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  1. Wooosh

    A sudden breeze blew overhead, making the grass growing close to the sidewalk rustle. Looking above, Sawyer could see that the clouds were moving at a rather fast pace. On the subject of clouds, there were a good lot, but it certainly wasn't close to be overcast. Surprisingly, the cold squall managed to penetrate the fabrics of the uniform, even with the winter jacket over the shirt. Sawyer shivered in response and tightened his grip on the school issued bag. Thinking back on it, the blonde boy remarked that he hadn't exactly been wild about the design of the bag, preferring his black canvas messenger bag he had used for most of his schoolyears.

    He walked alone on the sidewalk as he headed to his first day of school at Yomiyama North. Having left early, Sawyer had let himself wander a bit and get a hold of the streets on the route from his uncle's residence to the school before heeding the older man's directions and continuing towards school. The route that his uncle had given him was much more popular and in a brighter part of town, but Sawyer found the seedy and dark atmosphere of the sidestreet captivating in a strange sort of way. The sounds of cars were muffled by the buildings here and their sound was carried away by the wind, leaving the street silent save for the occasional eerie birdsong, blowing of wind or creaking of old shingles from a rooftop. Walking with his bag hoisted over his shoulder and adjusting the collar of his gakuran uniform.

    Uniforms were definitely not a normal thing for him. He had heard about them in his classes and he had definitely seen them when watching anime, but it was still a thing he would have to get used to. Then again, if it meant he would see girls in sailor uniforms and-slash-or blazers, then it was more than worth it.

    Eventually his route came to an abrupt end and Sawyer had to go onto one of the main roads. As he turned the corner, he saw a few other students on their way to school, most dressed in Yomiyama North uniforms. To his joy, he found that the girls did infact wear blazers, which were, in his opinion the superior option. Walking down the sidewalk, he felt a vibration from his pocket and heard a short whirr. Removing his cellphone from his pocket, he turned on the screen and tapped the notification icon, opening a text message.

    7:49: hey kiddo, just wanted 2 send a message 2 check if ur phone was working on the network here. gl @ school and have fun. I'll be working l8 2nite so u'll have to make dinner. there's a convenience store around the corner from our place, so stop by if u decide not to make dinner.


    “Heh, who the heck signs a text message?” Sawyer smiled and muttered to himself as he turned the phone's screen off and put it in his pocket. Looking up, he noticed a group of students looking his way, probably intrigued by his physical features. Can't blame 'em. Far as I know, blonde and blue eyes aren't exactly normal features around here. He shrugged and gave a short wave to the students across the road, smiling as he did so. Some in the group waved back though most of them just turned around and kept on their way. Returning to his own walk, he looked around at the scenery. “Something about this town...” sends chills down my spine... He began muttering before finishing with a silent thought.

    The town, while completely normal in aesthetics, had a strange atmosphere to it. Perhaps it was the wear and tear that was present in most of the town. The cracked sidewalks, the mossy concrete walls, the clouds overhead, all of it reminded him of an old forgotten doll. The climate didn't help to remove this point either. He felt an almost dead feeling in the wind, it's cold fingers digging into his back every time it blew.

    Of course, it was probably only due to the fact that it was a new place to him. He had probably felt the same way when he had moved to Hünxe in Germany, which was also a small, out of the way town in a foreign land. Though he couldn't remember it too well. Finally, he was removed from his thoughts when he reached the school entrance. The large facility had quite a large amount of greenery decorating its grounds and as he entered the entrance yard before the shoe lockers, he made note of the large hills surrounding the town.

    “It almost feels... oppressive, somehow.” Sawyer said to no one in particular as he looked at the hills, with some resembling mountains. Apparently, the whole mountainous and hilly environment was normal in Japan, due to the island nation's volcanic origins, though it still felt bizarre to Sawyer. All things considered, he had always been able to see Mount Rainier from Seattle, but he had never lived in a place completely surrounded by hills in such a way. Moving his eyes away from the sight, he moved his shoulder to put the bag in a more comfortable position and headed inside. He stood for a moment before the shoe lockers and he searched in his pocket for the paper he had been given regarding which one was his. Removing the crumpled scrap from his pant pocket, he carefully flattened it and read the kanji that he and his uncle had decided for his name.

    安灘琉 冴矢

    It took him a moment to find the locker that belonged to him but when he found it, it was, to his great surprise, already unlocked. There wasn't even a lock to be found! Opening and closing the door and fascination, he didn't notice another boy come up next to him.

    “Whew, just in time!” the boy said in Japanese, with a perfectly normal and clear accent. Opening the locker and removing the indoor shoes to replace with his outdoor ones, he looked towards Sawyer. “Oh hey. Haven't seen you before. What's your name?” Looking at the label on the open door of the locker, he attempted to read the kanji, squinting as he made sense of it. “An..se.ru... Saya? That's a girl's name, man!”

    “Nah. It's just that there isn't a phonetic kanji for the sound “soi” in Sawyer, so I chose the kanji for skillful or serene which makes a “sa” sound and put it with the kanji for arrow, “ya”. You got the surname right though.” He explained in a somewhat informal tone and his characteristic accent. “You?”

    “I'm Akatsugi Kenji. Nice to meet you. You're not from around here, are you? Sawyer isn't very Japanese.” He shook the boy's outstretched hand as he asked a question.

    “Yeah. I'm not really from this country to begin with. Anyway, what class are you in?” He smiled with a charismatic grin as he put the indoor shoes on and Kenji did the same.

    “Nine One. What about you?”

    “Nine Three or C, something along those lines.” Suddenly, Kenji's expression turned grim. Tilting his head in question, he asked if he was alright.

    “Uhh, yeah. But watch out for yourself, alright pal? I'll see you later.” He said as he hurried to pick up his bag and head off to the gym for the beginning of the year ceremony. “Dang, that's some bad luck. Getting put in nine three on his first year in Japan...” Sawyer heard Kenji murmur as he ran off.

    “If that isn't weird...” Sawyer muttered to himself as he picked up his bag and closed the locker, heading off in the same direction as Kenji for the ceremony. Finding his place, he now had to wait for it to begin. After it was over, he would be called to his class and sent off to homeroom. He excitedly sat down and he played with his fingers to pass the time.
  2. Bleep bleep bleep

    Katashi's long, dark eyelashes fluttered as she opened her eyes, reaching her small, pale hand over to her alarm clock and letting her hand fall onto it, clicking 'snooze' as she hung her arm over the bed. She wept slightly as she returned into slumber, a breeze of cold air came in through the window, making her tear-stained cheeks colder now, she burrowed them into her duvet. There was no use of trying to get any more sleep now. Since her room was completely white, her furniture and decor included, it was too bright to get sleep now.

    The alarm buzzed again, this time she sat up to turn it off. She shivered as she shut her window, only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Katashi sighed and got changed into her school uniform, looking into her reflection in her mirror. Why could't she let go? Why couldn't she forget and move on? She often got frustrated with herself because she couldn't answer these questions.

    After brushing her teeth, Katashi walked into Lilian's room. She was only ten, so she didn't remember much at the time. She was four, when.. when it happened. "C'mon Lil, you gotta get up. It's time for school." She nudged her sister gently, she turned around and smiled at Katashi, her eyes were brown like her mother's. This couldn't help but make Katashi begin to cry again. Lilian hugged her as she cupped her face in her hands. "Hey, c'mon Kat, you need to be brave now, k?" Sometimes it felt like Lilian was the older one.

    Once she'd stopped crying, Lilian got changed too and the pair went downstairs, Hariku was at the stove cooking breakfast, Chen and Roku were at the table conversing. They stopped and looked at Katashi and Lilian, Chen got up and gave Katashi a hug, her cheeks were still stained by her earlier tears. The two sat down at the table, Hariku continued cooking. "First day back, then." Chen said this with an optimistic perspective, "at least we all have something to do now."
    "I guess so" Roku replied, looking up from the newspaper he'd brought back.
    "So, what classes are you in?"
    "6-2" Lilian smiled.
    "And you, Katashi?"
    "9-C.. or 3.. I don't know which one."

    Hariku dropped the plate in his hands on the floor as she mentioned the name. Chen's face filled with worry, but soon went back to normal.
    "What?" Katashi questioned,
    "N-nothing." Chen replied as she got up to help Hariku sweep up the shattered remains of the plate.
    Lilian looked up at her sister "I guess we should start walking to school."

    Katashi and Lilian said their goodbyes and left, walking down the street towards Yomiyama North Jr, Lilian's school. Children gathered in the playground, laughing and playing as they waited for the school to open. Lilian waved to her friends. Katashi gave her a hug, planting a kiss on her head before she ran off to join them. She gave a wave goodbye as she continued to walk to her school; Yomiyama North High.

    Students were walking in reluctantly, sorting their lockers; the usual. Katashi opened her old locker, a photo of her and her parents fell out, along with her old books and stationary. She did all she could to keep it together, picking up her books again and putting them back in. She kicked the photo away. She didn't want to look at it again.
  3. "I'm off!" Akira bid her parents goodbye as she ran off with a sandwich on her hand and her bag on the other.It was the first day of school,and as usual,she was exited for it.She liked first days.To her,it's a mark of a new beginning—and technically it academically is."Good morning!" some folks greeted her as she ran by,and Akira waved and greeted back at them with a cheerful smile.A lot of people know and like her for that trait of hers,despite how gloomy the aura in Yomiyama often is.To them,Akira—just like what her name means—is a bright light that gives some life in the area where she lives.

    Akira stopped and walked and bit off of her sandwich.Her mother always told her to never eat and run because of possible stomach issues.Turning from an alley that lead to the main sidewalk to school,she spotted some familiar faces from her middle school and waved at them.Again,she was well known,and even though she's not really close friends with a person,she goes along quite well with them.

    In her middle school,she only had one best friend named Sayu,but unfortunately she moved to Tokyo because of her parents' work.Akira met Sayu right when she moved to Yomiyama after her brother's death.Akira sat next to Sayu,who was pretty quiet and shy.Although being new,Akira quickly showed cheerfulness and started befriending Sayu.Pretty much their friendship escalated quickly after finding a lot of things in common,like how they both like music—Sayu likes playing the piano while Akira sings to her melodies.Seeing the other students in little groups of friends made Akira feel slightly lonely,but she just shook it off and kept on walking.

    After a few minutes,she finally reached Yomiyama North.Pulling on her ribbon,she headed to the shoe lockers and looked for her name.A lot of other kanji characters were written on the lockers,but she finally found hers that was located somewhere in the middle.


    She opened her locker,slipped on her shoes,put her other pair in the locker,and closed the door.Seeing that everyone was headed to the gym,she followed along.She passed along a window where her reflection could be seen.The uniform seemed cute to her and she couldn't help but to twirl once to make her skirt flutter.But the other students seem to wear it with slight formality,and that made Akira feel a bit embarrassed.The light shade of pink on her cheeks faded and slight confusion replaced it when she saw some students with grave expressions on them.

    Shrugging it off,she just held her bag with both hands in front of her and walked on towards the gym.Something felt off in the aura of the students that she just saw.
  4. A cat notebook, cat pens, cat barrett, cat bento.

    Maybe Honoka had over done it with the cat themed objects, but it was her first day at Yomiyama North and she wanted to feel comfortable. And the only way she could do that was to surround herself with cats. She really wished that she could have brought a cat with her, but she knew that that wouldn't have gone down too well. She didn't want to be labeled as a trouble maker on the first day after all. Or a social pariah. She had been labeled as such in middle school and that was only because she had always had cat hair clinging to her clothing and all the other kids didn't want to be around her. Plus she had cause another kid to have an allergic reaction as he had been allergic to dander. Not that that was her fault. It's not like she knew that--

    Honoka shook her head vigorously, banishing the unpleasant memories from her mind. She needed to focus and not get sucked into her own mind!

    When she got to her locker she opened it once, putting her outdoor shoes in and then closed it. And then opened it. And then closed it. She was stalling, she knew that, but she didn't want to go just yet. She needed to compose herself, put her extrovert facade on properly before immersing herself into the crowd.

    "Hey! You're gonna be late ya know!" A girl with a thick country accent called out to her. Honoka nearly jumped a foot in the air, she had been so involved with her inner thoughts she had temporarily forgotten that there were other people around.

    "Oh, I'm coming!" Honoka called, her voice barely a whisper. She couldn't bring herself to speak any louder, she wasn't ready yet.

    As the other country girl turned and began walking towards the gym, Honoka hurried after her, tugging at her uniform every now and then. For some reason, now that she was at school she was itchy and uncomfortable. Sweat was causing her shirt to stick to her skin and her socks kept slipping down to her ankles.

    "Wow you're quiet." The other girl commented as they walked towards the gym. "What's your name?"

    "Fujimaru Honoka...And you?" Honoka replied.

    "Kimura Ami. What class are ya in? I'm in 9 - 1."

    Honoka visibly deflated. Ami seemed so nice, but she wasn't even in her class! "9 - 3," She muttered.

    Kimura seemed to stop in her tracks, her eyes wide and her mouth parted slightly. "Oh."

    Honoka frowned, "What's--

    "Here we are!" Kimura interrupted with a grim smile and walked off to join her line.

    Honoka stared after the girl in confusion and went to sit awkwardly in her row, picking at her clothing, unable to stay still.
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  5. 'Can all students please report to the Gym for the welcoming assembly'
    An announcement called through the speakers in the halls, Katashi began to make her way to the gym.
  6. Akira peeped from behind the gym doors.There were a lot of people that were getting settled,and this made her a bit nervous somehow.She slowly walked in and found an empty seat somewhere in the middle.Not knowing anyone there made her feel awkward,especially how she was surrounded with people that seemed like they know each other well.She usually doesn't mind,but today felt somewhat different.Shw would've stayed somewhere in the back,but she wouldn't be able to see because of her height.Sighing,she just sat on her seat with her bag on her lap and watched the people scrambling around the gym.
  7. After following closely behind Kenji who, for some bizarre reason, didn't seem to want him following him, Sawyer arrived in the gym. He took a moment to find his class within the constant movement, but after a moment's delay, he found a spot next to a shorter looking girl and sat down. He stuck his bag under the chair before sitting in an acceptable posture. Suddenly, a thought occurred to him. Turning to the girl calmly, he asked a question, making sure not to make any mistakes in his speech or pronunciation. Then again, he had long since passed that stage, considering how well he did in Japanese classes, so he didn't really have a reason to worry.
    "Hey, this is 9-3 or 9-C, right?" He asked, making sure not to speak in a too startled tone as to not frighten the somewhat nervous girl. He smiled ever so slightly to show that it was a friendly question.
  8. Katashi walked into the gym, and to the allocated areas for her class. She sat next to a blonde boy and shorter girl, sliding her bag onto the floor and waiting as the other students came in. The boy asked the girl if this was class 3, she looked at her for the answer too.
  9. Akira turned to the blonde boy who sat besides her,then at the blonde girl who just sat besides him.So I guess we have some foreign students...? she thought for a moment."Mmh! This is 9-3" she nodded with her usual cheerful tone and smile.Seeing that the assembly doesn't seem like it will be starting any sooner judging the students that are still looking for their class,she thought that starting a conversation would be relevant."Eto...by the way,I'm Furukuma Akira.I guess we'll all be in the same class this year!~"
  10. "I guess" Katashi managed a smile, she was here the years before, but in all different classes.
  11. "Eto...by the way,I'm Furukuma Akira.I guess we'll all be in the same class this year!~"
    Her sudden change in attitude made Sawyer break into a grin. Adorable. He half jokingly remarked in his head as he made a response. "Looks like it. I'm Sawyer Ansel. I'm going to be here for about a year, perhaps more. Nice to meet you! Let's get along well, alright?" Sawyer then turned to the other girl, much taller and of a similar hair-color to him. "Same goes for you. What's your name?"
  12. "I'm Katashi, nice to meet you." She let out another smile*, reaching out to shake Sawyer's hand.

    (*Imagine the kind of Anime smile where they close their eyes kinda thing)
  13. "Mmh!" she simply nodded,smiling at both of them.She was happy to meet someone on the first day,although she currently doesn't know much about them.That was alright,since they are all going to be in the same class for a year and they will all probably get to know each other better then.She shifted her gaze to the front and waited for the assembly to start.
  14. After a moment, the principal finally came onto the podium and began his speeches. While most of the students found themselves bored, having heard about the same thing many times before, Sawyer found himself entranced. In the United States and Germany, year openings were basic compared to this. Despite the inherent boring words, tone and overall speech of the principal, it was a novelty for Sawyer and he hung on every word said. Eventually, he left the podium to allow the homeroom teachers to be introduced. It took a moment for 9-3's homeroom teacher to come up, 9-3 being the last class on the list.

    The man who took the podium was a middle aged looking man, with a steadily receding hairline of totally silver hair. He wore somewhat formal clothes, an open suit jacket without a tie, black pants and dress shoes, but other than that, he looked to be completely and utterly normal. What intrigued Sawyer was his expression. The man, introduced as a Kato-sensei, had a smile on his face, but Sawyer could see that it was forced. Looking into his eyes, the man seemed to have an almost worried look. Unlike the other teachers, who looked over all the students, this man only regarded the students in the 9-3 row, with an almost sorrowful expression. Sawyer found his face forming into a question mark.

    After leaving the podium, a group of third years took the podium to make a speech. Of note, none of them were students from 9-3, though this time, Sawyer only took it for coincidence. Finally, after they finished their speech and made a bow, most of the students who had been at the school since their first year stood and sang the official school song, before sitting down. After this, the students were directed to their homeroom teachers who brought them to their classrooms. Kato let the students enter first, before saying something. "I'll let you all choose your own seats. I need to get somethings from the faculty office. I'll be back in five minutes, so don't get too comfortable." Surprisingly, he had a gentle tone, though Sawyer remarked that there was a tinge of an almost pity-like tone to it.

    Standing in front of the door, he decided to wait for other students to sit down before choosing his place.
  15. Katashi sat and drifted into daydream as the principal droned on and on, why couldn't she stop thinking of her parents? This question frustrated her, every time she thought of them she ended up in tears and now she had to do anything to stop herself crying mid-assembly. She kept herself looking up so her eyes wouldn't tear up. Thankfully the speech finished rather quickly, after this, the students moved out in lines, she joined in, her bag on her shoulder as she walked upstairs to her classroom. Sawyer was there already. She now thought to the look that teacher, Kato-sensai gave them, why did he look so worried? She'd have to find this out later.
    "Where are you gonna sit?" She broke the silence, now turning at Sawyer.
  16. Without a moment's a hesitation, Amaya chose the seat in the middle of the front row. From her experience, it was the least likely place where troublemakers gathered. Plus, there would be no tall heads to block her view from the chalkboard. Amidst the ruckus of the rest of her classmates still shuffling about to find their places in the room, she sat prim and proper in her seat. Her tiny well-manicured hands laid gracefully on her lap. Her gaze never leaving the chalkboard.

    As usual, she was a model of neatness. Not a single piece of her uniform sagged on her petite frame, a trend which seemed all the rage these days. Her sling bag was Yomiyama North standard issue. Only her dark hair was allowed to be unruly. She donned a simple high ponytail; her fine hair was a waterfall of waves behind her head.

    The rest of the class continued to talk among themselves. "Where are you going to sit?" Amaya heard someone nearby ask another. As always, she paid everyone no mind. She was used to having no one in her class to talk to her. In fact, she preferred the solitude. The rest of the world is nothing but a bother, she repeated one of the mantras that had haunted her since childhood. The rest of the world is nothing but a bother.
  17. Upon entering the class room, Honoka only took a few minutes of a once over before shuffling over to the row near the window and sat down in the third seat from the back. She really hope that this would be her seat! She loved sitting near the window, because if there was nothing to do in class or if she never made friends, she would never be lonely or bored because she could watch whatever's going on outside! She wondered if any cats frequented the area.

    As she scanned the school yard outside, she heard someone ask somebody else about where they would sit.

    People have already started to make friends? Oh no...My window of opportunity is closing! If I don't make friends now, people will gather in groups and then it'll be impossible to make a friend!

    She stood up quickly, leaving her bag on her desk, before rushing over to a girl who had sat in the middle row in the front.

    Gathering up the courage to speak, Honoka fiddled with her uniform before stepping in front of the girl and whispering, "H-Hi!"
  18. After a few stops to greet other students that she knew from her middle school,she finally got to the classroom.She quickly scanned the room and spotted some familiar faces from her old school."Ah,Akira-chan!It's been a while" a girl called out from the small group of girls that gathered at the back."Tomoe-san!It has been a while" Akira called back,slinging her bag on her shoulder and walked over to them.Again,she gets along with pretty much everyone she knows without necessarily being close friends.After a little amount of talking,Akira decided that she needs to pick a seat if she wants to get a good one.

    "Well,I hope that we get to know each other more this year" another girl from the group said."Mmh! See you~" With a wave and her signature cheerful smile,she walked over to the chair that was at the second column-second row nearest to the front door.I guess this will be a pretty nice year! she thought,smiling to herself as she hung her bag on the hook at the side of the desk and sat down.
  19. Amaya shot the disturber a steely glare. It's been a while since someone had greeted her so informally. Automatically, she scanned her from top to bottom: Straight, dark brown hair; brown eyes; slender; definitely a shy type, since she stammered; and, wait a minute--

    "You faintly smell like cat," Amaya told her matter-of-factly. She was surprised herself that she spoke. She originally wanted to ignore her like she usually does to everyone else, but the thought of "cat" triggered a memory she would otherwise want to forget. A memory of a little boy, a young girl, and a cat in a cardboard box.

    Now, she was caught off guard but she'll straighten it up. Father would disapprove, she reminded herself. So she went back to staring at the chalkboard, not waiting for the girl seated next to her to reply.​
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