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  1. Just call me by my nickname Siegdrake. Since it's long, just call me Siegdrake-senpai. :bananaman:

    I'm primarily into Fandom anime-themed roleplays. My current roleplay is as listed in my signature: Owari no Seraph. Feel free to join as we still need some more members. I might be making a Group RP on the Light Novel/Anime "Black Bullet" soon enough. I also have some other stuff planned for my roleplaying "career" here, but I'm a bit busy despite the long holiweek. Nice meeting you guys, and hopefully we could start or make a roleplay. Peace.

    I seem to hold the 169th thread. Not that it means anything, mind you. C:
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  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Domo Arigatou, friend.
  4. Hello Siegdrake :)
    I also share your liking for fandom Anime-themed Rp's.
    I'm new here myself to but if you're ever interested in Rping feel free to let me know
  5. Hey, cool name! By the way, hi! I'm also new here, hope that we will get along well :)
  6. Thanks, you guys. C:
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