just having a friendly conversation with Rai here..right Rai?"

    He gave Rai a causal look, but Rai could tell what that look in his eyes mean't. "You better agree." Before Rai spoke a word everything went black.

    When Rai came to, his site was a little fuzzy and he had an unbelievable headache. When his site became slightly clearer, he couldn't believe what he saw. Fire raging everywhere and people in black cloaks running amok through the village killing and setting homes on fire. Rai and the others were slightly outside of the village but could see more than he wanted. Fear built up faster than anything Kai could ever have done to him. At the thought of Kai, Rai turned to the others. All of them were on the ground out cold. He then looked down at Kai, he was fair near him. Kai was covered in blood. There was a huge gash on his arm and his head was bleeding as well. Rai began shaking at the site. He then noticed something dripping down his head to the ground. It was a crimson color and he could tell right away that it was his blood. He put a hand on his head then removed it to look at his palm. It was soaked in blood. Then fear began turning into panic. He began shaking more, he didn't know what to do. He looked to Rina and just like Kai she was a slumped on the ground covered in blood. He then looked to Misa. Just like him, she was bleeding, but not as bad as Rina and Kai, both of them looked like they didn't make it and Rai was to afraid to check.

    He tried to fight the panic to check on Misa. Out of them all Misa was the only one he cared for at the moment. He tried to stand but fell back down instantly. Fear and the loss of blood weaken him considerable so he began crawling to her. He was so weak, he couldn't think clearly. "M..Misa..please don't be dead," he said while his tears and his blood mixed and fell from his face. On his way to Misa, he noticed the area where the old shed use to be, now replaced with a crater filled with fire.
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  10. Misa slowly came to as she heard a weak voice calling her name. She tried to respond, but she couldn't move. She couldn't even open her eyes, let alone speak. Pain washed over her, and chills began to fill her body. Moments passed before she could gather the strength to open her eyes. "R- Rai?" she cried out quietly, it hurt to speak.
    Slowly, she turned her head towards him, only to see that he was injured as well. But even with all the pain, a smile of relief fell over her face.
    Misa tried to speak once more, but instead she ended up coughing. Closing her eyes for a moment, she slid her arm across the ground, trying her best to hold her hand out to her friend. "W-what's happening?" Misa's voice was trembling with fear. She could hear the screams of people, the crackling of fire, and footsteps running around in the distance, but she was too afraid to look around.
  11. Zuya dashed through the forest. He had a lead to finding That Man. After running into a group of bandit secretly talking amongst themselves, he decide to interrogate them in the best way he knew how. Afterwards, their bodies were found stuffed in a small hole he had dug up. He didn't care much for bandit, nothing but troublesome characters. He always dealt with them accordingly.

    His Master had given him orders to find out what he could about the man known as Kakuru. Zuya had heard story about him. "could they really be true?" he wondered. He wore a dark green cloak that completely covered his body all around, how he could run in it was anyone's guess, but he did so perfectly. The back of his cloak bared a white symbol of his clan. Even though the symbol seemed like a simple one, it held fear within the underworld, and with good reason.

    The bandits had told him that a village under Kakuru's watch, in the south, not to far from his current position was about to be attacked, but the Rinsen Clan. How the bandit knew about this, he could only guess, but he had to hurry. If simple bandits knew of this than, Kakuru would know by now.


    Rai slowly got closer and closer to Misa, noticing about half way there she slowly began opening her eyes. He heard her call his name, and he knew from how weak her voice was and the coughing, that she was in worse shape than he was. He finally made it to Misa, almost feeling the urge to pass out, but he couldn't do that. If he did who knew what would happen if one of those cloaked spotted him. Who knows, maybe the men thought they were already died, they looked the part.

    He grabbed Misa's hand weakly, but was enough. After sitting up, he help Misa up as well. He wasn't sure if moving her was a good idea, but did it anyway. He held her with both arms wrapped around her, hoping to keep her balanced. Now that he was with her, what should he do now? They can't go couldn't go far and because they were injured, they could hardly move.

    He looked around still in panic trying to figure out a plan, but kept coming up with blanks. He clenched his teeth from frustration and from the pain of his wounds. He decided it would be best to at least hide behind something until he could figure out something, but before he could move one of the men in black cloaks began approaching their position. Rai's fear grew up higher as the man approached slowly towards them. The man lifted his hand in front of his hidden face that was cover with a hood. His hand burst into flames, but he did not burn. The fire grew bigger and bigger until it was as big as the stranger head.
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