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  1. I may have spelled the title wrong :P

    Anyone who walks, jogs, runs or whatever, get in here and discuss your achievements.

    I This past Tuesday I jogged for an hour. I don't really count it because I took breaks here and there for various reasons (apparently my pinky toenails were cutting their neighbors) but I do see it as a major step forward; my previous record was 50 minutes straight and I've only ever exceeded my records by 5 minutes at a time.
  2. Jogged to Mcdonalds late in the evening a few nights ago. Got there in time. Sure exhausted me tho.
  3. I walk... to the fridge. :3

    Seriously though I'm usually in the house if there aren't any specific plans, so I don't walk around too much rather than I just start wandering about because my legs are complaining about being at the computer for too long.
    And I NEVER jog or run... It's not fun! You get tired and sweaty! >:C

    However when I'm at college for classes, clubs, whatever and I'm leaving late enough I sometimes just feel like walking home and listening to music. Which is a good 90 minute walk.
    But those happen about 2-3 times a month when I frequent Campus.
  4. This title made me think this would be about some new-age combination of running/yoga.
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  5. I was expecting something involving Yogurt or the Yogs Cast.
  6. I run. currently I run for at least 40 minutes a day. I recommend an app call Zombies, Run! to make running fun.
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