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Brian was suprised to find himself looking back at the bus as he started walking up the road. The driver tipped his hat to him as he began turning around. He watched as the sign on the back of the bus change to it's next destination, " Human World ". Hecli sighed softly, hoping that this new school wasn't going to be anything to dramatic. He had always hated the human world, but he still found himself a bit uneasy about the rest of his highschool career. The school was known to be " different ", but then ofcourse, why wouldn't it be. It was a school that was just for monsters, like him ofcourse.

As he made his way up the road, he pulled the rule manual out once more, simply something to do while he was walking. The rules were pretty simple when it came down to it. Don't show your monster form, and don't let anyone know what your true form actually was. He didn't have to worry about anything in that department. He was a simply neko, he had his tricks, but nothing to fancy. He used emotion against his enemies. Drown them in fear, or simply make them fall into a deep depression over the loss of a loved one who never existed.

He slipped the manual back into his pack and continued walking, he could actually see the school ahead now, it towers rising up over the hill he was climbing. He hurried his pace a bit, still eager to see what the rest of the students were doing, how they were getting along. He was an observant type, always " mapped " out his environment, what kind of people were around them, they're intentions, and pretty much everything. Finally peaking the hill, he made his way onto the front of the grounds. Kids were a bit peeked by his ears, but he tried to hide them the best he could, usually they simply seemed to blend with his hair when he really tried, but here he didn't really care, it wasn't anything to durastic. He made his way up to the front doors, they were already opened and there were a couple first year teachers directing the freshman. He made his way up to a cute woman, who seemed to be the head of the small group.

" Umm, im a first year, don't really know where im supposed to go. " He said in a shy voice.

" Name please? " The woman replied.

" Brian Yukoto.. " He said, and he was instantly pointed to the west wing, towards the dorms. He was given a room number, and told to put his things in the room. So, he made his way with the rest of the freshman, there was only a small group of them now. He guessed the schools population couldn't of had more than 100-120 students, but he didn't mind, it was a good sign that things would stay pretty quiet.

As he made his way into his room, he set his things on the bed. There were already pencils and books and paper on the desk in front of the window, and he figured it was just that much easier to get along here. He looked up at the wall, a small map of the school was printed neatly on the small poster. Looking over it quickly, he saw a soccer field, a pool, a shower and hot springs, a forest for the students, a cafeteria, the two sides of the school, and last of all a school shop. But, he didn't have any money?

So he decided to search around the room, he came upon a cash card on the table, a note pinned to it said they got 100,000 yen every month. He was shocked by the amount, but then again his parents told him it was the most prestigous private school made by monsters, so he quickly lost a bit of the shock.

Shrugging his shoulders, he turned to leave the room. Brian decided it was time to get some lunch. The first day on campus was an " exploratory " day, so that the students could get used to the grounds, and ofcourse meet some new acquaintances.
Severin Roman was already at the cafeteria, not eating anything because he feared he would throw it all up. His body was a delicate machine and couldn't handle the salts and carbohydrates of food. Instead, Severin read from a book about his kind, the Halfling species. Halflings were mixed blood monsters, and Severin was one of them.
Severin was the mix of a vampire and daemon, giving him the near elven features of the former and the pointed ears and tail of the latter. He was exactly half of each race, his mother being a pure vampire and his father a pure daemon. Severin knew the rules of the school, and hid his teeth, ears, and tail accordingly. His teeth were hidden by his mouth, which was rarely open, his ears by his long, stark white hair, and his tail was hidden inside his pants.
Severin was a loner, having been shunned by his kinsmen long ago due to his Halfling status. In fact, if any other Pureblood found out, Severin would surely be killed or jailed or experimented on.
Bored, he fingers the line of words etched into the table, "Ask for lies and you'll study a donkey." Complete gibberish, and Severin nearly laughs aloud before remembering not to open his mouth, in case anyone was watching.
Severin was not born in Japan, but rather England, yet he spoke the language fluently and caught most of what the other students were saying. Mostly, it was, "Look at that first year with the white hair" or "Pfft, first years think they are so cool and get away with dying their hair that color. Probably has tattoos."
Severin, in an attempt to keep his demonic side from emerging, puts his head in his hands. Indeed, he did have a tattoo, but it was hidden under his clothes, which was a black dress shirt and pants, with white striped embroidery. Severin had pure black eyes, which he had changed to a normal hazel with contacts. He was slight, but medium height. The snide comments from the other students continue, and Severin tries to find the only thing that can keep his inner demon down for a while.
Severin digs in his pocket and finds what he needs. He rushes to the nearest bathroom and almost locks the door, leaving it unlocked by a little bit. Severin takes the amulet filled with blood from his pants pocket and pops the clasp open. Quickly, he drinks it down, wincing at the taste. Then, mad that he had already used his only supply of blood for the whole year on the first day, he heads back to where he sat and begins making plans to get blood from one of the other students.
A'isha had already gone to her room and put everything away. Now, the young woman lay outside, taking in the sunlight. Being a skinwalker, she didn't have to work too hard to hide. After all, she could transform whenever she wanted and remain normal the rest of the time. However, she was still young and sometimes couldn't control things.

Like when her finger nails would sometimes become long sharp claws. She usually did morph to a wolf-form, so it was more of an instinct that when she lost her temper, she began transforming. Sometimes though, she would begin the early stages of becoming some other animal. It always depended on her mood. Angry, wolf. Extremely happy, robin. Extremely sad, spider.

She hated what she was though. Though A'isha knew she couldn't change it, she did wish she was normal sometimes. Not having to worry about becoming some animal and then losing her senses to the animal instincts.

Up until about a year ago, A'isha had thought she a lycanthropist, or a werewolf, but then she discovered she didn't just morph into a wolf, but into other animals as well. Soon, she found out she was a skinwalker, one of the creatures from ancient Native American mythology. Which was strange, because she was of Arabic descendance.

Of course, that had nothing to do with it.

A'isha opened her eyes and looked up, shading her eyes from the sun. "I suppose I should meet other students but..." she began, speaking quietly. After looking around, she decided that if anyone wanted to meet her, they had to come to her. She lay back down and closed her eyes again.
Brian wandered into the cafeteria, his ears perking up a bit at the smell of the food. He instantly made his way over towards the buffet line. Snatching up a plate, he made his way towards the sushi, it was fresh, probably just came out of the chiller. He grabbed a few and then a couple fillets from the plate and made his way over towards the table.

He took a seat at near the window, he could look out over the forest, and down over the yard. As he was pushing the window open, he noticed a girl laying out in the grass, for a moment a small blush came to his cheeks as he quickly pulled his head away and tried to concentrate on his food in front of him. But, he couldn't shake her form from his mind, he looked back out over, first looking around the yard, then settling his eyes back on her. He didn't really concentrate on the normal features, but at the aura that was coming off of her, it was different, and it seemed to be a bit deformed in a way. He had never seen one like it, and this perked his curiosity, he didn't like things that were different, he normally knew his surroundings, and knew them well.

At that moment he decided that he would investigate further, but now that his uneasiness had subsided, he was finally able to concentrate on his food, and a smile came to his face as he dove into the plate. He hadn't eaten in quite some time, the journey here had taken a couple days by train, then the long ride on the bus through the barrier that protected the school from human eye.

After finishing his meal, he pulled a few books from his bag to help distract him from the rest of his surroundings, for now he was looking through his fathers notes from his travels. He had met many different types of monsters around the world, and brian was curiuos to see if he had met someone with this girls aura. If he had, then Brian would probably be able to get along with his day, and not be sitting they're bugged by this girl he didn't even know.

So he continued, through page after page, without anything even close to what he was looking for. This annoyed him, horribly. He had a type of OCD whenever it came to things like this, and he didn't like it at all. If he had to do this the hard way and actually get to know her, then he would, but he didn't care for social situations.
Fascinating! The school was intriguing, and two big dark eyes soaked in every detail as she strolled into the school like a princess.

If going by scent, the young lady walking through the cafeteria doors was just a fruity-scented human. She did not look spectacular enough to stand out other than wearing an excessively formal and showy poofy black dress. Her hair was a little past her shoulders, and currently tugged into low pigtails tied off with white ribbons that stood out against the wispy black strands. It was the kind of thing human would wear, correct? Second-guessing her fashion choices, the girl tugged on the soft lace trim of her dress, tugging it down to make it closer to knee-length. It was just so revealing, and so unnecessary. How could a person fight while wearing such a thing? But then, these students were not human, even if they appeared to be. The realization silenced her thoughts.

The only food the short girl purchased was a huge chocolate chip muffin and a bottle of water. With an excited bounce in her step, she made a beeline to the nearest empty seat, not bothering to check if she would be intruding on anyone. Her eyes were focused on the muffin she was unwrapping delicately.

To a more experienced eye, or rather nose, the girl was not just a girl. In the undertones of her scent, detectable only if you knew what scent you were trying to find, was the tell-tale scent of a very particular sort of youkai. Mainly her scent composed of something sweet like fruit or nectar, perhaps closest in scent to a very ripe peach. But underneath the mouth-watering scent was another scent, faintly swirling with the sweet smell, that was musky and smelled of fox and wolf. Not as if she were a fox or wolf youkai, but as if she had ingested a part of one.

She took a massive bite of the muffin, ripping into it with her teeth all while grinning contentedly. Though she looked and smelled mostly human, something about her seemed utterly predatorial. Somehow though, her cheery mannerisms and relaxed posture indicated that she was hardly a threat, whether it was through a trick of her species or true.

That muffin, half the size of her innocent heart-shaped face, was gone in about five bites. Now her eyes began to roam the cafeteria, looking for all the world like she was just trying to find a person to talk to. But why was the scent of sweet peaches stronger than before while she observed the students?
Back at his table, Severin gazes around at the other students, the ones who weren't making snide comments about his hair or some other stupid thing. In a table by the large glass windows was a first year as well, reading from books, journals, they looked like. Outside, lying in the grass, was a girl who looked like she was from the Middle East, which was odd to Severin because he was so used to being surrounded by white people. He considers talking to the student by the window, but that would require actually talking to someone, a practice Severin had not done in quite a while.

Finally, Severin builds up the nerve to attempt to make a friend, despite the dangers. He picks up his notebooks and strides over to the kid. Standing in front of the table, Severin suddenly feels very nervous. In an attempt to hide his teeth, Severin covers his mouth and tries to fake-cough while talking.

"Ex-cough-cuse me -cough- but is this -cough- seat taken? -cough-" Without waiting for an answer, Severin sits down opposite of the guy.
Brian suddenly felt the eyes of another and watched as the kid approached, and suddenly he decided to join him at the table. He wanted to just walk away and leave, but decided not to, simply out of sympathy. The kid was terrified, and his aura was disturbing. He couldn't even keep himself contained. He was trying to hide, but doing a horrible job of it.

So clearing off the rest of his books, he placed his hands on the table, and was pretty blunt with his first words. " So whats wrong with you.... " He didn't really notice that the comment was pretty offending. Atleast it would have been if it was the other way around, and this kid was asking him it with the same sarcasm that dripped from brians tounge.

He followed up with a pretty akward look, as if he was deciding how he would continue with an experimental subject. He then softly shook his head and stood from the table with his things.

" Nevermind, i'll figure that one out on my own, but I have a few things I need to do before I decide if i'm going to get to know people around here or not. " With those words and another akward glance as he left, he turned from the cafeteria, but before he could actually leave he suddenly stopped and turned around. A soft scent caught his attention before he made it to the door. A young woman in a black dress, and she was tearing into a huge chocolate chip muffin, it actually looked quite delicious. He tilted his head softly to the right, trying to decide if he would delve further into this next mysterious person. With a nod, he decided he would have to also find out more about this woman.

Suddenly he felt a bit of hope for this place, it seemed his work was cut out for him. He would have to find the director soon and introduce himself, and who he actually was. For now, he decided he would have to make his way towards the soccer field, it had been a while since he went on a good run. Suddenly the woman in the lawn floated through his mind, and he found himself walking towards the front lawn, perhaps if he got a better look he would be able to get a better idea of what her aura meant.
The kid's jibe nearly made Severin beast out again, but his punching of the glass window calmed him, even though his knuckles bled from the shattered glass. At all the other children's stares, Severin said, "You all saw it. I slipped on this orange peel. See?" he points to the "offending" orange on the floor. The kids all seem to shrug and turn back to their conversations.

In an attempt to avoid any teachers or headmasters, Severin leaves the cafeteria, making sure not to leave any blood lying around. He makes his way to his dorm, Number 206, and he locks himself in the bathroom. He splashes cold water on his face, trying to make the flushed redness of his anger go away.

Looking in the mirror, Severin is suddenly consumed by hatred toward his father. He curses his name, nearly shouting. "Why'd you have to make me like this? I'm a freak, a monster, even worse than any student here. You gave Mother the curse and now I have it." His teeth grew even longer, his ears pointier. "If there is a god, kill me now! Make it easier for the world, and just kill me." His shouts become sobs, and he finds himself crying. Severin leaves the bathroom and stands at the window, thinking, Two stories isn't enough. If I wanna do it, it's gonna have to be higher. He sighs, mops up his tears, and shuts the curtains.

Severin sits on his bed, gazing listlessly at his schedule. Maths, English, Languages, the normal stuff, save for one thing. Screening for Halflings. Every Wednesday. He leaps off the bed and runs out of the room, nearly bumping into a third-year. He continues walking, then turns around to catch the other student. "Wait! Where's the Student Office?" he says, hoping he got the pronunciation correct.

The older girl muttered something that sounded like, "Jeez, stupid first years." then she said, "Main hallway, big sign."

"Gomen nasai." Severin says in reply and heads off in that direction. Once there, he asks the woman at the desk. "Excuse me, ma'am, but what is this Screening for Halflings things on Wednesday?"

The woman titters with another secretary about how good Severin's manners were compared to some of the other students Then, "Oh, the screening is just this thing that happens to make sure a Halfling hasn't gotten into the school and is one of the students Here, let me show you." She gets up and picks up a little scanner that looked like a gun. "Open your eye wide."

Severin does so, almost panicking. She scans his eye and looks at the screen. "See? Nothing to be--" but Severin has already left. The scanner said what he knew it would, "Positive" As school police scour the hallways for that little white-haired first-year who showed positive, Severin moves to where he saw the girl, the Middle Easter who was sleeping on the grass. Seeing her still there, he says, "Hey, um, if anyone asks, I've been here since noon, 'kay? Please, just do that for me." He lies on the grass, places his hands behind his head, and acts relaxed when in all actuality he was freaking out on the inside, certain that he was done for now.
A'isha's eyes flew open. People were approaching her, two of them, one seemed hasty and the other was more leisure. She could sense them. She wasn't sure if it was some animal instinct that allowed her to feel the vibrations of footsteps, or if she was just crazy. A'isha turned to the one that had lain next to her, asking her to provide an alibi for him.

"Yeah, I'll help you out," A'isha replied. She blinked a few times. "Is everything ok with you?" she asked. She willed her voice to be gentle and inquisitive, though, she was curious and rather angry her nap had been disturbed. A'isha shrugged that off though, only animal's took long naps during the day, she had to get used to being awake and talking to others.

"Anyway, my name is A'isha, you can call me..." it was then that it occured to her that she'd never had a friend to give her a nickname. "Just call me A'isha."
"I'm Severin. Everything's fine, I just may or may not have a group of police on my tail, trying to kill or jail me because of what I am. I apologize for disrupting you." Severin uses his Daemon magic to reach into the depths of the Underworld to get a cloak to cover himself with. The cloak seems to be made up of swirling shadows, reflecting Severin's heart. He pulls it on, covering his face and bare arms from the sun. Then, he whips out a pair of dark sunglasses from his pocket, the same one with the amulet, and puts them on. "Uh, heheh, this is completely normal for me..." he said, trying to cover up his use of Daemon magic. "Thank you for covering up for me. I've been in one of their jails, and that's worse than living back at home." Severin smiles, not showing teeth, in an attempt at humor, soon realizing it wasn't as funny as he'd thought.
Brian stopped suddenly at the sight of the boy, and instead took a nice spot to which to check out the situation. He smirked softly as he watched the boy go to such extreme lengths to cover himself, it was ridiculous. Why would he try so hard to cover himself up, it would be to obvious. Being the person that he was Brian couldn't simply let this happen. For the simple reason that this kid was so pathetic. Shaking his head, he quickly made his way over to the group of police that were quickly making they're way down the side of the building.

Using a bit of his emotional influence, he quickly got the men excited and pointed them in the opposite direction. It was rather easy to influence them, he didn't even need to devise up a goal for them, he simply needed to add a bit to they're desire for the chase, and they were quickyl off. He then made his way over to the two of them, simply ignoring the girl for a moment, he directed his attention towards the boy.

" Listen, the next time you act so durastically, they're going to catch you in a second. Just be careful, and don't try so hard. Its pretty ridiculous, and you look just as bad doing it. ", he shook his head as he then shifted his attention towards the girl, " You on the other hand are quite intersting, and please don't take that as a perverted comment, but then ofcourse, you can take it however you please. But, in any words, i'll introduce myself, just trying to meet a few people so this whole time here won't be akward... " He then stuck a hand out towards her, waiting for a response.

" Im Brian.. " He said in a somewhat cheery voice.
"You misunderstand. This cloak and sunglasses are for the protection of my skin and eyes. Not for the disguise of my identity. This is just so I don't look weirder than I already do in the long run." Severin says, shaking his anger away with his head. Severin turns his attention to A'isha, saying, "I apologize for doing that and not introducing myself properly." he stands up. "I am Severin Roman, pureblood lesser Daemon." He lies, if only to protect his true identity. He bows halfway, his hands at his sides.
"I've never been in a jail, so I'll take your word for it," A'isha said, smiling at him. She took in a deep breath and let it out, losing herself in sudden thoughts. She had zoned out that she didn't notice the other young man walk over until he spoke to her directly, sticking out his hand and introducing himself.

She took his hand, "I'm A'isha. It's a pleasure to meet you both, I suppose." A'isha smiled a little. "Don't worry, I take it as a compliment. No one's ever called me interesting before." A'isha stood up as well, looking at Severin. "You really should be more careful," she told him. She didn't really care though, the way she saw it, as long as she didn't get in trouble it was all good. Then again, she could get in trouble for covering for him. "Where did the police go? They would've gotten here by no," she said
Brian bowed his head slightly in response and turned to leave, but then he heard her next words. He smirked softly, it seemed neither of them had seen what he had done, and he prefered it that way. Show that you can do great things, and people will expect even more greatness. Atleast thats what his father had always told him, and he had been in the trade for years. A smile crossed across his lips, a small congratulatory remark on behalf of himself, ofcourse, but that didn't stop him from continuing on.

He turned back only once, to thank them and hope that he was see them again soon. But, now it was time to finally learn a bit about this place. He knew already that the great barrier was in place, but for what other purpose, and how is it staying up? All these questions reeled through his mind, but then he suddenly caught sight of the olympic size swimming pool that could be found in the dead center of the building. He froze for a moment, and didn't even realize his ear's were fully shown. Until a cute female teacher approached him.

" You know usually I would yell at you for letting those show, but since thats about the extent of your form, your free to walk around like that if you wish... " She said this in a bit of a cheery voice, a bit bubbly actually. Then he finally realized that she was of the same species. He was totally aghast. He has never seen another one of his own kind, except for family ofcourse. In the time that he stood there in shock, she gave him a small scratch behind his left ear, which was now it's true color of bright baby blue. He cooed for a moment before he realized that she had already walked off.

Now his curiosity felt as if it was going to implode on itself. It seemed he was going to have a very interesting school year here at Yokai Monster Academy.
A'isha looked after him, her mouth forming an 'o'. Not an oh of surprise, but one of curiousity and of being interested. This young man had been intriguing. A'isha felt the sudden need to follow him around and learn more. Though, she wouldn't because that would be weird and stalker-ish.

She simply shrugged and sat down in the grass, looking around. "Should we go exploring?" she asked, looking up at Severin. She didn't know why she was asking him, she had no obligation to him. Except, now, she wouldn't feel comfortable if she didn't ask, simply said 'bye' and left. That was what happened when A'isha met people. She would become auto-attached to them for some reason. An attatchment that wouldn't go away until the person left her.

It was an odd, OCD sort of thing, but that was her personality.

A'isha leaned forward, putting her elbows on her knees and resting her head on her hands. "I sure wish I could... Um... Do something," she said. She had almost said she wanted to transform, but had remembered that she wasn't supposed to.
"Sure, that would be lovely, my Q--lady." Severin says, his lessons in manners reappearing. He holds his hand out and helps A'isha up. "I apologize for the stumble." He chuckles lightly, remembering his time as a butler-slash-bodyguard. Severin was odd like that, physically attaching himself to people he just met. He would follow the person's orders until he felt this mental "break" between them. If he left before that break, he'd go near mad and soon find himself back at their feet. Surprisingly enough, he did not feel the need to stay by Brian's side.

"Where would you like to go first, madam?" He switched into proper English servant attitude without noticing. Then, at her last statement, he said, "Oh, yes, I wish I could, too, you know," without really knowing what she was saying, just agreeing with her, as his training taught him to. He waits patiently for A'isha to begin walking in a direction, while secretly fretting over a speck of dirt on his shirt.

((Sorry it took a while. I had writer's block DX))
A'isha looked around, then back at Severin. "Shall we walk around the outside of the school? Circle the perimeter," she suggested, smiling. "And there's no need to act so proper around me, really," A'isha told him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

She turned and began walking, heading towards a small path that looked like it circled the school.
Brian yawned softly as he continued around the school. The sun was high in the sky by this time, its rays beating down on him, he could definetely feel the heat. He wiped his brow and started towards the shaded study area next to the tennis courts. He sat down, pulling out a couple of his books as he did so. He neatly placed them on the table in front of them and looked at them one by one. He didn't know what to do. He had already seen pretty much everything there was to see, besides the private area's of the school grounds.

He placed his head in his hand and lazily flipped through a few of the pages. He had been sitting there for almost fifteen minutes. And yet, he still hadn't done anything constructive. He was annoyed with himself, there was usually always something for him to do, but then ofcourse that was when he was a volunteer at the village clinic. Now, he had to wait atleast another sixteen hours before his first class, and he still wasn't tired. He was hoping the walk would atleast make him a bit sleepy, along with figuring out the property.

He looked up, wondering if anything interesting was going to happen, if he couldn't entertain himself, perhaps he could get someone else to. A small grin rose to his lips as he watched A'isha and Severin walk around the corner of the building. It seemed they were checkin the place out too. He didn't make any move to catch they're attention. He hated to admit it, but he could be rather shy when it came to girls. He hated the fact, but it was too true. He reached up, running his hand through his bangs, trying to push them over to the side, but to no prevail.

As he watched her walk, his mind went back to his current dilemna. This damned girl, regardless of how shy he was, he still needed to know who she was. Who she really was, he knew she had a name, but there was always more behind it. The same feeling from earlier came creeping back up his spine, he could feel it, and suddenly shivered from a small cold chill. What the fuck was going on with him? No person had ever had this much of an effect on him. He despised that fact that he was so weak right now, that the mear sight of this person was causing him to feel like this. Perhaps this is what a highschool crush felt like, he thought to himself. He had heard the phrase many times from american television programs. But he had never actually known what it meant.

He sighed softly, and wiped the front of his dress shirt down as he tried to regain his composure. That was the last thing he needed to lose.
Severin flinched when A'isha touched him, not used to people touching him to be kind, only remembering that when he was being touched by someone, it was him being struck for doing something stupid. When he realized she wasn't meaning to hit him, he calmed and said, "Yes, my lady." and began following her. "I apologize for my formality. It is simply what I was taught, and sometimes it comes out unexpectedly, my lady." Severin banished the cloak and sunglasses, providing for a more normal-looking appearance.

"Madam," Severin said, attempting to make conversation, "would you be surprised if I said that Severin is not my name? Because it isn't. It's what my previous master called me, so that is what I live by now."
A'isha walked, noticing Brian sitting near the tennis courts. She waved at him and then turned back to Severin.

"It's not your real name?" she asked, tilting her head to the side. "I thought it was a pretty cool name but..." A'isha looked at him feeling awkward suddenly. If his previous master had called him that, maybe he didn't like it. She cleared her throat, "Well, what is your real name?"

A'isha smiled at him kindly.

She turned back to the tennis courts for a moment, wondering if they should go talk to Brian again.

A'isha decided against it and turned back to Severin, waiting for his response. After all, Brian seemed like he was a loner type, if he wanted to talk to them he would come over. Right now, she was more interested in learning more about Severin, at least his real name.