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  1. So I've been in a mood to roleplay recently! That means I need partners!

    Needed is Male for MxF. I like for the guy to be more dominant and such.

    I only have a few rules:

    - Please know how to write. That means correct grammar, usage, and punctuation. Also, a pet peeve is someone is is OOC for the story. If we're doing Victorian, please don't speak modern.

    -No replies under a paragraph. Description is everything, and I need it to reply.

    -Someone who is constant. I would like to reply at least once every two days. If I really like the roleplay, I will reply every day.

    Things I'd like to do (bold being my character):

    AngelxFallen Angel
    Werewolf AlphaxWerewolf

    Some ideas we could play with:
    Magic School
    Epic Journey

    Thanks guys!
  2. AngelxDemon sounds cool. ?
  3. Pm me and we can brainstorm :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.