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  1. Hey, I'm Red, long time roleplayer who's been looking for a new site to use for a while. In the past I've been on a lot of smaller forums run by close friends of mine, so this is actually the biggest roleplaying site I've ever been on. I do group and one-on-one roleplays, though my old one-on-one partners have been too busy to do anything for a while now so I've been looking for another one-on-one buddy for a while now.

    Anyway, I'm a sophomore undergrad student, so I'll try to be as active as I can but things can varying depending on exams and things. It's good to be here :D.
  2. Hello Red, I'm KThorn. Nice to meet you. I'm also new and looking for a new RP buddy. Maybe we could partner up :)
  3. Heyooo, Welcome to Iwaku!!
    Ehhhh.... College..
    Enjoy playing roles!
  4. Hi there Red, welcome to the site! :D