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  1. First, some background information. Scroll down to see the actual plot, rules and such.


    Like I said I would, here's a new OoC. A new IC will soon follow, probably tomorrow.

    The events up until now:
    Previous OoC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/yokai-academy-new-term.39641/
    Precious IC: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/yokai-academy-new-term.39786/

    NEW IC! https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/yokai-academy-rebooted.44091/

    Some notes, both for old and new players:

    1. Although this is technically a fandom RP, you don’t need to know a whole lot about the original material to join. In fact, using canon characters in any way, shape or form is not allowed. All that this RP has in common with the original is that the setting is the same.

    2. (Relish's words:) "Everything happens the same up to the point where they reach the dorms. When they get to the dorms they only have enough time to drop off their things and then they go on a campus tour with generic unnamed NPC or Tenma. And the RP starts after the tour at around 3-4 PM. Essentially, most everything that has happened thus far in the dorms is retconned."
    ((In the case of Mary/Lest specifically; the latter made it his new life goal to stay as far away as demonically possible from the former.))

    3. Although human characters are/were technically accepted, the Academy itself isn't very acceptant of them. In fact, the Academý's MO is essentially "If humans are found, kill them in form of public execution." Of course, nobody would be stupid enough to declare themselves human in a monster school, but eh.

    Current dorm layout (open)



    0. The GM (Relish and I) have the final word. If you have any problems, questions or whatever, feel free to put them up with us. We’ll try to solve it as fast as possible. Of course, we won't be jerks about it; this rule is merely here to prevent endless bickering about things that really shouldn't matter.

    1. No Godmodding or anything like that. It might be obvious, but I’m still putting it out there just because.

    2. Don’t be a jerk. Treat other players with respect, both IC, OoC and through outside channels. UPDATE: This includes making ridiculously OP characters with a violent streak which anyone can see will end up trying to kill everyone, and will most likely succeed at that goal due to aforementioned OPness.

    3. All characters must be original creations. In other words, you are not allowed to use Canon characters (this includes nameswaps, genderswaps and other obvious clones; Relish will be the judge of that). In addition, your character may also not be related to canon characters in any way, be it family, friends or whatever. This is both for the sake of avoiding plagiarism and to provide some originality in the RP.



    UPDATE: As of now, the character gender ratio is 9/4 (Girls/boys). As such, I'd prefer it if you made a male character.

    Name: (Gee, I wonder what you’re supposed to put in here.)
    Apparent Age: (How old do they look in their human form?)
    Actual Age: (How old they actually are. This can be pretty much anything, from 16-20 to several centuries old, or even indefinite if your character is a nature spirit, so old that they stopped counting or something like that.)
    Gender: (Male or Female in terms of how they look in their human form, whatever is relevant for their monster form.)
    Appearance: (Pics are nice, descriptions are fine as well)

    Personality: (At least a paragraph should go into this, which, in all honesty, shouldn’t be that hard. What does your character like? What does he/she hate? Interests, behavior under stress, how does s/he act in private/public etc. (Note that the previous is not a checklist; it’s merely a few pointers for anyone who needs some inspiration.))

    History (At least two well sized paragraphs are needed here. What happened to your character in the past? Why did s/he go to Yokai Academy? Does your character have any family, alive or not? Those kind of things. (Again, this is not merely a checklist))

    EDIT: Fake IC post: (Write a small scene involving your character here. This is so that I get to see a better image of what your character's personality is like.)

    Monster Type: (What kind of monster are they? Anything is acceptable, ranging from a simple fairy to a dragon. If you make up your own monster, however, you must explain what said monster is. Don't expect people to instantly know what you mean by a Smeerp.)
    Monster Rank: (F-S. F is practically powerless, about the level of the average human, while S is insanely powerful. Note that this is NOT supposed to be a combat RP. If your character is deemed to be too powerful and prone to attacking others, I'll likely ask you to tone it down a bit.)
    Abilities: (What can they do? Also, see the above note.)
    Monster Appearance: (If applicable)


    List of the current accepted characters: (I'll add in links as you guys post your CS's)

    Relish: Murasame, Sherin and Tenma
    Xypher: Sapphire, Soteria and Omorose
    Neo (AKA me): Sarah and Homura
    Xylime: Hiroki and Mary
    Liam: Tess
    D. Zero: Kira, Erika and Yuki Makoto

    Well, I think that's that for now. Knowing me, however, I'm bound to think of something else after this is posted. Meh, at least I can actually edit this thing now. (Turns out I did.)
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  2. Yay! Ill add my CS's soon, im contemplating on making a 3rd
  3. Here, I'll throw up my characters from the other OoC.

    Murasame (open)

    Monster Type:
    Sentient Demon Sword (I put this first so the rest of the CS makes a little more sense.)

    Murasame (No last name, he takes the last name of his owner)
    Apparent Age:

    Actual Age:
    400, however only 20 of those years were sentient.


    For corporeal manifestation (human form?). His "real body" is the sword pictured. He is 5'5"
    Show Spoiler


    "Do you know who you're speaking to!? I am Murasame, Cursed Blade of the Autumn Rain! I've slain ten-thousand and one foes all greater than yo-....Wh--whaa...? Whaddya mean it was only one-thousand and one foes last time I said that!? Erm... You sur-... You just must have misheard me!"

    Hot headed, optimistic and easily hype-able. As a sentient sword, he tries to project an image of himself that is both "Cool and edgy" although his definition of those two are closer to "bold and rash". Never missing a chance to show off, he typically seems standoffish or distant at first, but he does eventually warm up to those he likes "tolerates". He prefers to, as he puts it, "live on the edge" and does that by living life hard with zero regrets. Everything he does he does 111% and if you ask him why, he'll tell you that he's "been a regular sword for almost half a millennium and it's time for him to do something." (assuming he decides to give an honest answer)

    He often tells tall tales about his history, previous owners and the number of humans/dragons/monsters/ghosts/demons/ect that he's slain. Despite his adamant claims, he has never actually killed anything or anyone, in fact he has never actually been used in a real battle. He isn't very good at backpedaling when somebody confronts him on any inconsistencies in his stories.

    He despises sitting still, waiting and generally doing nothing. He always needs to find something to occupy his time. Being a creature born from a single desire, he is extremely goal oriented and when he puts his mind to something he never pursuing it until he has reached it or found another goal to work toward.​

    Murasame, Blade of the Autumn Rain. Forged 400 years ago for use in a clash between two feuding clans. The blade was of average make for an average soldier. There was nothing remarkable about the blade, it was just a regular weapon to be used in an upcoming conflict. This conflict never came however, and Murasame was left unused.

    Centuries passed. Murasame migrated from shrine to mantle to wall to shelf, house-hold to household. Always displayed, never used. Eventually he found himself sitting in a box in a closet. An unyielding restlessness, the constant urge to do something, to do anything washed over him. This was the first thing he can remember, the first thing he ever felt. Unable to move, he sat there alone in the box for another year.

    Eventually a day came and he was sold off at a garage sale. Sold to an elderly couple who recently moved into old house, he was once again hung on a wall and displayed. It was a step up from the box in the closet. This was a turning point for Murasame. "Strange things" happened in the house, he couldn't see what was going on, but he in a sense could feel something. Another presence was in the house, different from the two people living in the house. It wasn't until he was thrown from the wall by this presence did he understand.

    "What? I felt something... Wait. Are you...? OH! YOU ARE! How long have you been like that? Are you stuck? I see... you're still young, can't speak yet huh?" The presence, a poltergeist and a rather powerful one at that. The entity became his mentor, she taught him how to manifest, how to speak and how to possess. She taught him about humans, about other monsters. She taught and taught until there was nothing left to teach. She told him of a place where she went, a school where he could learn to blend in with human society. Murasame didn't care where it was, if it meant he wouldn't be stored, hung or forgotten it would be worth it. He was tired of just being a display thing, he wasn't going to do nothing anymore. He was going to Yokai Academy.

    Monster Rank:
    C (Alone), A (if wielded by a human, see abilities)​


    • Like most spirit class entities, he has the ability to create a physical manifestation of a body. The stipulation however is that he must have his body(sword? idk how to refer to this) on person inorder to maintain this form. This form is as frail as the average human and is often ill-suited for combat much to his dismay. If this form sustains a would-be fatal wound, the body is dissolved to save energy and Murasame enters a dormant state while he recuperates.
    • His body is imperfect and has little buoyancy in water and does not have (or require) a core body temperature. Assuming his human body isn't physically damaged, it can appear anywhere within a four foot radius of the blade, although constant use of this will wear him out very quickly.
    • In peak condition, he is able to cut through any non-magical object with ease. He does have trouble cutting gaseous, aqueous or ethereal objects (basically, anything without a solid form) and his cutting ability is severely limited on any sentient entity.
    • Murasame can possess any human that holds him by the hilt. During possession, the human wielder receives the physical prowess, skill and speed of a top class monster and becomes far more powerful than Murasame is alone. The reason behind this is that Murasame is actually meant to be used by a human, he'll just never admit it.
      • There are four stages to possession with progressively increasing benefits and costs.
      1. The first stage is nothing special, all it requires is for a human to be holding Murasame. The wielder's physical abilities increase significantly with no drawbacks. Murasame cannot directly communicate until he is able to fully bond with his host.
      2. The second stage requires the user to "let him in". Once he is let in, the flow of energy opens between Mura and his user. This allows the wielder to utilize more of his power, but whatever is taken, Mura will take back from his user over time... Murasame can telepathically communicate with his user as well as take full control with the user's consent.
      3. The third stage begins only when Murasame acknowledges his owner as worthy. The energy exchange expands, further increasing the strength of the user, however, Murasame can take full control for short intervals and requires a great deal more energy.
      4. The fourth and final stage unlocks the pinnacle of Murasame's and the user's combined strength. At this point, the two can share thoughts even when separated, the wielder enjoy perpetual health, and Murasame no longer needs to siphon energy. The stipulation lies in the cost... the user's soul must be removed, allowing Murasame complete control whenever he feels necessary along with all the other problems that comes with being possessed by a demon (I.E. burst into flames on hallowed ground). *If the user wants to sacrifice their soul/is convinced to, this step can occur immediately after stage 1.
    Monster Appearance: A standard katana.

    Due to safety concerns, Murasame is bound and sealed in his sheath. He isn't sealed due to his power, but because having a "weapon" on campus is a liability, and this fact irks him greatly. The seal was made so no yokai can remove the blade from his sheath... But the seal however doesn't stop humans, but let's face it. A human in Yokai Academy? Impossible... right? ​

    Sherin Agni the 53rd (open)

    Sherin Agni the 53rd

    Apparent Age:

    Actual Age:
    9 (will be 10 in about a week) with 52 reincarnation cycles prior. Reincarnated as a "new" person every 100 years.


    Sherin is 5'2" tall. Her body is of a slim build with very modest proportions and has very little in ways of "endowments". She has long hair reddish-brown hair that comes down to her waist. Normally, she wears it in twin braids but if it gets wet she lets it loose to speed up the drying. Her eyes are an extraordinary bright brown and they seem almost golden when seen in sunlight.

    She always carries around a leather-bound journal containing the memories, stories and everything else she recorded of her previous lives starting with her 40th reincarnation.

    Show Spoiler

    "Why are you talking to me...? Stop. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry, I must have misspoke...! I didn't mean it like that, I swear! Here, let me try that again. What I meant to say was GET THE HELL OUT OF MY FACE!"
    As of her 53rd reincarnation, all Sherin wants is a quiet, peaceful life. Unfortunately, her idea of quiet is dead silence with no distractions. ever. Most attempts to talk to her are met with needlessly aggressive hostility. She has a perpetual "I'll do it myself" sort of attitude which combined with her eternally haughty disposition often results in her being a ticking time bomb ready to explode in a fit of anger. She doesn't take any sort of crap from any sort of person. If she doesn't like you, she has no problem saying so to your face. Her voice is always arrogant and disdainfully sarcastic. Sherin doesn't give a damn about how others view her, afterall, she'll outlast most everyone in the long run and on her 101st birthday, she most likely won't remember anybody who wasn't put down in her journal anyways...

    While Sherin tries to distance herself from others whenever possible, if she is required to be with others she does try to make the best of it. Her own misanthropy often works against her in those case. Sherin spends most of her time reading her own life story, trying to remember all the people she used to be as well as adding to it with stuff she does in her current cycle. She is very self conscious about her current form, believing her permanently prepubescent body is one of her least appealing incarnations.

    She also has an irrational hatred towards humans as of her fifty-third cycle.

    Life and death. They've never been strangers to Sherin. Sherin is an immortal phoenix, but immortality isn't all that it's cracked up to be... Sherin lives for one-hundred years as an ageless person, and on her one-hundred and first birthday (assuming she hasn't been "killed" during that cycle), her own powers burn her to ashes and she appears as a new person with a new personality in a random location somewhere else in the world. The person she reincarnates as is the person she is stuck being until her next reincarnation. She keeps some memories from her previous cycle, but those memories are seldom happy ones. The only thing she keeps for certain are the things she writes in her journal. Knowledge and wisdom in various subjects are randomly generated for her new cycle.

    She only remembers a select things from her forty-third reincarnation onward as she was successfully "killed" during her forty-second cycle, erasing all memory up to that point. She doesn't remember how she was born, who her parents were, if any or anything else for that matter. As of per her current cycle, she doesn't talk about her past to anyone and she doesn't let anybody read her book.

    She came to Yokai Academy because "being part of a community" was knowledge lost upon the transition between her fifty-second to fifty-third cycles. She figures that if she learns how to fit in with the world, it will be easier for her to live alone. Thankfully, she retained enough knowledge to be applicable to the academy.

    Monster Type:

    Monster Rank:
    F (will be B on her birthday)

    • Immortality*: Sherin cannot die. If at any point she takes a fatal blow, she crumbles into ash and resurrects on the spot. This removes ten years from the life-span of her current cycle. If she doesn't have enough years left on her lifespan to cover this, she is "killed" immediately starting her next cycle and erasing all her memories. Drowning as well as suffocation also "kills" her in this fashion. She cannot kill herself under any circumstances.

    • Sherin is heliotropic. She generates energy and can heal wounds at an alarming rate while in direct sunlight. The rate of which she recuperates corresponds directly to the intensity and position of the sun. During 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM, she is at the peak of her power. During this time, she is able to directly focus sunlight into beams like much like a magnifying glass.

    • Every ten years in her current cycle, her power grows substantially. Until she turns ten, all she can do is heat up air around her.

    • Upon turning ten, Sherin will gain wings. Although she can't fly until she is twenty (I.E. Won't happen in the RP) gaining her wings allows her to set fires by concentrating hard enough along with minor mastery over fire. She can set air in a small location on fire creating a small explosion in on that spot.
    • The strength of Sherin's abilities shares a direct correlation with the time of day and weather. She is at her strongest around noon with no clouds. Likewise, if it's early morning/late evening or the sun is obscured, she has a drastically more difficult time setting things ablaze.

    • The focal point of her power is her hair. If her head is preemptively soaked or it is raining, she loses any and all ability to burn until she is dry. While in this state, her body temperature is reduced to what ever temperature the soaking substance is. The only way she can restore her ability is by drying her hair out in the sun.

    • She is diurnal (opposite of nocturnal) to a fault. After 9:00 PM, she has a very hard time staying awake. If she somehow manages to last until 10:00 PM, she falls asleep wherever she happens to be. She always wakes up at the crack of dawn when the sun's first light appears.

    • Sherin's energy expenditure is extreme during the first half of her cycle. As a result, if she is unable to draw energy from the sun, she quickly burns all of her energy until she fizzles out.
    Monster Appearance:
    When she attempts to use any of her abilities, her hair turns a bright orange as it glows with embers. Being young, she doesn't have a monster form (outside of igniting herself on fire) until she is seventy (won't happen in the RP)

    Tenma (open)

    Tenma Tarobo

    Apparent Age:

    Actual Age:


    Show Spoiler

    Tenma has jet black hair and stands at five feet, seven inches tall with light hazel eyes. Tenma's body is of a a lean and lith build. He wears black PSC uniform at all times.
    When on duty for the PSC (see history) he carries his six-ringed staff (a Shakujo).
    Show Spoiler

    The self-proclaimed Shining Black Bolt of Justice! After the debacle and power abuse of the previous Public Safety Commission, Tenma dedicates entirely too much of his time trying to right all the wrongs his predecessors have done. Tenma enforces rules around with a "zero tolerance" policy often spouting nonsense about his ideals of justice. In his own mind, he envisions himself as Yokai Academy's very own super hero... but unfortunately he's not a very good one.

    A literal bird brain, Tenma never fails to misread a situation and is always woefully ignorant of the Academy's actual problems. With some smooth talking and excessive use of complicated words along with a little motivation Tenma, is easily side tracked or manipulated; especially if his ideas of what's right and wrong are questioned. However, god forbid you're not wearing your uniform during school hours or forget to do something like return a library book...

    Born and raised in the mountains of Japan, Tenma had always dreamed of being a hero. Much of his early life he spent defending sacred sites and old shrines from "wrong doers" who more then not turned out to have no malicious intention. Over time, this "justice" became the basis for many old stories of man eating tengu. It took being cast out of a temple he was "protecting" before he came to the realization that his ideals of right and wrong might be a litttttllllleeee flawed. He went to Yokai Academy shortly after it opened for four years, graduated and attempted to re integrate into human society.

    This clearly was a mistake because on four separate occasions he unintentionally gave the human society concrete proof of Yokai's existence. Fortunately, this information was intercepted and destroyed. Yokai Academy adamantly denies all claims on the subject.

    Eventually it was decided that it would mean far less paperwork be wisest to have him presently on campus under the guise of a Public Safety Commission leader where he can be manipulated follow instructions by school officials so that no further incidents take place so that he may promote and enforce rules.

    As the leader of the PSC, Tenma oversees that rules are enforced and that the school remains uncompromised by humans. He takes the job way too seriously on acount for the fact that he feels to make amends for how his predecessors grossly misused their position. He does an adaquate job for the most part, but in a time when the school is actually being threatened, you can always count on him to go after the wrong guy. He is considered by some to be one of the most powerful monsters in the school but his flighty personality often works against him in that category.

    Monster Type:
    Crow Tengu

    Monster Rank:

    • Tenma, being a tengu can fly with his wings.
    • He has control over lightning. This ability is strongest outside, but he can use it to a lesser extent indoors.
    • With his holy Shajuko, Tenma is able to perform minor exorcisms and dispell any enchantments/magic.
    • With the aid of his staff, Tenma is able to perform what he calls "The Six-fold Seal of Khakkhara" which temporarily seals yokai into their human forms and strips them of their powers for the seals duration. This however has the immense drawback of not only taking a considerable amount of time to pull off, but the target must remain immobile while it is being performed. The amount of time needed and the effectiveness of the seal is determined by how strong the target is.

    Monster Appearance: His arms and legs grow feathers and his feet turn into talons. His nose also grows substantially longer so he wears a mask to hide this "unheroic" feature.

    Show Spoiler
  4. Sapphire (open)
    Name: Sapphire Drake
    Apparent Age: 18-20
    Actual Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: wallpaper_anime_girl_widescreen_hd_wallpaper.jpg
    She's 5'7 with an hour glass figure, shes muscular but slim. She has long silver blue hair with red'sh purple eyes, she wears a silver necklace with a black sword on it on the sword hilt is a sapphire blue gem.

    Personality: Sapphire is a naturally quiet and sweet girl, shes very independent but is often lonely. She has a very calming/soothing way about her that seems to make any dispute she comes between calm down and settled before it gets out of hand. She keeps to herself most the time but is very helpful, caring, and protective of her friends. She has a bit of a rebel streak that comes out whenever shes ordered around to do something she doesn't feel is right but she hates fighting. Despite always having a smile on her face there's something mysterious about her making others feel like shes hiding something.

    History: Sapphire is from a poor family shes the youngest child of 4, she has a twin brother and sister and her oldest sister. Her parents got divorced when she was 11 and her father has been out of the picture sense. Her mother has struggled to support them making it a somewhat hard life for Sapphire but its also made her strong and wise. Her siblings were never very close to her and once they were old enough to move out they didn't look back hardly ever staying in touch.

    Sapphire's mother died when she was 15 from an unknown cause. Sense then she has been living on her own in a run down apartment trying to fit in with human society but never feeling at home. She doesn't have any close friends despite always being friendly to everyone (unless you give her a reason not to). Shes gone to human schools all her life but never fit in, hoping Yokai Academy is different shes excited to start off new there. She loves to read, listen to music, sing, watch movies, and play sports. She also loves children and animals =)

    Monster Type: Vampire/Demon hybrid
    Monster Rank: S class
    Abilities: When not in her vampire/demon form Sapphire is basically just a abnormally strong and durable human. When the sword on her necklace is taken off though she transforms into her vampire/demon form, making her extremely strong, durable, fast, and able to fly with her wings. She has the ability to conjure and control dark blue fire. She has to drink blood to survive just not as much as a full vampire (Not sure where to put that so if you want me to change it ill move it somewhere else XD )

    Monster Appearance: 1033836-bigthumbnail.jpg
    But her hair is silver/white.

    Soteria (open)
    Name: Soteria Ivory
    Apparent Age: 17-19
    Actual Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    She has medium length silky brown hair, emerald green eyes, and lightly tanned skin. Shes 5'7 with a slim but muscular body. And she wears a braided brown leather bracelet with a emerald gem in the center.

    Personality: Soteria is a shy girl at first but once you break the ice with her shes a very funny and outgoing girl with lots of spunk. She's usually nice to others unless you really piss her off than shes hard to calm back down. She's usually day dreaming or lost in thought so shes often thought of as airheady but despite that shes a great listener and is helpful toward her friends. She hates spiders, scary/spooky or gory movies, and mean or judgmental people. She also has a way with animals that make them automatically attracted to her.

    History: Soteria is a human girl from a wacky family, shes an only child of 2 loving and hard working parents. She has always been a independent girl but would never shun friendship. She's forever been fascinated with fantasy and mythology truly believing that some of it could be real (In secret of course). She loves medieval stuff including swords, daggers, katanas, ect. Soteria has moved around a lot during her 17 years and isnt very use to a lot of social interaction due to being home schooled most of her life. She decided to go to regular school for her last few years of high school, but when a mix up happens with her school she ends up getting accepted into Yokai Academy unaware that its a monster school.

    Monster Type: Human (lol)
    Monster Rank: Erm F?
    Abilities: Wield pointy objects?
    Monster Appearance: Her in the morning? XD

    (Changed Sapphire's monster appearance, since she hasnt changed yet though it would be okay)
  5. Sarah Drup (open)

    Name: Sarah Drup
    Apparent age: about 16.
    Actual age: N/A; reasons are explained below. This form has existed for 19 years
    Gender: N/A, though 'she' looks Female
    Show Spoiler

    Personality: Playful and outgoing, somewhat childish, Sarah treats pretty much everything like a game. She's not exactly stupid though, and knows when to just get the F away. Still, she loves to play pranks on people just for the heck of it, doubly so if she feels like she can get away with it.

    A spirit of nature, 'Sarah' has technically lived as long as water itself. Emphasis on 'technically' ((See Creature Bio below)). As for previous lives, she has seen many a flood. In the past, this would lead to the local populace bringing some kind of sacrifice to a shrine in the river; a nice opportunity for her to play with said local populace. And by "play", I mean play tricks. In the modern era, however, such faith was lost; instead, floods are blamed solely on natural reasons like melting glaciers/snow, storms and the full moon, this in turn meaning that a lot less people pay any attention to her -- and the few that do are deemed insane by the vast majority of humanity. ...Of course. she doesn't remember most of this, but details.

    In her current life, Sarah hasn't done all that much of interest yet. Due to a lack of humans to play with, she went to a place where Yokai gather to see if she could find a buddy there -- or, if that fails, learn a few new tricks to play on the humans.

    Monster Type: Water sprite
    Monster Rank: E
    Abilies: Control over water. This includes water vapors (And technically steam. However, see 'Other' for why this generally causes problems) ,but does not include ice or other solid forms of water. On an addendum, this also means that she is effectively immune against water attacks pointed at her -- assuming that it's not ice or something like that, of course.
    Although Sarah can not quite create water from nothing, she can use her own body's reserves to attack enemies with. However, this drains her out even faster than she would normally, so it's pretty much only used as a last resort.

    Other: As a water sprite, Sarah is very dependant on, well, water, and needs to drink/absorb large amounts of it in order to survive - failure to do so will first lead to her powers weakening and her starting to feel dizzy. Further lack of hydration will result in hindered mobility and groggyness, unconciousness and eventually death. Of course, this would technically happen to humans too, but it happens far quicker with Sarah. If completey derived of any source of water, the process might take as little as 24 hours, even shorter if the area she's in is abnormally hot. As a precaution to this, she always carries a 2L bottle filled with water on her back, enough to at least buy her one more day.
    She has a low heat tolerance, and can't stand freezing cold either. Large open fires are an especially big no-no, for reasons that should be obvious.


    Race: Sprite

    Creature bio: As a spiritual being, sprites don't age. However, this does not mean they are immortal; they can easily die due to other means such as derivement from their element, environmental pollution or simply being killed. In this case, their body will return to a more basic form of their element, like a puddle of water, a flash of fire etc. The spirit will seek out a large volume of its natural element to form a new body from, losing most of its memories and experience in the process. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing, mind you; remembering each and every life and death for all eternity would quickly drive most non-divine beings insane.

    Sprites, much like Elementals, are essentially personifications of the elements. As such there are several kinds of Sprites, albeit with some being more rare than others - or at least they aren't seen as often. They generally aren't very strong compared to most other races, instead relying on distracting whoever tries to harm them for long enough to get away.

    Homura Kansō (open)

    Name: Homura Kansō

    Apparent Age: 20

    Actual Age: 142

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Homura has long, black hair, which contrasts sharply against his pale skin. He has hazel brown eyes, lifeless and void of any and all emotion. Although his ears are quite a bit larger than normal, there's no way for the average person to know this, seeing as said ears are always covered by a black pair of earmuffs. (See below)

    Show Spoiler

    All in all, he tends to have a perpetual look of boredom on his face, along with giving out the general impression that he should get outside a lot more.

    Personality: Homura acts cold and emotionless to an almost robotic extend, this as a side effect of the ear mufflers he wears (See History). If it weren't for these, he would be a lot more outgoing and extravert. Much like other Satori, he finds it hard to stop himself from blurting out anything he manages to pick up.

    History: Homura’s life hasn't been all that pretty. You see, most people don't like to have their mind read (Shocking, I know). And when you're a Satori, reading minds pretty much comes with the package. The end result is that most people don't trust Homura once they learn what he is, leading to bullying and more of that crap. And although Homura could generally feel any attempt to harm him coming before it actually happened, he didn't have any way to do anything about it. In time, this caused him to grow to despise his own power and seek for ways to seal it off.

    Eventually he found a way in the form of a special kind of earmuffs. Much like there are amulets, rings and such with special enchantments to ward some kind of specific magic, these blocked a Satori's mind-reading ability. Normally they are supposed to be worn by anyone who does not want their mind being read, but as it turns out, it works the other way around too... With a few side effects. Most notably; as it turns out, Satori essentially feed themselves by reading thoughts. Although they won't die if they can't 'feed' themselves, they will get very lustless and start acting emotionless themselves. Homura is fully aware of this, but still prefers to keep the mufflers on above getting bullied again.

    Another imperfection lies in the fact that very strong thoughts and emotions can still seep through; extreme anger, the urge to kill, raw love, things like that.

    Monster Type: Satori

    Monster Rank: C

    Abilities: Mind reading. The problem is, this can't be turned off, leading to Homura sensing pretty much every thought of everyone around him regardless of whether he wanted to or not – most of the time, it’s the latter. In order to get at least some control over this, Homura constantly wears a pair of special ear mufflers, enchanted to only keep 'brain waves' out while still letting normal sound get past. In addition, in Homura’s case, mind reading does not work like reading a book; only superficial thoughts can be read at all. Which, in a room full of pubescent demons, tends to not be the biggest of boons.
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  6. well it is time for me join in this dance! let me get dressed.
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  7. Name: Omorose (Beautiful in Egyptian) Deliora
    Apparent Age: Her physical and mental/emotional age is about 10-12
    Actual Age: 22 she ages much slower than humans.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: anime_girl_fav1093745.jpeg

    Personality: Omorose is a very shy and quiet girl, shes not very use to being around others though she genuinely kind and sweet. Shes stubborn but not very strong, easily able to be a pushover. She hates violence and scary things, especially being alone in the dark. She has some birdlike tendencies in her human form, such as tilting her head, good eyesight ect. She likes to read, listen to music, climbing things (she likes being high up in the air), and helping others, though this is difficult because of her extreme shyness and nearly non-existent social skills.

    History: Omorose was found abandoned they assume by her Gryphon parents in a large forest where not many travel. She was found by a monster couple (what kind will be found out in the rp) who adopted her as their own daughter. She went to live with them outside of a small human town, mostly it was just them she didnt socialize with the humans until she was about 10, this was when she could control her human form more so she wouldnt accidentally poof into her Gryphon form in front of humans.

    Shes always been a kind but shy girl, naturally quiet she doesnt speak up often. Which has made her pretty invisible in the past to other monsters or people her own age. When she learned that there was a monster academy not too far away from them she wanted to attend, she had always been smart and the top of her class in human schools. So it wasnt a problem getting into Yokai Academy, in hopes of making friends and learning more about others she went to Yokai.

    Monster Type: Gryphon, a monster with the body and tail of a lion, the head, talons, and wings of a bird.
    Monster Rank: Currently B will get higher as she grows up.
    Abilities: She has enhanced strength, agility, and speed in her monster form. Her talons and beak like mouth give her pretty sharp weapons to attack with, also the ability to fly with her wings. She has some magical abilities but they're still developing and she hasnt really practiced with them, for now she has fire, water, and air magics.
    Monster Appearance: Fantasy-Art-Josephine-Little-Gryphon.jpg
  8. @Person-who-keeps-changing-his-name: Could you please explain what you mean by "Fire, water and air magics"? Other than that, I don't really see any problems.
  9. Hello, I've never heard of this franchise before but hey this RP sounds interesting and I'd certainly want to join in on the fun. The only other RP I'm on on this site is currently rather slow paced so I'd have time to be active here for sure. Before I post a CS, I'll have to ask if my concept is okay.

    Would it be possible to just play a normal dude, i.e an average ordinary human kid, who got enrolled at the academy by mistake or an admin error or something? Think it'd be kinda funny just to play some normal guy amongst all these crazy monster people. If not allowed I'll probably play someone really low powered, who is like "barely" supernatural or has some really lame ability. :)

    EDIT: Holy crap I just noticed who the GM of this is. Lol how did I not see that? rofl XD I promise I am NOT stalking you dude, promise.
  10. Hi XD. And sure, you can make a human character. Note that we already have a human character due to exactly that reason though (Soteria), so if you could find a different exucse for your character arriving on Yokai Academy (Getting on the wrong bus, for example), I'd prefer that.
  11. Wow, I really should read other people's characters first. So much for my "original" idea, haha. I might just come up with a guy with a pathetic ability then. "He can talk to cats...but only in French! And he doesn't know French."
  12. Tenma can help out with that.

    I actually planned to have him accidently destroy Soteria's student records before they were put into the system (Ergo, even Administration won't be able to find what she really is via the system)...

    EDIT: I'd say human is fine. Soteria is taking everything too well!

    EDITEDIT: Humans on campus are bad. In the manga, it was school policy that humans found on campus would be executed. Can't very well have the secret that monsters are real getting out can we? ;3
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  13. Haha, maybe. If I was gonna have a human, he'd freak out at everything. "Vampires are REAL?!? Aaaah! Holy crap, get me outta this place!"
  14. I edited my post a bit,

    It slipped my mind but I don't see the "No Human policy" in the opening post :L
  15. Whoops. I knew I forgot something >_<
  16. Character Sheet Start

    Monster Type: Alien (I am also going to put this first for quicker clarification)
    Name: Mary Sue Smith (True name: [​IMG] )
    Apparent Age: 16
    Actual Age: 72 Earth years
    Gender: Female
    Mary has light brown hair, brown eyes, a thin waist with small bust, and a healthy skin color of light pink. She stands at about 5'2". Outside of class, she is commonly seen in skinny jeans and a baggy sweatshirt. In class, she wears the uniform with the skirt just above her knee caps.

    Human Appearance (open)

    *Note: Her human appearance is thanks to a symbiotic suit-like creature that has the ability to adapt to its surroundings. The creature cannot function on its own, so it uses Mary's race as hosts. The creature can change its appearance and filter air, giving Mary the ability to survive on Earth. In other words, her actual form isn't different, it just appears different thanks to her symbiotic friend. Even the clothes she "wears" are merely an illusion the suit has created (which is why she is seen in sweatshirts despite hating the heat). The creature can change its shape to fit its host's needs. (Ex: It could change its shape to only form around its host's head, forming a makeshift helmet, or it can grow larger to take the form of a makeshift space pod)

    Mary will try anything. She wants to experience everything Earth has to offer so she can properly report back to her homeworld. She is far from mastering Earth language, and her grammar is sometimes abysmal. She also has a tendency to use incorrect words. Despite her lack of Earth knowledge, Mary's cheerful, hyperactive nature and determination to learn has helped her gain a few friends at school. However, her curious nature has sometimes landed her into trouble with students and teachers alike. Mary has been known to get extremely irritable when heat is involved.

    On the world known as Pluto to the humans, there lives an alien race known as the [​IMG]. These
    aliens are considered prey on their world, and are hunted by a brutal race. Though the [​IMG] had developed a nature-based technology that far surpassed that of the other race, they were still considered food. Fearing that their race would soon cease to exist, the [​IMG] sent out scouts to the different worlds in hopes that they could co-exist somewhere else. And so [​IMG] set out to her designated world. She came upon Earth, a world inhabited mostly by a curious race known as humans. [​IMG] landed in the arctic so she could learn of the humans through their technology before entering their society. Using her alien technology, she worked on learning different human languages, as well as learning their customs, beliefs, etc.

    During her search, [​IMG] came across the name of an interesting academy, the Yokai Academy. Using her hacking skills, she was able to learn more about this school, and knew it would be perfect to help her learn more about Earth. If the school would take in monsters, surely it would take in aliens. Before she left, [​IMG] realized that her alien name was nearly impossible for Earth beings to pronounce, so she quickly searched human databases for a replacement name. For some reason, the name Mary Sue popped up quite a lot during her search on human entertainment. She chose Smith because it was deemed one of the most popular last names of humans in America. So with her new name picked out, Mary Sue Smith traveled to Yokai Academy to begin her immersive research.

    Monster Rank: D


    -Mary has nature-based technology. This can help her in using Earth technology and helps her live on the planet. It is also her means of offense and defense. Usually her suit fights for her, but if she fears that her suit isn't strong enough, she will use actual weapons.

    -Coming from Pluto, Mary is really good in the cold. In fact, she could survive an ice age.

    -Mary has an ability to telepathically communicate with her suit and other members of her race.

    -Because of the way her ears are formed, Mary can hear things really well when they are in front of her.

    -Due to the antenna on her eyes, Mary can analyze things in more detail (specific temperature, wind speed, etc)​


    -Mary hates heat. She loathes it. If it gets too hot, she gets physically sick. Her suit tries to filter it out, but it has its limits.

    -Due to the odd shape of her ears, Mary is almost deaf to any noise coming from behind her.

    -If Mary's suit dies, she will die too.

    -Mary's lack of Earth knowledge also means she lacks knowledge about monsters as well. She knows next to nothing about monsters and their true abilities. All the information she knows about monsters comes from human myths, legends, etc. (which means some of her information is inaccurate)

    -Because she doesn't have any pupils, Mary has a hard time dealing with light. Like with heat, her suit tries to filter it, but there are limits.​

    Monster Appearance:
    Her body is near identical to humans. Her skin is pale blue and her eyes are pale green without pupils. The antenna on the corner of her eyes are used to analyze things in more detail (specific temperature, wind speeds, etc) Her ears are great at hearing anything in front of her. However, she has a hard time hearing anything behind her.

    Monster Appearance (open)

    Character Sheet End

    Character Sheet Start

    Monster Type: Incubus (a male succubus)
    Name: Hiroki Kaname
    Apparent Age: 12
    Actual Age: 66
    Gender: Male
    Hiroki has big yellow eyes and bushy, bright red hair. He wears robes similar to what a little priest boy would wear, except he dyed them his favorite color, red. He only stands at 4'8".
    Human Form (open)

    Normal - Hiroki appears sweet and innocent, and acts that way too. However, deep within his soul rests a scheming pervert. He uses his child-like appearance to get what he wants and get away with almost anything. Very few can see through his manipulative ways. Hiroki's emotions are always based on the situation and the person he is interacting with. If the person seems like the protector type, Hiroki will usually be a clingy, blubbering crybaby. If the person likes bubbly people, Hiroki will be an energetic, playful boy. This doesn't mean Hiroki can read people well. He usually has to interact with them first before he can pinpoint what kind of person he is dealing with, along with their likes and dislikes.

    Monster - When Hiroki takes his monster form, it means his child-like act wasn't effective. Now he is a calm, mysterious man who no longer holds back. He is more open with his advances and it is obvious he is attempting to seduce a person. However, unlike others of his kind, he prefers to use words and innuendos instead of physical contact. He finds pleasure in knowing that a person yearns for him and loves when said person is so enamored that they try to seduce him instead.

    It is said that an incubus is born when a woman has an inappropriate dream. The incubus takes a similar human form to the dreamer's desires and will always keep that human form no matter what their age is. Hiroki came into being when a school teacher had such a dream. Shortly after his manifestation, he was whisked away to the society where incubi and succubae live together. Hiroki was taught what it meant to be an incubus and was schooled in the proper techniques. However, Hiroki found himself having a hard time successfully seducing humans, at least in his human form. The schooling given to him was meant for adults. A child spouting sexual words and making physical contact rarely got him good results. In fact, most found him extremely creepy.

    So Hiroki needed to find a new way to seduce humans, a way that would work for a child. He was born with this form, so it had to mean someone out there desired it. First he needed to study humans to better understand them, so he joined the Yokai Academy. Having been there for two years now, Hiroki has a much better understanding of humans and has created a seductive style all his own. All that's left is to finish his schooling so he can be released onto the world.

    Monster Rank: A
    -Hiroki, while in monster form, has wings. However, because of their positioning on his body, they can only let him float and are used to slightly quicken his movements.

    -His hands and tail are like solid shadows. Because of this, he can shape them however he wants, but they cannot exceed their total proportions. (Ex: He could change his hand into a blade, but the blade cannot be bigger than the size his hand originally was. It can be longer, but it must be thinner to compensate)

    -Even though his tail and hands are shadowesque, Hiroki can still grab solid things with them. He also has the ability to grab the shadows of things and manipulate them that way, but this strains him more.

    -Hiroki can melt into shadows for a short amount of time.

    -Hiroki has impressive seduction skills, and therefore, persuasive skills. This doesn't mean he can instantly convince anyone he meets to do anything he asks, but he does hold a charm that most can't ignore.​

    -Hiroki is a pervert, and is therefore distracted very easily by the human body. Not just female bodies either. Hiroki finds both males and females beautiful and worth gazing at.

    -Hiroki is a very self-centered person and his fighting style shows it. He isn't the kind to support comrades in battle. His focus is on self-preservation and not much else. Don't expect him to be looking out for others while fighting in a group.

    -Speaking of groups, Hiroki is horrible at fighting multiple enemies. His tactics leave him wide open to attacks by any enemy besides the single opponent he is focused on.

    -Hiroki has an obsession with foods that one eats by licking. His all-time favorite out of this category is the popsicle. He will do almost anything for a popsicle, making him very easy to manipulate. He would probably even defect to the enemy's side if they promised he'd be well compensated in popsicles.​

    Monster Appearance:
    Hiroki's monster form is a very common look for incubi. He grows into a full man, appearing to be in his mid-twenties. His pointed ears and small horns give him a more demon-like appearance. His bat-like wings rest on his lower back and are used more for looks that for actual flight. He has a tail that is like a shadow. Its shape wavers, sometimes bending in a peculiar manner. His hands also have a shadow quality to them, letting him shape them at will. His hair darkens a bit, to emphasis his darker nature. His eyes are an even brighter yellow, bordering on white.

    Unlike his brethren, Hiroki's clothes are more dignified and cover his entire body. However, his clothes are form-fitting and it is obvious that he is lean but toned. He likes to leave things to the imagination, but still give people a hint of what lies underneath.
    Monster Form (open)

    Character Sheet End

    Quick character notes

    -Due to an event on the bus, Mary now thinks touching people's faces is a bonding exercise.
    - If possible, I would like a serious person to room with her (preferably male) to add to the humor.​

    - So far, Hiroki has played the sweet innocent boy in front of everyone except Murasame. Therefore, the only one that knows Hiroki's true nature is Murasame. Others can be suspicious, but please don't know that he is an incubus right away.​
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  17. Alright! Back in action!
    Tess Tsuni

    Apparent Age: 16

    Mental Age: 16

    Actual Age: 300 (284 years in stasis)

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Tess stands at 5’3” has steel gray hair and eyes, she is usually chewing on some form of metal object.
    Show Spoiler

    History: Tess is a product of early magical engineering. Her homunculus line was produced as a means of defense against those who were hunting super-natural beings at the time in New England. The idea was to create a being that would be able to render mankind’s primary tools ineffective. Using steel as the core metal, the homunculi were created by a team of magical researchers, and all of the homunculi were engineered with the ability to consume metal and use it as sustenance. However, most of the metal-based homunculi were unstable, and prone to attacking and devouring their fellow homunculi instead of the human weapons. In the minds of the developers, the erratic behavior and uncontrollable hunger of the homunculi outweighed any potential use they had as deterrents to human hunters.

    Unfortunately, the researchers lacked the means to dispose of the homunculi, seeing as they would simply regenerate, and a protracted war against these manufactured organisms would have proved as destructive as the current battle with the hunters. So the homunculi were placed into stasis and the facility sealed to prevent the homunculi from escaping. Thus the homunculi laid dormant for nearly three centuries, when a large earthquake disrupted the seal on the facility.

    Two magical investigators from Japan came to the area to investigate and contain the homunculi if they had escaped, but upon entering the abandoned facility, they found evidence that some of the stasis spells that had reportedly been placed on the homunculi had worn off roughly 150 years after the facility had been sealed and that the homunculi had been fighting and devouring each other since then. They found a few dormant homunculi and decided to take them back to Japan for containment and study. The two investigators grew attached to their homunculi “children” and began raising them as part of their family, as well as continuing their research of the creatures. Eventually they developed a seal that would help the remaining homunculi repress their urge to consume. They were still a very hungry bunch, who ended up raiding junkyards and occasionally stealing hubcaps off cars when mealtime rolled around.

    Tess got her name from the name plate the two investigators found her holding onto in the abandoned production facility. A faded steel plague with ‘Test Uni….” etched on it with numerous small bite marks all around it. She keeps this plaque in her box of treasures, and is extremely attached to it. She is the first of her homunculi brethren to go to Youkai Academy. Her seal is located on her back.

    Monster Type: Homunculus

    Monster Rank: C (Rank varies on types of metals and gemstones she eats)

    Abilities: Can transform her limbs into various metal objects, regenerate after consuming metal, her hair and eye color change based on the color of the gemstone eaten. Consuming certain metals (gold, silver, adamantite, etc.) give temporary power boosts (attack, speed, defense respectively) and gemstones alter her elemental affinities. However, these boosts only last for about five minutes due to her quick metabolism of gems and metals. She also cannot combine the effects of multiple gems/metals. She cannot use magic, and is in fact allergic to it. Anything magical that she eats causes Tess to enter a drunken-like state in which her responses are sluggish but her attack power is tremendously increased, and she will eventually fall asleep until the magic is purged from her body.

    Monster Form: As a homunculus, her monster form is identical to her human form, save that her skin color changes to steel-gray.
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  18. Name: Ventidius Tibelt (Vent or Venti for short)

    Apparent Age: 18

    Actual Age: 7 (project age 26)

    Gender: Male

    Blue eyes, White hair, 6'0, Athletic build.

    Quote "I am the abomination, The false blood, The pretender...But I am also your superior, A master piece of human creation. All Vampires, All Monsters, Fear me for I am your destroyer."

    Personality: Ventidius is a person consisting of mix personality traits. He is a kind person who believe the weak should be protected until they are strong enough to defend there selves. He thanks depending on others all the time is foolish since no one can really be trusted, He can't really trust his own guardians, Teachers or friends. He is very open on way he thinks and lives. He only drinks the blood of monsters since human blood has a catastrophic backlash on his body. His favorite food is garlic cheddar cheese biscuits an has a passion to dance like a ballerina (SO SERIOUS). The thing he hates the most are real vampires since other see him as a 'fake', A cheap copy of the real thing. He can also be ticked of by common things. Not enough to kill you but scream and complain none stop. He has a love for humans as well and a hate for them for they saw him as a tool. He is all together is a person of mix emotions.

    History: Ventidius birth is of two dates, April, 8, 1987(date of project start) March, 9, 2007.(Date of birth was when he broke out of the test tube.) He was being created to efface the vampires and other monster that threaten humans, that was just a possible cover. He was nothing but a object to them, The founders of the project saw a weaponbto help take control the human and monster worlds.

    One day, Near the his completion he broke out of his test tube. He appeared to be 6 years old at the time. His blue eyes were coal black at the time. The scientist were shocked, confused and terrified. He was created to defend human from the monster but ironically ended up killing almost everyone in the lab. He was a Rabid dog off his chain and only one person was able to subdue him, A woman he began to see as a Mother. She was a witch of great power (Rhia) who was able to calm the newly borne creature. She subdued his blood-lust with the crimson glove he wears now. She knew if he was to be treated like a person, No matter if he was made to be a monster(In the since of a killing machine). He would change and he did, His blood lust is still there but it has been reduced. He is speculated to have human and legendary vampire blood inside him since multiple sources was use in his creation. They wanted to created something never seen before. He was sent to this school to learn how to understand monsters, To learn he was one of them. He is now 7 and is a force to be reckon with.

    Monster Type: Synthetic Nosferatu ( Synthetic Vampire clone)

    Monster Rank: B class with glove on, His power reaches S class when the glove is removed, He kills all in sight when it is removed. The only way to remove the glove is by a outside source. Only thing that can calm him is the command "Ventidius Tibelt, Cease."

    Abilities: He has the powers of average vampires, Strength, Speed, Smell, Night Vision, Healing, Yoki sense, etc. When his glove is release he becomes a S rank. He fights on pure instinct to kill.

    Weakness: He dose not share the weaknesses of most vampires. He needs to eat like humans do and drink blood like a vampires (Monster blood). If he was to consume human blood it would cause major complications inside his body. It draining his power greatly. The effect of human blood last 24 hours, At that time he is as strong as a F class monster. He may even be weaker then that. His fear is that he will become the monster like he was design to be.

    Magic Ability: Rage Fist (Fire aura fist) This ability power comes from his inner anger, The madder he gets the more powerful his fist become.
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  19. Can I create a teacher as well?
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