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  1. Well, here's my greeting! Every other site has died or is just way too complicated for my tastes. I spent some time searching and found a picture of a bunny decided to click it and BAM I'm here. Just want to say I'm excited about being a part of the site and love how you guys encourage good Roleplay without being too preachy about it.
  2. Yes, here at Iwaku, we are all about fun, fun, fun and even more...well.....FUN!

    We have many things to do here that may be in your interes!

    I have a few suggestions that will get you kicked off and started on our site!

    First, I introduce our academy. Here, we have many fun activities and our mentoring program is great for helping you with any rp needs!

    Next, we have some Jump-In Role Plays! There are many great choices to choose from and play. If you see one of interest, don't be afraid, just jump right in and have fun!

    Lastly, introduce you to the Cbox! You can chat with other members of the community like you and make some friends. Its a great way to get to know our other members of the site!

    I hope that you find those links use! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and we will gladly assist you.

    Have fun and welcome to the family, Asiel!

  3. Welcome to Iwaku, Ra'asiel!

    Tetsu-bro has got you set up with all the useful links you can use.

    Enjoy your stay here!
  4. Tetsuri, you suck up. >:[

    No, really. Those links will save your ass here. Welcome to Iwaku. I am Iliana, your personal Goddess of Fire, though, I do not believe you can have me. >>;

    The only way this site will die is if Vay smiles. Then and only then.

    So, enjoy your everlasting stay! :D
  5. Ra!
    Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm Selenite, pleased to meet you!

    Have some cookies. I baked them just for you.

    Why do I feel nobody believes me?

    Bunnies are SO attractive aren't they?!

    I love this place!
    Have fun, and see you around!

  6. Nice to meet you too, and, YAY COOKIES!