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  1. Hey hey ho hey ho hey hey ~ *Starts to play clappyhands out of the blue, with everyone who reads this*

    Anyway, on to totally seriousfaced serious business ~

    I'm searching for someone/a few people who have some knowledge of Gintama and who are willing to collab with me on a rather unique RP in terms of setting and attitude. Yes, it will be quite the sassy RP I tell ya...With flair, drama, badassness and all kinds of hilarious events. Either way, as said, I'm searching for a few people to collab with and start the rp with.

    I was thinking we could make this based on the Yorozuya ( The Odd Jobs - gang ), including the aliens who have settled in feudal japan and brought all types of technology and consequences with that. But that's about as far as it goes with basing this off on Gintama. I personally would prefer it if we all created non-cannon characters who either have been living/working together as the Yorozuya, or will join the Yorozuya pretty fast after the RP's kick-off.

    I'm open to all kinds of input and ideas though, so don't take this as if it was set in stone. But basing this not too much on Gintama gives us the possibility of creating our own wacky characters, NPC's and adventures. So I like, I like very much... *pets his white persian cat with his claw*

    So, in fear of starting to ramble, who's with me?!

    ~(o.o)// ...Don't leave me hanging brah :(
  2. Aww yeah!! I will gladly join you for this epic venture! A Gintama-themed rp leaves so much room for madness to ensue~
    I like the idea of having our OC's together as their own Yorozuya. Character relationships are a biggie for me and I like to see character growth, plus if we do our own it would be so much more fun. This is just my opinion though. There's so much flexibility in playing with a Gintama-theme, I think.
  3. I totally agree ~

    I like character development a whole lot so if we make our Non-Cannon chars we can start them from "scratch", involve some history hooks and plotbunnies...And go on our merry way!

    Would you be up to make it a 1x1 RP or want to wait for more candidates before starting the rp?

    *Is an impatient git so yeah...* ^^
  4. Awesome, awesome. I'm already brainstorming a character for this one. Whichever way you want to do it I'm game 'cause I too am a little impatient... One on one won't hurt anybody. I'm good for it.
  5. Rogahr, we'll make it a 1x1 RP than, that will keep the RP interesting and hopefully will keep going at a good pace. ^^

    I'll make the CS Thread soon and then send you a PM with the link and such, maybe we can brainstorm on the start of the thread?
    I don't really like planning too much ahead though, but the start of the RP would be useful. :)
  6. Alrighty! I can't wait~ :3 *listens to Gintama music to get hype*