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  1. This is a rosario vampire rp. This rp takes place a few place a few years after the gang graduates.

    Character skeleton
  2. Name Alexandria
    Age 17
    Race youko
    Appearance [​IMG]
    Personality cold and heartless
    Bio Alexandria is kuyo's little sister. She was raised by her brother to hate humans has achieved her 5th tail. After her brother left. She became the only remaining member of the school protection committee.

    Alexandria steps off the bus and looks at the academy. She smirks as she leaps into the air heading towards the academy. "It's been a long summer."
  3. Name: Kelly Tamino
    Age: 16
    Race: Siren
    Appearance: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2...blue_eyes_1920x1080_by_alixeotaku-d8g34hi.jpg
    Personality: quiet and reserved, but friendly
    Bio: She was sent to the school by her parents, and her life was pretty normal. she would get what she wanted, but she knew not to be selfish. she reserves her powers for emergencies. She has a brother and a sister, but she doesn't keep in contact with them. She is part of the choir club.

    Kelly walked down the hallway to the choir classroom, which she had missed dearly.
    "glad to be back." she said.
  4. Alexandria reached the building. "Home sweet home." She entered the building and made her way to the choir room. Since she was the only member of the school protection committee. The headmaster made her register for another club. She chose choir club.
  5. Kelly tried to open the door, but it was locked.
    "Oh dear!, i forgot my key. Bother..." she started grumbling to herself. she stood on her tiptoes to reach up and take off the choir room sign where the back-up key was stored behind it. She was only able to knock the sign off the nail and it landed on her head. She rubbed the place it hit, tearing up a bit. and the key was still out of reach.
    Then she sensed someone dark approaching. she turned around and saw Alexandria approaching.
    "What does the school protection want with me?" she shuddered to herself.
  6. Alexandria reached the choir room door and looked at kelly. She reached up and grabbed the key and handed it to kelly. "The headmaster is having me sign up for another club."
  7. Kelly accepted the key and unlocked the door.
    "So... can you sing well?" she said absentmindedly as she opened the door. the room on the other side was surprisingly bright. band posters from all genres were covering the walls, even a few human bands. she walked in and opened the closet where all the music was stored. she pulled out a folder and blew the dust off the cover. it flew everywhere, but it didn't phase Kelly. She opened it and smiled at the paper covered in musical notes.
    "ode to joy... sadly it isn't a singing song... but, we do need a piano player. do you know anyone?"
  8. Alexandria picked up the sheet music and walked over to the dusty piano. She lifted up the cover for the keys and took a seat on the Ottoman. Almost immediately after her fingers touched the keys she was playing the song as if she wrote it herself. Her eyes closed as she zoned out.
  9. Kelly stared in amazement. She leaned on the piano for a while, taking in the beautiful notes flowing from the piano. Then she remembered she needed to fix up the room for the new students. She walked up to the Windows and took off the dusty curtains to be washed. She picked up random pieces of trash off the floor, adjusted the chairs, and then swept and dust. The music was so pretty, Kelly knew this had to be a sign of some sort.
    "Do you want to be the new pianist then?" She said, smiling.
  10. alexandria finished the song and opened her eyes. " Sure i don't mind being the pianist i was trained on the piano for three years."
    she stood up and began helping clean the room. she thought about it for a moment. maybe she could open up a bit to kelly.
  11. Kelly smiled. She was normally shy in social positions but one on one chats were fine with her.
    "I've been in choirs for a long time. I've never had lessons though. It's really just a talent we..." She caught herself. The rule was to not reveal what kind of monster you were. She couldn't say she was a siren. "It's a talent that runs through the family." She said, reorganizing a few papers. "Thank you for helping me get my room together. Most rooms have teachers to repair them, but being this is purely a student-run thing, I haven't had time to get In here to fix it up myself." She shrugged. She had thought about having a secretary or something. An assistant. Being director was hard and she had classes on top of it. But she would hold an interview sometime in the year.
  12. "no problem." alexandria finished helping with cleaning the room. she walked over to the shelf that held all of the music on it. "so what is the first sone we will be doing." she looked through each peice of music.
  13. "Uhm. i found this new piece the other week while on the internet. It was "can you hear" by Jim Papoulis. It was catchy and meaningful. i think i can add a solo into it. I should be holding auditions for it next week." she said, shuffling through the mostly unorganized closet.
  14. Alexandria started picking up chairs and laying them out in the room. That's when she heard a familiar voice at the door. It was rando from the karate club. "Looks like the animal found a friend. You really are weak like your brother." He walked away laughing as Alexandria punched the wall with enough power to go through it.
  15. Kelly witnessed Alexandria punch a hole in the wall. She flinched slightly when it cracked and broke, leaving a mound of dust on the ground. She picked up the dustpan and broom and quickly cleaned it up.
    "Its alright. That guy can be such a jerk. but i bet he can't carry a tune in a bucket." she said, glaring at him through the hole in the wall. she shifted a hair out of her face. "Thank you again for helping me finish cleaning up the choir room. It would have taken me twice as long to do that myself." she held a pile of "can you hear" music in one of her hands, then sat it on the music stand in the middle of the room.
    "I haven't had breakfast yet. Do you want to join me on the walk to the cafeteria. we could meet a few of the new choir members there and direct them to this room."
  16. Alexandria looked at kelly for a moment as she calmed down. "Breakfast sounds good."
  17. Kelly smiled and opened the door, leading her out.
    "So what happened to the school protection program? Did you have no new members or did the school turn around and ban the club?" She asked seriously.
  18. alexandria looked down at the ground. "after the events of a few years ago all of the original program were expelled from the school. when i got i immediately joined being the only member. i also found out that year you cant beat people into joining. this year the headmaster made me join another club being the only member of the protection comittee." she pushed open the door to the cafeteria and held it for kelly
  19. "Ah. I should've thought so." Kelly said, somewhat amused. "You'll be welcomed warmly into the choir club. Most people are really nice." She decided to keep different people out of the conversation, because she actually would like to see them get snakes around, which was something Kelly couldn't do. She was really short and weak. She would even cover for Alexandria at that point. She picked up a tray that had pretty much every breakfast item known to man on it. Cereal, oranges, sausage,bacon, hash browns, some sort of fish, and a ton of other items were piled high. Just because she was short and inactive didn't mean she didn't need lots of energy.
    "Have you had breakfast yet? I could pay for it if you want." Kelly offered.
  20. alexandria picked up a small tray of eggs and bacon. she followed kelly to the register. she pulled out her wallet and paid for her and kelly's meal. "i got it. she sat down at a table with a few people and it instantly became empty. "this always happens to me."