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  1. Do I need to make a "hello I'm here thread" before vBulletin gives me the right to post elsewhere?

    Hi guys, I'm coming over from another site with a bunch of other people. (I won't give the specifics of that because it really doesn't matter all that much I guess.) So I'm trying to take the name before the rest of them make life awful take the happy mojo from my rainbow sunshine places.

    Anyways, Hi, I'm Aza, and I'm diamonds.

    People like to say I'm funny and a dunce.

    I've done PBPRping before (obviously), but to be quite honest I've been in an RPing slump for about a year and a half now. Yeah, trying to get out of that mojo Uhm, when I do RP I like to play at a pretty casual level (always been more the person to co-GM something rather than the ace in the pack). So I'll try to level myself and not join RPs that are way over my head.


    I'm going to enjoy being a part of the community though. If I love one thing, it's all about the community. So talking to you all is gonna be a pleasure, I'm sure.

    So I hope you guys all get a good impression from me.

    Because that means I'm a good liar.

    I'm terrible


    Edit: Omg the avatars are so big on this site.
    I feel claustrophobic
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  2. YAY for community stuff! >:3 Welcome to our humble abode, Aza.
  3. Hi Aza, you're late for the Great Migration. :p
  4. I'm not a part of you conformist society
  5. Welcome to the community, Aza~ :3
  6. Hello Diamonds.
  7. He's the best at being the worst.
  8. Aza. <3 <3
  9. @Azarthes

    Welcome to the site! (Also we actually run on XenForo, not vBulletin.)

    Don't worry, there are plenty of old fogeys here who do little to no RPing and just bum around in the chatbox. We're a community as much as a roleplay venue.
  10. Bumming around? Then Aza and I will fit right in. We have to have something to do when we pretend to work during the day.
  11. Pretending to work is so fun tho.
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  12. Welcome to the site!