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  1. This roleplay is based of the manga/anime rosario+vampire. it has been 2 years since the group graduated and the new freshmen are coming in. Yokai academy is a high school for monsters. Any human found on campus will be killed. this rp will take place form the first day at school
    Grade: freshmen
  2. name ryuuto
    age 16
    grade freshmen
    race flame fox
    bio ryuuto is the younger brother of the leader of fairy tail. he had a different view on humans than his brother. his brother thought monsters should rule the planet while ryuuto believed in coexistence of humans and monsters.
  3. Name: Kyrina Dae
    Age: 129 (human years about 17)
    Bio: Kyrina often felt alone in both the worlds of men and monsters. Her hair was that of pitch black asps, their fangs filled with venom for their unfortunate victims. Her eyes held the ancient power that turned all victims that gazed into them to stone. Even though she was quite beautiful, she had never known the love of another. No-one dared be her friend and she grew distant from the world. She applied to Yokai academy to gain further knowledge about her races history and other hidden reasons.
  4. ryuuto was running his in his fox form. he came around the corner and ran into a girl. "im incredibly sorry."
  5. Kyrina had arrived at the academy trying extremely hard to avoid trouble. She had bought her books and was making her way down the hallway when out of nowhere she felt something crash into her. Reeling backwards, she glanced up to see a kid had run into her. She darted her eyes quickly so she wouldn't turn into stone. "I'm incredibly sorry."

    She heard his apology, but didn't risk looking. "It's ok..don't worry about it." It took her a bit to notice that her books were no longer in her hand, the kid had knocked them onto the floor. Peeking her eyes open just barely enough to see, she attempted to pick them up.
  6. ryuuto wondered why she was covering her eyes. "are you ok." he had transformed into his semi human form leaving just his ears and 1 of his 8 tails. he slowly started to pick up the books.
  7. Her black hair hung in strands that went a little past her neck. As he leaned closer to pick up the books every single strand began moving of their own will, hissing at him to back away.
    Her eyes opened in surprise, the emerald green orbs trying not to look at the kid before her.
    "I'm sorry..."

    She turned red with embarrassment as she hurriedly picked up her books and walked past him in a rush. More and more students began to flood the halls and she vanished within the crowd, not knowing she left one of her books behind. She kept her eyes downward as her asps began to settle back. That kid was nice, but he probably didn't know how close he was to getting hurt.

    Her nerves were extremely on edge. She normally wasn't around this many people, so she hoped to get done and get out as soon as she was able.
  8. he picked up the one book she left. after seeing the asps he knew she was a gorgon. he went to class and noticed he was in the same class as this gorgon girl. he walked over to her and put the book on her desk.
  9. She found her class and sat down, not making eye contact with any of the other classmates. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw one student coming closer. She figured he would take a seat next to her, but he put a book on her desk. It was one of hers!
    Her eyes began to glance up, but she stopped herself. regardless, she knew it was the kid from earlier.

    Her eye caught wind of his tails. So he's a fox demon? Her hair began to stir again, but she silently willed them quiet.
    "Thank you for bringing my book."
  10. "no problem." he took the seat next to her. "hi my names ryuuto."
  11. name: Nils
    age: 17
    grade: junior
    race: ghoul
    bio: Nils was raised from the dead by a powerful necromancer during his experiments to try and achieve immortality. Unfortunatly the binding spell was not powerful enough and Nils killed the necromancer. He was then sent to the academy both as a student and to keep an eye on him. He carries with him his razor chain that he recovered from the necromancer's arsenal.

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  12. Nils walked into class and sat next to ryuuto. He put his feet up on the desk and leaned back. "hey ryuuto, you makin friends?" Nils nonchalantly puts his hands behind his head and closes his eyes.
  13. So many people... She glanced quickly at Ryuuto. "I'm Kyrina." When she heard the other student begin talking to him, she looked at him. He was a ghoul, sha hadn't seen many of them around. She wasn't sure if her stone eyes would work on him, but she quickly looked away. Didn't want to chance it.

    She decided it would be better if she looked out of the window until class started.

    (forgot this earlier, but heres a pic for her)
  14. Nils opened an eye an looked at Kyrina. "a gorgon huh? I havnt seen one of you in a long time.."
  15. She gave the man a sideways glance. Her asps stirred a bit when he talked to her, but she willed them quiet again. She didn't know if that was meant as a regular or derogatory statement. Regardless, she decided to answer him back. "I've been trying to avoid people for awhile now, although it never seems to work."
    She turned away and focused instead on her book.

    The languages of human and demonics. Sounded pretty easy, but she'd have to see once the teacher showed up.
  16. Name: Kioku Amore
    Age: 14
    Grade: Freshmen
    Race: Werewolf
    Bio: As a child, Kioku wasn't given much attention from his parents. Despite the neglect, Kioku aspired to become something great. He began to study on a daily basis, soaking up as much knowledge as he could. However, he was a quiet and shy child, and was judged by his peers for not acting as a stereotypical werewolf would- instead, he kept to himself, head in the books. Kioku attended human schools up until his freshman year, when he took a chance and enrolled in the popular monster high school, Yokai Academy. He vowed to himself that he would be more open with himself, and with that in mind, he changed everything about his appearance.
    Appearance: Kio wears thick rimmed black glasses. Behind the glasses, his eyes are a bluish-grey, and lined with a dark eyeliner. His skin-tone is tan, but not brown. Dark unmanageable black curls fall over his broad shoulders, when not put up into a ponytail. His teeth are cared for and bright, and it shows when he smiles. He is slightly tall, standing at about 6"1, and his hands are steady and strong.
  17. Kioku sat on his bed, the door to his dorm wide open. He had his notebook in his lap and his book laid out, open in front of him. Frustrated, he let out a low growl. With his teeth clenched and his jaw locked tight, he stared around his room. The blue walls that usually held warmth in them were making him feel claustrophobic, and the rising pressure of his studies were making him feel nauseous. He pondered the thought of taking a walk around campus, for a few minutes before getting up. After stretching and throwing on a vest on over his shirt, he locked the door to his place and headed out to wherever his feet would lead him.
  18. ryuuto looked at nils, then back at kyrina. "i can see why you would avoid ppl. but your powers dont affect me. "
  19. Nils laughed "same with me snake hair, you cant kill whats already dead." He looks kyrina straight in the eyes and gives her a wink
  20. She didn't want to chance it. What if they were wrong? Still, she found herself glancing into the eyes of the fox demon and the ghoul. It was true, they weren't affected. She smiled. " I'm sorry. I must seem so stupid right now."
    Her face grew red with embarrassment.
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