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    What happened before...

    Yokai Academy, the school for demons, vampires, wizards -- and the occasonal human being. A place to learn how to control your powers, how to properly behave when amongst humans, and for some a place to pester other monsters for shits and giggles. Today is the start of a new year. As usual, this leads to a lot of chaos on the Acadaemy grounds; old students who just came back from cataion have far too much energy, while new ones are excited about being allowed to go to the only school for demons in, well, anywhere on Earth. To make things even more complicated, the latter tend to have very little experience in terms of what's normal social behaviour on a school. The end result was a very quick escalation of events, starting with one of the students dumping a blob of water upon another, and eventually ending in the death of a third -- something that was somehow missed by everyone. Afterwards, the remainder of the new students were escorted to their dorms, where they could leave behind anything they brought with them to the academy but was too heavy to drag along the entire time. They didn't have much time to rest, however, because they were quickly picked up for a tour of the Academy's most important locations; the library, the nurse's office, the auditorium where they were supposed to be half an hour ago instead of wasting time outside and a few other places.

    After said tour had ended, the students were handed a map of the academy, showing were everything was -- both for future reference and because people had more important things to do than show the new students every single nook and cranny of the entire Academy. Then, everyone was free to do as they wished for the rest of the day. They could explore the surrounding terrain on their own, simply stay in their dorms to chat with their roommate, go to the library to study *coughyeahrightcough*, or do something else entirely.
  2. "...And that caw-ncludes the tour! Grand, I know... Caw-ha-ha!" Standing before the group of students was a black haired man who appeared to be in his twenties. As the main said, with everyone gathered back at the dorms, the tour was over. His name was Tenma Tarobo, the leader of the Public Safety Commission and he wore a black version of the school's uniform as proof of it. The Public Saftey Commission is essentially the school's security, hallmonitors ("Heros" as Tenma calls them) and other odd-job positions all rolled into one. Tenma had been asked to give the new students a campus orientation after he failed to escort them to the actual one...

    The tour was strange to say the least. Not only was Tenma incredibly unhelpful at answering questions about the schools facilities but he seemed constantly distracted. Every time something shiny caught his eye, it tore his attention away from whatever he was trying to explain and completely derailed whatever train of thought he had going! "...The feeling is emutual." He endlessly spouted puns that one could describe as "for the birds." The worst part was he didn't even seem aware of it. Hell, he didn't even notice that nobody was taking him seriously!

    "Now... Before I tern you loose, shall we go over the rules? Rule number one! Olways wear your uniform during school hours! This is debatably the most important rule, how you dress after school is not our caw-ncern. I only ask that you try not to dress like a raven lunatic... " His voice trailed off for a second as he thought about a past experience. Maintaining a human appearance was also part of the uniform, but he failed to make that bit clear.
    "The second rule is that we have a zero tolerance policy on fowl play. I expect you to tweet everyone with respect. That includes older students such as Hiroki-kun here. If I receive word of you misbehaving, you'll egret it." Tenma gave a small, happy nod to Hiroki. "Now this one is a bit of ostrich... But I trust you're all familiar with the academy's policy on hum- Oh?! Caw-Ha!" As a cloud passed from in front of the sun, small glimmer of light in the distance caught his eye.

    The glint was probably caused by the sun hitting some broken glass or something. The cause was arbitry, and didn't distract him long. "Errmm... What was I saying again?" Unfortunately it had been long enough that he forgot was he was saying.

    Tenma paused for a second trying to remember what he was saying. Nothing came to him. "Well... Those are the cardinal rules. Curfew is at 8:30 PM -sharp-. With that, you are free to explore, though, I must ask you not to stray too far from campus. There are some wrenched things out there... I digress! I have to do night watch tonight so I'm off to get some rest. You all have your rooms and I'll check on you later tonight." Tenma handed out some maps of campus to everyone. He was smiling and almost bubbling.

    "Oh. Mary? That reminds me... Your room mate had requested a room change and instructed me to give you this." He handed the young girl a hastily written note along with her map. "A love letter I imagine, how dovely!"

    "Anyways... Remember; caws no trouble!" With that, the man gave everyone a salute before he turned and started making his way off to... wherever he was going. If there was onething everyone could agree on, the tour was rather hawkward.
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  3. Sapphire listened to Tenma barely holding back her laughter at his unusual choice of words and puns, though she had a feeling he didnt even notice it. A few small giggles escaping her lips at some she just couldnt hold back. She had her black messenger bag hanging off her shoulder and crisscrossing her body to rest against her right hip. Once Tenma was done she looked around at all the new students around her, her shyness preventing her from making the first conversation so she stood there a bit awkwardly. Her scarlet eyes with swirls of purple looking nervous, her dark blue hair flowing around her in silky waves stopping at her waist.


    Soteria stayed in the back of the small crowd awkwardly as Tenma spoke to them after their tour, rubbing her right arm with her left nervously. She could feel her heart beat getting faster and faster as thoughts of being around monsters and going to a monster school race around in her head. Before she realized it she was almost hyperventilating by the time Tenma left them, hoping to slip away unnoticed she slowly and subtly starts back away from the group. Her emerald green eyes a bit panicked, her chocolate brown hair was a bit unruly as his it fell down her back in messy waves stopping at her shoulder blades.


    Omorose was confused most of the time during Tenma's tour, he seemed more attracted to shiny or distracting things than informing them on the school. She couldnt help but giggle at his bad bird puns though, they were quite...Fowl...Oh jeeze now he had her doing it. Shaking her head slightly she listens intently as Tenma finished the tour, her dark caramel colored hair bouncing a bit with the action. It was a little curly in some places but mostly layered in thick waves that fell down to the small of her back. Her big almost teal green eyes were focused on Tenma. She was standing to the side of the group her short stature making a bit difficult to see but she didnt mind she was use to it. She had a few books in her arms held up against her relatively flat chest.

    Once it was all said and done Omorose looked up at the students around her shyly, they varied pretty greatly but none of them looked particularly mean. She hoped at least, unsure of what to do now she shifts nervously her head slightly down and her gaze on her feet. She was really bad at socializing, and her immense shyness wasnt helping her right now as she clutches the books to her chest.
  4. <Sarah>
    yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, Sarah though. Keep your clothes on during school, no being a jerk to eachother, the standard spiel. She did wonder for a moment whether or not her pranks would break the second rule. Then again, it wasn't like she had any bad intent with it -- nor did she care all that much about what Birdbrain thought about it, for that matter. Maybe she should think of a nice joke to play on him? He did seem to like trees. And since trees have lots of water in them... Would that even work though? Well, she wouldn't know until she tried.

    Sarah's train of thought was derailed when Birdbrain gave them all some kind of paper. Unfolding it revealed it to be a map of the school. As useful as it may be to others, Sarah would never visit most of the locations on it. There was one thing on the map that instantly caught Sarah's attention though; namely, the pool. A pool filled with lovely, delicious water. The moment she figured that Tenma was finished with his explanation, Sarah started to walk away. "I'm going for a swim!," she called out to the group. Anyone want to join me?" Not waiting for an answer, she then darted straight for where the pool should be. Upon reaching it, she didn't even bother to change into actual swimming clothes and dove straight into the water. When she resurfaced, a sigh of pure comfort escaped from her lips. If it weren't for curfew -- the one thing she did manage to pick up -- she would likely be able to stay here all day and all night.


    < Homura>
    Homura, meanwhile, walked off in the opposite direction of Sarah. Not only was he not interested in going for a swim, he also wasn't interested in staying atound a hyperactive girl. Seriously, that lass could do with a whole lot less sugar. Of course, there were lots of people like that around -- from what he had heard, a certain 'Mary' was even worse. God only knows what could happen if those two ever got together. Homura made a mental note to get as far away as fast as demonically possible if that ever happened.

    He walked over to the direction of the forest, hoping he could find some rest and relaxation over there. Of course, if someone would follow him, that hope would instanly be crushed... Still, it wasn't like he couldn't try.
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  5. Sherin was lounging by the pool. It was great, she was all alone; just her and the sun above. Being a phoenix, the poolside was an odd place for her, but really though, she wasn't there for the water. Today had been a stressful day for her, and the only way she knew how to relax was to soak up a lil' bit of sun. Sunbathing was sublime, every single ray of sunshine revitalized her as it washed away all the day's stresses. Being at the pool, she even got to wear her little red bikini and nobody would think anything of it!

    There wasn't any danger of people coming to the pool anyways, Sherin had put up the "Closed Pool" sign out front. It wasn't even like it was a recreational wadding pool, it was a lap pool made for sports. A tall privacy fence lined the perimeter. What was most likely put up to stop poolside perving certainly worked in favor of Sherin's quest for isolation. She was alone, and that's just the way she liked it.

    Sherin closed her eyes as she absorbed more of the sun's relaxing radiance. She smiled slightly at the irony of the situation. As a being of fire, water does nothing but sap her strength or hurt her. Hell, water is one of the only things that could kill her... But yet since arriving at Yokai, the pool was the most relaxing place she had found. The peace was nice. It took the edge off after Sherin had to deal with that whole rooming debacle.

    Initially, Sherin was going to have to room with some kid named "Tekkem". This kid had a "mysterious disappearance" and was a no-show leaving the room entirely to Sherin. Naturally, Sherin's good fortune took a turn for the worst. There was a "rooming mistake", whatever that meant, and Sherin was assigned a new room mate. They hadn't been with each other for more than two minutes before "Sarah" had to go do some make up tour. That was all the time it took for Sherin to know she hated this Sarah person. Even just thinking about the situation was stressing her out. Sherin laid back on the reclining pool chair. She took a breath as the sun light melted through her skin.

    There was a splash in the pool as somebody dove in. Ugghh... Who could be swimming? Could they not read the sign or something?! Sherin groaned audibly as she sat upright. 'Helios be damned...' The intruder was none-other than Sarah. Twisting her face to an irritated scowl, Sherin shot Sarah an unholy glare. 'What an animal! She's swimming with her clothes on. She'd better not even think of bringing wet clothes into MY room...' Sherin lay back into her recliner. There were precious few hours of daylight left. Sherin was going to do her best to ignore Sarah. Hopefully she got the message to not make herself a nuisance...
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  6. Sarah looked around to see if she could see anyone around her. So far it looked as if the only other person around was a girl trying to take a sunbath. Personally, Sarah hated sunbathes. In fact, she hated the sun period, or at least bright and sunny days. It seemed like the girl in question didn't really like sunbathing either, judging by the fact she was groaning and scowling like that. But then why would she go out into the sun in the first place? To be frank, it didn't make any sense to Sarah, who by now was very interested in the sunbathing girl. ...Hey. Wasn't that... Yes, it was! "Hey! Sherin!," Sarah shouted, swimming closer to the girl so that she could speak to her. She pulled herself up to the edge of the pool and waved at Sherin. "Hey, why don't you come in too?," Sarah called out to her roommate, a wide grin on her face. "The water's great!" With that, she pushed herself away from the edge, leaping in and out of the water like a dolphin -- and creating a large splash each time she broke the water surface.
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  7. When Sarah started off to the swimming pools inviting anyone else to come along Sapphire hesitated, she couldnt actually swim but maybe just sitting by the water wouldnt be so bad. Gathering the courage she gives Sarah a bright smile before jogging after her to catch up, when she enters the pool area she makes sure to steer clear of the water and Sarah's splashing. Noticing another girl there, the same girl she had seen in the hall to their dorms the other day, she seemed to be sunbathing and particularly irked at Sarah. Hoping to maybe make a friend she sits on a lounge chair next to her looking up at the bright sun, giving Sarah a friendly wave. "I would join you but I cant swim Sarah, sorry." Her gaze falls to Sherin next to her, smiling shyly. "Uh hello, I dont think we properly met yesterday. Im Sapphire Drake, nice to meet you" She holds out her hand to the other girl her eyes hopeful and friendly.


    Soteria began to relax a bit glad nobody had noticed her subtle departure from the group. Once she believed she was far enough away she turns and starts running through the forest, her breath coming fast. She headed for the bus stop, she had to get away from this place before they realized who she really was. She didnt know what they did to humans that infiltrated-even if accidentally, a monster school. But she really didnt want to find out.


    Omorose looked from the man that was heading toward the forest, to the flamboyant girl heading to the pool. Not sure who she should follow, her nervousness rooting her in place. Finally after a minute of trying to gather her courage she takes a deep breath and splits from the group, heading toward the stairs that led to the roof of the school. She wanted to be somewhere high, it always seemed to comfort her when she was in the air. Quickly making her way up the stairs still keeping her books tight against her chest, she nearly bursts through the door that opened up to the roof. Once outside she smiled walking over to the edge of the roof, Omorose closes her eyes enjoying the feel of the light breeze going through her hair.
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  8. Sherin tried her best to completely block Sarah out. It was proving more difficult than she anticipated, did she not get the picture or something? Intent on lounging as much as possible, Sherin didn't even so much as lift her head as Sarah spoke. Sarah invited her to swim...? 'She must be stupid or something...' She told herself. Sarah had said "The water's great!" before taking off like a torpedo. This was enough for Sherin to justify her theory. '...What is she, a fish...? Of course she thinks the water's great, she probably has a brain the same size as a pea... Definitely stupid.' Every leap that Sarah took sent countless annoying water drops everywhere. How irritating...

    Sherin could feel herself heating up as she grew more and more vexed.

    This Sarah probably wouldn't shut up or stop that incessant splashing until her existence was acknowledged. Not even bothering to sit up face Sarah, Sherin spat: "I don't swim."

    Sherin failed to notice another person enter. This person proceeded to stand in Sherin's light. And of course! This one was wanted to talk as well! 'Didn't meet her yesterday...? They just got to school today! So we've got Ditzy and Fish Girl... Is everyone here stupid? That's it...' Sherin was officially out of patience. Snapping upright, she met this "Sapphire's" gaze with a glare hot enough to melt steel.

    "I'm Sherin Agni of the Fifty-Third Cycle. Ever hear of Pompeii? That was me on a good day. Now buzz off! You're in my light." The thing about Pompeii was a bluff. Ditzy here would probably buy she figured.
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  9. <Sarah>

    ...She doesn't swim? Why not? It's not like she would die from it or something. Sarah shrugged, then swam away from the sunbathing girl. About the same time that she reached the far side of the pool, another girl arrived. What was her name again? Something with an S... Of course, aboult half of the new students' names started with an s, so that didn't really help all that much either. Wasn't it something shiny? Su...shi...sa-Sapphire! That was her name! Either way, this Sapphire decided to talk to Sherin, casting her shadpw over the sunbathing girl in the process.
    Even from the other side of the pool, Sarah could easily hear Sherin raise her voice towards Sapphire. ...Wait, Pompay? What was that? Did it had something to do with pompous people? What did that had to do with anything? ...Maybe Sherin meant Bombay! Yeah, that made sense! "Hey, Sherin, I think you made a mistake. It's Bombay, not Pompay," Sarah called out, an oblivious smile on her face.



    Meanwhile in the forest, Homura was sitting on a mid-sized rock near a small lake, his eyes closed. Here, a decent distance away from the school, he felt safe and isolated enough to at least partially remove his earmuffs. Although they were necessary to act remotely decent in public, they did make him feel lethargic to just about everything. Seeing as this was not a public area, however, there was no real need for them here.
    The moment he took off aforementioned earmuffs, Homura knew that he made a mistake. He wasn't alone. There was someone close to him, someone in a panic. Why? Wasn't this place one of the safest areas for monsters in the entire world? If nothing else, there were no humans here to hunt you down. Either way, it wouldn't do to read the person's mind, so Homura quickly replaced his earmuffs. Once these were back in place, the satori headed in the direction he last heard the mental voice coming from, periodically lifting one side of the sealing item to track the panicked person down.
    Some time later, his eye fell on a girl who was running through the forest. That has to be her... But what is she running from? There's nothing in the wide area to be afraid of. Homura shrugged, then called out to the girl. "Hey, what's going on? Why are you running?" Due to the small bits of emotion he'd had just regained, his voice wasn't quite as deadpan as it was normally, but not by much.
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  10. Sarah had spoke and words only proceeded to fill Sherin with rage. 'B-Bombay..?' Sherin didn't even know how to react to this. Her jaw had nearly dropped in a shocked bewilderment. She had just spat a very thinly veiled threat at this other person, but Sarah thought it was a mistake? Was it even possible for someone to be this dense?! If this was her room mate then this was going to be a long year...

    Sherin's fist silently quivered with a silent fury. With that one 'correction', Sarah had managed to undo the effects of Sherin's sunbathing. She was angry. A soft heat radiated from her and anybody close to her would be able to feel it. What she needed was to cool down, and the sun couldn't help that... Sherin was torn between trying to stay her ground or leaving to find a more quiet spot. "Yes... That is exactly what I meant." She replied as a dishonest, spiteful venom dripped from her voice.


    "D-Did he just wing that entire tour?! Gahhh! Nononono, no more bird puns!" Murasame rubbed his head. He couldn't handle another bird joke... It's already been an eventful day. That Soteria almost died, then there was that Hiroki kid and Murasame could have sworn they were one person short. Well, now that the tour was done with, this was the point where he would most likely go and unload his own things. However, there were two glaring flaws with that.

    The first is that he forgot all of his things on the bus. It's rather difficult to unpack a bag you don't have. Then there was the issue of him not having his room key. His roomate Hiroki hadn't given him the room key wanting to exchange it for a Popsicle. Hiroki seemed to vanish right after the tour and Murasame wasn't sure if he should be relieved or concerned.

    His first order of business would be to return to the boss stop. Maybe the bus would come back today? He could only hope...
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  11. Being among the crowd that had partaken in that bird-brained tour, three different students emerged out of the gathering but in two different places, two-thirds unrelated with one another.

    Makoto 'Yuki' Arashuyu

    Among them was a guy who had somewhat long, white hair stopping just below his shoulder blades. Makoto Arashuyu, another new student to the Academy in which he actually showed interest in being there. Rubbing the back of his head as he groans to himself, he was glad to be out of that fowl-beaked tour. Watching how some people were heading over to the pool area, he raised a brow and decided to go see what was going on. A pool wasn't a bad place to socialize he thought, as long as nothing embarrassing would happen. He started to notice that all the people that were there were girls which caused a faint shade of pink to rise to his cheeks. He wasn't used to being around too many people of the opposite gender at once, but he decided to bare it. Blinking as he meandered his way into the pool area, he was taking in what was going on just now. There were three girls here and one of them was in the water, seeming pretty hyper-active. Another was blazing with an angered atmosphere, literally.. He made a mental note to possibly stay away from her, but any hotter from here and he may feel like he'd have to do something to help cool the situation. The other though seemed more.. 'Casual' about it all, and caught his eye a bit. He was looking at the girl known as Sapphire and something about her made him stop and think, accidentally staring even. Catching himself staring like an idiot for a good five seconds, he blinks and shakes his head as he clears his throat quietly, walking up to them at a partially slow pace, "Uhm.. Well, hello there ladies. Nice day isn't it?.. I hope I'm not intruding anything, I just felt like this would have been a nice place to just have a seat and relax.. Oh uh, I'm Yuk---" He practically bit his tongue doing that, he nearly gave them his official name that his parents mucked up at birth, a girl's name!.. Shaking his head after the short moment of silence he clears his throat again, "I'm Makoto Arashuyu.. Sorry about that.." He was in the usual school uniform for the guys but also wore a thin, fur-trimmed, black jacket. It seemed to be a relatively nice and warm day, so why would he be wearing something like that unphased?

    Kira and Erika Rosencrantz

    Elsewhere with the other two that had left the crowd, they were two semi-identical girls standing beside eachother in their matching school outfits. One had vivid, bright crimson hair as the other was a jet-black. Sisters of sort could be made out, possibly even twins to an extent. The crimson one, Kira, looked a bit shy but happy, while the other, Erika, grinned eagerly as they both looked at the Academy from where they stood. "So.. What do you think we should do first, Sis? I almost want to see if there's any particular people I can work a blush out of.. It's always fun messing with their heads.. Though with boys I guess they'd have--" "Sis, come on, enough already.. We're at a school, a high-grade academy and you're thinking about seducing boys?" "Well not just boys~..." Erika smirks, Kira sighing out and shaking her head, "You're hopeless, Eri.." Shortly, Kira would find Erika behind her and hugging her, a hand playfully tracing her chest in the embrace, "Come on Kira~ loosen up. We're in our prime teenage years if not early adults, no harm in having some fun with what our mother had graced us with.. Two, beautiful, sexy bodies, faces and voices, all thanks to Mom's good features." Kira blushes and holds back the urge to squeak as she wants to get out of her she-devil of a sister's grasp, "I don't think that helps still..."
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  12. Sapphire's smile fades, great so there were unpleasant people in this school...She should of expected as much there was always at least one sour apple. Deciding to ignore the snotty girl Sapphire was amused at Sarah's comment. She goes to walk away but stops as a snow white haired boy approaches them and speaks to her. Hoping he was nicer than the fiery girl that seemed to be putting off a wall of heat, man she was a feisty vixen. Her purple/red gaze goes to the boy giving him a friendly and somewhat shy smile. "Hello, yes it is a beautiful day. Your not intruding on anything dont worry, its nice to meet you Makoto my name is Sapphire Drake" Her voice is soft and light as she holds out her pale hand for the boy to shake.


    Soteria nearly fell on her face as she stumbled in her near dead run once she heard a boy speak to her. Regaining her balance she looks to where the voice came from, seeing one of the guys from the group she had just left, the one with the earmuffs even though it was summer. Her cheeks were flushed from her exertion her breath coming fast as her emerald gaze focuses on him a bit panicked. Great...What could she say? After a moment of thinking she gives a sheepish smile.
    "Oh umm...I thought I saw a giant spider, I am deathly afraid of them so..." There that was a good excuse, wasnt it? She didnt care that it made her seem like a scaredy cat, better than finding out she was a human trying to escape this academy full of demons monsters.


    Omorose was getting antsy, she wanted to fly, to feel free again, despite only being confined to her human form for a little over a day now she was starting to feel imprisoned. Looking around her to make sure there was nobody near by to see her she slowly sets her books down on the ground, she was about to shift in her Gryphon form but she spotted with her enhanced eyesight a boy walking toward the bus stop. Easily distracted at times she was curious of the boy, had he forgotten something? Deciding it might be best if she didnt shift forms-at least not yet. Omorose picks back up her books and with a heavy sigh she makes her way back down the stairs from the roof her caramel locks bouncing slightly with her steps, maybe it was time to meet her roommate? But she had no clue what they looked like, she had missed them earlier today when she arrived late to the dorms.
  13. Murasame made his way through the courtyard to the bus stop. Sword slung proudly across his back, Murasame walked with great strides. Worrying about his rooming situation could wait. Why was he so afraid of Hiroki anyways? Trying to convince himself Hiroki was nothing to worry about, Murasame thought: "He's just some weird red headed kid." If he tried doing that weird what-ever-he-did again, Murasame would just slap him upside the head. Murasame had almost a foot on the kid, and he certainly didn't know of any legendary sword who was scared of some kid! What's the worst that could happen?

    He still needed to try and collect his bag from the bus. Murasame didn't bring very many things, but the things he did bring were crucially important. The most important things in his bag were his maintenance supplies, a small bit of money and his extra uniform. He could care less about the money and clothing, but he needed his assortment of whetstones and oils. He was a demon blade, his physical condition was proportional to the condition of the weapon that defined him.

    Everybody else in the tour had largely dispersed. Murasame noticed there were a number of new faces in the tour. Nobody had enough time to converse during the tour; each time anybody had tried, Tenma would loudly squawk and tell everyone to focus. It was sort of ironic considering that the guide himself couldn't focus... Among the newcomers were a white haired boy, a girl who seemed to avoid any and all eye contact, and two other girls he thought were pretty cute. He'd definitely have to go meet everybody at some point.

    The two girls were still hanging around a short deal away. Maybe he'd go say hi? He had to go that way anyhow to get to the bus stop, so he might as well get their names. Err... Scratch that. As Murasame approached to a stone throw's distance, the black haired girl embraced the crimson haired one. He blushed a little bit, the whole scene seemed a little too intimate and all too awkward. Murasame altered his course in an attempt to walk past them. With any luck they wouldn't have noticed him and he would walk down to the bus stop.
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  14. <Sarah>

    "Well, glad I could be of assistance," Sarah chimed. And with that, she disappeared under the water surface again. Not a moment too soon, either; id she had looked at Sherin's baffled expression for one more second, she would've burst into laughter for sure. At least now her face was somewhat hidden from view by the water surface. Note to self; faking stupidity really gets up Sherin's nerves. Also, get a camera from somewhere; that face was hilarious!

    Swimming underwater, Sarah silently approached the other girl, who by now was talking with some guy. What were they talking about? Although she couldn't make out everything, Sarah understood that they were introducing themselves to eachother. In that case, it would probably be nice if she 'introduced' herself to the newcomer too. "Hi there!," the water sprite called out at the same instant she resurfaced. "My name's Sarah! Nice to meet you!"



    'Afraid of giant spiders', huh? For some reason, Homura didn't believe her. For one, if that was the reason, then why stop running? Why not keep running and tell him to run too? Besides, he could be wrong, but he didn't think there were giant spiders in the forest to begin with. On the other hand, why would she be lying in the first place? Homura walked closer towards the girl, his eyes focused on her face. "Spiders...," he repeated, what little emotion was in his initial greeting failing him already. "Let's just hope you're not dormed with an Arachne, right? My name's Homura. What's your name?"
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  15. Makoto Arashuyu

    Smiling lightly, he shakes Sapphires hand with a very faint hint of nervousness, "That's a beautiful name, it's a pleasure to meet you too." His hand would be cooler to the touch than normal at best, but at a comfortable level. He looks over to the other girl in the pool with a faint grin and a small laugh, "It's nice to meet you too, I'm Makoto. Are you all also first years or something?"

    Kira and Erika Rosencrantz

    While Erika was teasing Kira lightly, her eyes catch glance of a boy nearby walking away, possibly having witnessed what she had just done. He didn't look half-bad which just made her grin as she released her sister. Walking over to catch up, she speaks out once in earshot, "Hey there, I don't think we've met. I'm Erika. Got anyone close or no, because you're pretty handsome." She'd smirk a bit as she spoke, hand at her waist. Erika was about to speak again before Kira pops up behind her and tugs on the back of her shirt and a small tuft of hair as well, which made her wince back with a quiet 'ow.' "Sorry about my sister.. She can be uh.. Eccentric. I'm Kira, we're sisters. What about you?"
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  16. Sherin

    Another person walked entered. A boy with white, shoulder length hair. At this point Sherin was convinced everybody here was an idiot and couldn't read. she had after all, put up the "pool's closed" sign up... 'Yuke? Did he forget his own name or something...? And he apologized for it? Could he be any more beta? What a loser... Whatever, he's not talking to me...' Makoto managed to make a horrible first impression on Sherin. At least he was smart enough to identify the signs to leave Sherin alone.

    'Finally! She's talking to someone else!' Sherin rejoiced unaware of the true nature of her room mate. Sherin wasn't going to tolerate this crap anymore. 'Yecch... If I stay here too long who knows if I might catch the stupid...' Sherin picked up a small backpack she stowed under her lounge chair. She was still pissed. She left a small wave of heat in her wake as she got up and made her way to the changing area.



    Murasame avoided looking in their general direction as he hurried past them. Today had been awkward enough with all the face touching, tackling and near death experiences; he wasn’t really keen on adding to that list. He got about twenty steps away from them when he heard one of their voices call to him. As the first girl spoke, Murasame initially planned to pretend he didn’t hear her and keep moving away, but that thought quickly seemed to vanish. He really couldn’t describe it if he tried, but something about her quickly changed his tune in an almost bewitching manner as she introduced herself as Erika. On top of that, she had called him handsome. He blushed a little bit; it wasn't often that he was complimented on a first impression. Normally his initial conversations with strangers start with the other person asking "What's with the sword?". Clearly, this meant she had good taste... But what was that about "got anybody close"...?

    Murasame's own question went over his own head as he looked this Erika in the eyes. He was about to answer her question honestly without a second though when the other girl came up and gave Erika a yank. The girl introduced herself as Kira and claimed Erika to be her sister. "Erika, Kira." The sword-carrying boy gave Erika and Kira a small bow.

    "I'm Murasame, legend four-hundred years in the making!" After he spoke, he brandished the sword on his back, swinging it twice for dramatic effect. "...Anyways," He rested the katana's flat edge over his shoulder. "So when did you two get here? You were on that make-up tour right?" Murasame said with a big smile.

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  17. Tess had been back by the bus stop for some time. She wanted to get another taste of that delicious rusty bumper, and if she was lucky, maybe she could eat the axles of the bus too! I’ll need to wipe of the grease though, that stuff is disgusting. However, no matter how long she searched for the bus, it was nowhere to be found. Still, she smelled something metallic in the area, which she assumed to be the bus. And so her search continued.

    While she still had no idea where that tasty buffet on wheels had gotten off to, her searching around the bus stop area had revealed a number of things. First, her roommate, Soteria, was talking to a boy with strange puffballs attached to his head. Was he a puffball monster? A dust bunny? Tess didn’t know, and didn’t really care what monster he was, the only thing on her mind was finding the source of that elusive metallic smell that permeated the forest surrounding the bus stop. The scent didn’t seem to be emanating from Puff-ball, and Tess was still saddened by the fact that Soteria could neither eat metal nor drink liquid nitrogen. She leads such a miserable existence, she thought to herself briefly before going on the hunt again. If Soteria noticed her, Tess would wave before pressing onward.

    Second, the boy with the sword was in conversation with two girls with whom Tess was unfamiliar. At the sight of the boy’s sword, Tess’ stomach rumbled hungrily. She hadn’t eaten in the last fifteen mintues after all, the dorm’s doorknobs were not a very filling meal. Tess made a mental note to eat the doorknobs with something else next time, steel plate perhaps, maybe even adamantium (if she ever could get her hands on it). Cheap brass was just too easily digested. She wondered if the blade was silver, or bronze, or gold, or just steel, the homunculus couldn’t smell the blade, strangely enough. Tess wondered how attached the boy was to his sword, and if she would be allowed a small nibble. Maybe if I ask nicely? she mused. But the matter of the sword would come later, now she was on a mission.

    Lastly, Tess happened upon a small knapsack, the source of the scent! At last! she thought as she exuberantly opened the pack and peered inside. A boy’s uniform. Nope. Tess tossed it over her shoulder. A few paper bills and some change. Tess popped the change into her mouth absent-mindedly, Nickel and copper, not what I’m looking for. The bills she just scattered on the ground around her. Finally, she pulled out the whetstones and oil. These she examined carefully, for the metal scent was coming from these things. First she checked the oil, while she hated the taste of the stuff (tasted like life, dead life), she used it like one would use soap. Next she looked at the whetstones. The metal scent was the strongest off of these, and sure enough she could see the small flecks of metal stuck to the stone, and a few scattered about on the inside of the bag. Tess sat down and began to lick the whetstone. Her entire body tingled from the taste of finely wrought steel, albeit only a small taste. She was so lost in the taste of the metal flecks, that she hadn’t realized that she had accidentally taken a small bite of one of the whetstones. Tess emptied the rest of the bag, finding all of the small metal shavings she could and licking each whetstone she found completely clean. She was so absorbed in this, that she would not notice anyone approaching her.
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  18. Sapphire shook his hand with a gentle grasp noticing the cooler temperature coming from him, or at least what she thought was gentle, but from her increased strength it might seem tighter than intended. Smiling warmly she nods "Why thank you, I like yours as well. Yes I'm a first year, and I believe Sarah here is too. Right?" She looks down to the water soaked girl as she asks her question. Making sure to keep a semi-safe distance from the water. She caught a glimpse of fiery red from the corner of her eye, looking toward it she sees Sherin leaving the pool area toward the changing room. Well at least theres that, she didnt want to be around that girl anymore than needed anyway.


    Soteria fidgeted nervously, not sure if he bought her lame excuse or not, she just wanted him to leave so she could get to the bus and out of here before one of them decided they wanted her as a midday snack. At his mention of being roomed with an Arachne she gulps unable to stop herself from picturing that, which only made her fear worse, her heart hammering against her chest. Putting on a friendly smile that she didnt feel she holds out her hand for him to shake.
    "Ya that would be pretty bad huh? Luckily my roommate doesnt seem to be a spider, more like some kind of garbage disposal for metals...Anyway, I'm Soteria. Nice to meet you Homura, I take it your new too?" Despite her calm facade a bit of nervousness leaks into her voice. While she was speaking to Homura she caught a glimpse of said roommate that seemed to be in a deep search for something, no doubt a metaloid or some sort. At her wave Soteria faintly waves back.


    Omorose finally reaches the ground floor and walks out to where most of the other students were. Seeing a pair of girls talking to the boy she had seen heading for the bus stop she hesitates. She knew she should try to socialize, make friends and get to know other people. But her shyness wouldnt let her, after standing there for what seemed like a few moments but was actually close to a minute she takes a deep breath gathering her courage. She takes a few steps toward the girls, grasping her books to her chest as she shyly approaches the small group.
    "H-Hello m-m-my name is O-Omorose, it-its nice t-to meet y-you" Her voice is small and a bit stuttery from her nervousness. She gives them a quick bow blushing lightly not meeting their eyes.
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  19. Kira and Erika Rosencrantz

    "Yeah, we were a part of that tour.. Certainly made us finch going through it all." Kira shakes her head at her own unintended pun, sighing out, "Damnit.. Now I'm doing it." She grins lightly as she addresses what else he had said before and walks over, offering a gentle hand, "Nice to meet you Murasame. Though, if that's true and legends are as they say, isn't it best not to reveal what you are here? Ah well, I don't suppose it completely matters." "Oh, but what if it does? I'm sure he's good with a sword.." "Remind me how we're sisters?..." "Oh you wound me, Kira. You and I both know we came from the same wonderful mother." "Not what I mea--.." Her trail of thought is cut off when Omorose came in, sighing out faintly and dropping the subject. She looks over to the new girl and a grin forms on her lips, Erika leaning in besides Kira to have a look. Erika smirks with a remark, "Adorable," seeing Kira's attention is gone from Murasame, she goes and approaches him with a keen eye and a smirk. Kira just ignores her comment altogether, walking calmly over to her with a smile, "Hi there. It's nice to meet you Omorose, I'm Kira. You're quite pretty." She'd offer a hand to the little girl, only glancing back to Erika to see her getting closer to the man, "And Erika, try not to scare this one away this time? We're here to make friends, not... Toys.." She'd say the last bit rather irritably through her soft voice.

    Makoto Arashuyu

    "Well that's nice to hear then. Glad to see I'd possibly be in class with a couple of nice girls. Rather lively too, would be a change in atmosphere to me really."
    He'd say with a gentle, lax laugh. He watched the angered girl leave the pool area in the corner of his eye and he rubs the back of his head, "She always that hot headed? I swear I could feel the heat... I noticed a sign was there before I came over but I guess no one really cared.. So I figured why not."
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  20. Murasame

    Stunned and slightly embarrassed by Erika's words, Murasame blushed as he took a confused half-step back. "Good with a sword...? W-Whaddya mean by that?!" She couldn't mean it like 'that' right?!
    He wasn't how to react, but he figured his best bet would be to try and disarm her statement. "Ahahaha," he uncomfortably laughed, "Of course I'm good with a sword!" Quickly, he regained his composure. With a swift motion the katana slid back into is proper place. Surely Erika would have picked up that he meant that in the literal context rather than whatever euphemism she had suggested. Of course there was still ample room for her to turn his own comment against him...

    Another girl by the name of Omorose appeared and introduced herself after standing around for a minute or so. Murasame returned her bow with his own, This Omorose seemed sweet, but she also appeared to be suffering some severe social anxiety or something. Erika didn't give him a chance to focus on this new girl; the moment her sister was occupied with Omorose, Erika started making advances toward Murasame. Erika was wearing a smirk that he could make neither heads nor tails of. Was it supposed to be mischievous? Devious? Or something else? It almost made him uncomfortable at any rate. Almost. It really didn't bother him as much as it should have.

    The closer she got, it seemed get harder and harder to take his eyes off her. And what did her sister say? "We're here to make friends, not... Toys.." What was that supposed to mean? Maybe he just didn't understand girls... He still needed to go an retrieve his things, but some small part of him wanted to stay for a little longer. Murasame just stood there as she approached.
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