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  1. 26 years ago, there was a student named Misaki Yomiyama. He was a charming student, good looking and excelled in both academics and sport. All the teachers and students admired him. In his 9th grade, he was placed in class 3. Shortly after entering 9th grade, he died in an accident (there are many theories about this, some saying he died from plane crash and some saying because of fire). Unable to accept his death, his classmates decided to continue acting as if he is alive (talking with his desk,pretending to go home with him). Even at graduation, the principal arranged to have Misaki's seat included in the ceremony. After graduation, they took a picture of the class and found Misaki included, with a pale face, but smiling like everyone else. After that incident, the class had grown closer to death than any other. It started in 1973, a year after when they found out about having an extra student and were one desk short. At first they just thought it was an error and ignored it. But six students and ten of their family members died that year. Since then they found out that there is a 'dead one' in the class. The 'dead one' is the person who died a year or a few years before, but somehow they have been resurrected and placed in that class. All the memories of the people around the 'dead person' are altered, so the other students think that he/she is still alive. The dead person also doesn't realize that they're already dead. Because of that, at least one student or their family members die each month. The students before have tried many ways to prevent this, including changing the classroom and the class name from class 3-3 to 3-C. However it didn't work. Until 10 years ago, they found out that in order to prevent the calamity they have to treat a person as if he/she doesn't exist to make up for the presence of the dead person. For now, this countermeasure only has a 50/50 percent chance of working. And the newest 3-C is hoping they won't be as unlucky.
    (Sourced from the 'Another' Wiki.)

    This RP is based in the Anime 'Another' universe, taking place at Yomiyama North, RPers would play pupils from class 3-C a year after the events of the Series. In summary, the class appears cursed. There's a chance each year that one pupil is different from the others. That pupil is dead. But they, nor the others, not even their own family remember that they died. And it was because they physically brought a person back from the dead, inviting the dark spirits into this reality that this triggered a death relating to someone in the class every month. The deaths we're not normal though, mainly accidents. Obscure accidents. The only method known to stop this phenomenon so far is to pretend that one person in the class doesn't exist, making up for the extra dead pupil. But this doesn't work with every case.

    (The anime is here, if anyone wanted to see it.)

    (I will be editing this OP so that it's better soon, but it's 10pm now and I'm rather tired.)

    -Do not kill off other player's characters without PMing them asking permission to do so first

    App form: (/ = Optional field)


    Age: (15 if student. 20+ If teacher. Any age if family member.)


    Appearance: (Picture is preferred, descriptions are okay.)


    Height: /

    Weight: /

    Family: / (Just brief description, what relatives they live with etc.)

    Bio to date: (Their history up until their first day of Year Nine. Two paragraphs minimum.)

    Motif: / (Theme song)

    Any Extra Information:

    Sorry for this post not being too detailed, it will be edited over time. We're going to accept eight apps at a maximum.
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  2. Name: Katashi Samurota Reteck

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Katashi is a rather quiet girl, she's quite the introvert, often choosing to sit indoors and read a book or two than to venture outside. She often backs away from confrontation, but if her argument is good she'll get it across. Many overlook Katashi due to the fact that she doesn't speak up often, and as for boyfriends (a topic many of the girls in her class are keen on) she's never been involved in a relationship (possibly why she's avoided by the opposite sex). Because she's often reserved and rarely speaks she's often struggled to make/keep friendships.

    Height: 5"7

    Weight: 7 st

    Family/Bio: Katashi was born in Tokyo, her Polish parents moved there prior to her birth for a relocation scheme as part of their job (Veterinarians). She lived in a moderatley high class townhouse with her older brother, Ian. Her younger sister, Lilian was born when she was five. They were sometimes left at home with their grandma as their parents worked (her brother along with them).
    But on her ninth birthday; the unthinkable happened. As her parents and Ian were driving home early to surprise Katashi and her sister the rainstorms picked up and their car crashed. Leaving no survivors. Once she'd received the news, Katashi's grandmother had a heart attack.
    Katashi and Lilian spent her birthday on the Emergency Ward.
    Luckily, her grandmother was saved and was sent home a few weeks later. She couldn't take the grief, and two days later she hung herself. Leaving her already grieving grandchildren even more depressed.
    Katashi nine, and Lilian four, were sent to their godparents house in Yomiyama. Where they have been living ever since with their godmother Chen and gofather Roku, along with their older son Hariku.

    Show Spoiler

    Any Extra Information:
    Since Katashi is still dealing with her traumatic past, she takes anti-depressants every day.
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  3. I have arrived! Here's my CS. Direct any problems my way and after wallowing in self pity for a spell, I get around to fixing them. Hopefully.

    Name: Sawyer Ansel (Pronounced Soiya Anseru in Japanese, thus resulting in his name, when used with a honorific (san, chan...), being some variation of Soiya)

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Show Spoiler


    Sawyer has a thin and slim figure, lacking well defined muscles. However, he is, despite this, well built enough to hide bones such as ribs and the like.

    Personality: Calm, collected and with a good sense of humor, Sawyer is popular with the fairer sex, at least in his home country. He has a slight fascination with the taboo, however. Despite his playboy demeanor, though, he is of a gentleheart, putting others before himself at times.

    Height: 1.70 meters

    Weight: 52 kilograms

    Family: Family of five in the United States (brother, two sisters, mother and father) stays with his uncle and his girlfriend in Japan.

    Bio to date: Sawyer has had a long history of being a stranger in a foreign country. He was born in the United States of America, in the city of Seattle, Washington, though he moved with his family to Hünxe, Germany, at the age of eight, where he stayed for five years before returning to the United States. A good student in certain subjects, Sawyer quickly took an interest in Japanese culture and joined his school's Japanese class where he was met with much success, having gained a skill for learning foreign languages when he moved to Germany. While he enjoyed his life in Seattle, having many friends and being adored by girls, he found his life a touch too boring.

    After three years of this comfortable yet otherwise bland life, Sawyer was presented with an opportunity from his mother, who herself had a brother who was currently living in Japan with his longtime girlfriend. She proposed that he stay for at least a year in Japan, go through a year of junior high and if he liked it, he could stay for highschool. Jumping at the opportunity with excitement, spending most of his freetime doing extra Japanese classes with his teacher in order to prepare for the journey. Finally, it came the day that he would part for the Orient and with earnest goodbyes to his siblings, parents and friends, he left alone for Tokyo, where he met his uncle. To his surprise, he wouldn't actually be staying in Tokyo.

    Instead, his uncle brought him to a small rural town called Yomiyama. Right from his arrival, he felt a strange atmosphere coming off the seemingly normal and placid town, but he simply attributed it to being in a foreign land and being a city boy for the most part. He would spent a week there before beginning school and he decided to spend most of his time taking in the sights and scenery of the small town. Finally the day came when he would begin school, at Yomiyama North, in class 9-3 or class 9-C...?

    Reluctantly putting on a uniform, already a cultural difference that he would have to get used to, he headed off to his first day of school in the Land of the Rising Sun.

    However, as he arrived in class, something felt somewhat... off...

    Motif: Subject to change...
    Show Spoiler

    Any Extra Information:
    Sawyer is fluent in English, German and Japanese, however he speaks each of these languages with a distinct accent, that, while certainly not too special or funny, still gives him a unique way of speaking. He also uses many expressions that don't translate well to Japanese, coming from English and German.
    -He would like to be a writer one day, but also takes an interest in drawing.
    -He was the fastest sprinter of all of his old school and it is highly possible he will be the fastest here too.
    -Sawyer makes an absolute killer cup of coffee, and he isn't a too shabby cook either, a skill that will definitely come in use in Japan, due to the long hours of his uncle and his girlfriend.
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  5. [​IMG]
    Honoka Fujimaru

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Personality: Honoka is friendly and pleasant be around overall, but she gets along better with animals (mainly cats) than she does with people. Not that she rubs people the wrong way, she's just a lot quieter when interacting with other humans because when she interacts with cats she doesn't have to talk at all.

    Height: 170 cm

    Weight: 63 kilos

    Family: Honoka lives with her father, grandmother and grandfather, as well as nearly twenty cats that aren't officially pets. They're mostly strays that her family doesn't mind having around.
    Honoka's mother divorce her father ten years ago and moved with her new husband to Beijing. Because of the long distance Honoka rarely speaks to her mother and when she does the conversations are short and awkward.
    Bio to date: Honoka was born to a very young couple that rushed into marriage before either of them had to think about their other options in life. The first few years were lovely because that 'young couple just married' vibe was always around. But by the time Honoka turned five, that vibe disappeared and her parents got divorced. Her mother had found that she was falling in love with her boss, and when said boss offered to take her with him to live in Bejiing, Honoka's mother accepted in a heartbeat. She didn't even think to ask how Honoka felt about the descion and she didn't seem to care. One day she was there and the next day she was gone.

    Because Honoka's father was unable to support him and his daughter with just his pay, they moved back in with his parents in the country. Honoka's grandparents accepted them easily under the condition that they would respect the laws that had been set in stone since the Fujimaru family had aquired that piece of land.
    Those laws were;
    Respect the Cat Deity that resided in their land.
    And never abuse the numerous cats that frequented the area.
    Abiding by those laws were no problem for Honoka and her father and they lived with Honoka's grandparents peacefully.

    However because they lived in the country, Honoka did not have many friends, so she began to befriend the cats that lived in the area. Substituing the felines for her friends. That little detail of course, alienated her from her peers. Because really, who wanted to be friends to the quiet girl who had silent conversations with cats? Who wanted to play with the girl who always had cat hair stuck to her clothing and hair? No one. So Honoka lived a lonely life, but she didn't mind very much. As long as she had her cat friends.

    Show Spoiler
    Show Spoiler

    Any Extra Information:
  6. ((Omigosh,a RP about Another~ x3))

    Name: Akira Furukuma

    Age: 15

    Gender: female ♀


    Personality: Akira is a pretty sweet and cheerful girl.She is very friendly and cares for everybody.She can easily be scared though and prefers having company.

    Height: 5'2 feet /157.5 cm

    Family: Akira currently lives with both her parents who usually comes home at night because of work.Since they come home late,the house is pretty quiet whenever she gets home.

    Bio to date: Akira was born somewhere north in Japan with a twin that had the opposite sex that she has.His name was Akio.He was very caring and always protected Akira in every way.Unlike Akira,Akio was tougher and braver.One time,he even punched a guy in grade school for accidentally pushing Akira off the slide.They kept each other company,and that is when their parents decided to both work,seeing that they can both take care of each other.One day when they were about 11 years old,a day before they were going to move to Yomiyama,Akira and Akio were walking home from school when suddenly a car came rushing through while they were crossing the street.Acting quickly,Akio pushed Akira to the side and accepted the hit.Although they rushed him to the hospital right away,Akio didn't make it.Her family was hardly impacted with their loss,but the one who was hurt the most was Akira.Their move on the other hand was cancelled and moved three years after,and in that time period Akira managed to live and move on,knowing that that was what her brother would've told her.

    Motif: -will put one soon-

    Any Extra Information: She is really afraid of the dark and blood
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