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  1. "Hey come out already, you going to stay in locked up in there all day?" said Hiyu knocking on Rai's door. Rai was lying around in his room most of the morning. He didn't want to leave it mostly because he knew what his mother would tell him to go and do, but if he didn't leave the room Hiyu would get upset and Rai didn't like upsetting his brother. Rai opened his door only to get a light crop on the head by his brother. Even though it was a light crop it still hurt to Rai. Just like Rai, Hiyu had dark blue long hair, but he had green eyes while Rai had red. Hiyu was much taller than he was. He was about 5'6 while Rai was still a short 4'2. Rai didn't like being short and was envious of his brothers weight, but what could you expect with his brother being twice his age.

    Rai loved his big brother because even though he was rough at times there was a kindness in it that Rai could see and feel, even though it wasn't apparent to the rest of his family. Rai use to find himself thinking from time to time "if only he were around my age, we could be best friends and I wouldn't have to hang out with Kai". Rai hated Kai. He would always pick on him and insult him. Whenever it seemed Kai didn't get his way, he would even go as far as hurting him. Rai could never understand why it was always him being pick on. Rai always felt comfortable being alone. He felt safe in his room not worrying about the next time he would get picked on. He was a peaceful person and couldn't understand why others couldn't be.

    Rai rubbed his head, trying to rub away the slight pain from Hiyu's punishment. Hiyu smiled at him then sighed. "You have to keep up your guard little brother. You should of seen this coming. You haven't ate breakfast yet, come on," said Hiyu walking to the living room area. Kai followed him smiling slightly while still holding his head.

    "Hiyu stop picking on your brother," said his mother sitting in the living room resting her head on her hand with her elbow on the table, her fingers in between her hair. Rai loved his family. Even after his father died, the family still managed to stay bright and happy. Recently their mother started to become ill and can't do as much because her body was so weak. It made Rai sad when seeing her like that. He didn't want to worry her with the situation with his friends. Hiyu would take care of most of the cooking and cleaning while he was made to go out and play. Rai didn't mind helping his brother, but Hiyu wouldn't let him and he didn't know why.

    Rai's mother was a very beautiful women. She had long red hair and had red eyes. She was a kind hearted women who would always smile about anything except when his father died. Rai didn't want to remember her face when he died. It broke his heart whenever he remembered it.

    After finishing his breakfast, Rai knew what was coming next. "Rai time to go and play," said his mom looking at him with her good natured smile. He didn't argue, and did what we was told. He walk to his mother, putting both hand on each side of her head then kissed her forehead. This was the family's way of saying goodbye. It symbolized "if I don't make it back home, I got to say goodbye and I love you properly" and their family took it very seriously. His mother did the same then patted him on the head. "That's a good boy," she said while scuffling his hair a little.

    He hated when they did that. Rai cherished his hair. He guessed it had something to do with the family custom of having long hair, but he wasn't sure. Even though he took his time he did what he was told and left the house. He looked up at the sky. "It looks like it may rain soon," he said noticing the grey clouds.
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