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  1. Heya guys. I'm new to the site, but not to Roleplaying. I've been doing that for years now, and I honestly love it. But, I have a hard time finding dedicated people who stick around for RPs and stuff....so, I've come here hoping to finally have a long-lasting RP.

    Or something. I dunno, I'm kinda bored right now and my old RP site is kinda...well, to be honest, has no good RP's going on currently and so I've decided to look elsewhere! Hope you all don't disappoint me. I'll RP just about any genre/setting if the plot/story interests me and everyone can write coherently :P

    See ya around~
  2. Yay! Another new person~ I only recently came back to RPing after a 3 year break so I'm kinda new too but already have found a lot of interesting things! I wish you good luck on finding what you seek on this site! Oh and... -pops a confetti thingy- Welcome to Iwaku~!
  3. Hey Arius! Nice to meet ya, I'm Rune!~
    Thanks for the warm welcome, I do hope I can find some good RP-partners that won't ditch an RP. I am so tired of that :/
  4. Oh I totally understand. I've been ditched occasionally lately but it just takes a little patience to wait for responses. Although I lurk...on my phone so I never really go 'offline' and if I want I respond with my phone. I'm pretty dedicated to playing the stories. I love the stories that people can come up with... -eyes sparkle-
  5. I dunno why, but every RP I've ever joined just kinda fizzles and dies because people loose interest or just stop posting :/

    Still, I can't just stop. I love the world building/lore, and characters and the stories everyone comes up with too much :D

    Anyways, It was nice talkin' to ya, but I have college in the morning and I gotta get up at four xP
    Talk to ya tomorrow maybe? I actually kind of want to start my own RP here, and I could use someone to bounce the ideas I have off of.
  6. I'm all ears. I shall talk to you tomorrow. Oh but after 3pm I will be busy. I have work until 9pm. -only a part timer- Anyway feel free to bounce ideas off of me. I'm good at stories~
  7. Greetings Rune. >:3 Welcome to the community!
  8. Awesome. I'll try to get my ideas typed up then!~
    Unfortunately, I'll probably get home about the time you go to work xD

    Well hi! Thanks for the welcome~
  9. Welcome to Iwaku!

    You'll find many dedicated players here.
  10. *whistles* Dayum, that's what I call some in-depth lore and stuff for an RP. Me likey~
    I'll take a look at it later. I got some yard work to do because apparently everyone in my house is a lazy meanie face that doesn't like to work out in this a hundred degree weather xP

    Thanks for the welcome, so far I like it here~
    And yes, my Username is hilariously fitting for that RP xD

    I'm already liking what I see

    Oh, and Arius, I'll try to get to you about that RP stuff soonish. I'm kind of busy today xD
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  11. *takes a bow* Many greetings and I hope you have a wonderful time and many adventures here!
  12. Oh hey~
    I see you have Gajeel as your avatar.

    Best character in Fairy Tail ever. :D
  13. Indeed he is, glad to see a fellow Fairy Tail lover :D
  14. I mean come on, the guy eats metal. How awesome can you get? xD

    and yep, nice to see another one here, maybe I'll see you in an RP or two~
  15. True, I'm actually gonna change it shortly because of the new episode that just came out. I have the perfect picture in mind, already have it as my phone background, and yes maybe I'll see you around as well :3
  16. Lemme guess, something having to do with Iron Shadow Dragon mode?

    Oh mah gawd I can't wait for the next episode and for Gajeel to completely destroy Rogue. :D

    It needs to be out already xD
  17. Indeed it is Iron Shadow Dragon Slayer Gajeel :3 I did it through my phone cause my laptop said the file was to big. XD
  18. ..And your phone said it wasn't? Technology, why you so dumb? xD
    Anyways, I gotta go now. Yard work calls. See ya friend~
  19. Yes technology is a lovely thing my friend. I shall be getting off shortly as well so I shall see you later.