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  1. Hey all,

    Its been a while since I've roleplayed but since it's summer I have a lot more free time on my hands. I like romance, modern, and fantasy rps (read my bio to find out more) and although I prefer one on one I can do a group rp as well. PM me if you would like to rp. That's pretty much it!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku! Please enjoy your stay.
  3. Thank you ^.^
  4. Hello, Piano! Welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm sure you've already poked around the site a bit, but I wanted to pop in and greet you anyway! I see that you prefer 1x1s - I do too! Group Roleplays can get confusing and frustrating, haha. We have a lot of 1x1 requests right now, so feel free to browse through those and see if there are any that you like! If not, you can always start one of your own. That's the best part about being on such a large site - with so many members, somebody is bound to like the same things that you do. We also have Group Roleplays, of course, if you'd like to try those on for size.

    It's good that you've already filled out your Resume, that's really helpful! We also offer a lot apart from straight roleplaying - General Chatting, Games, Showcases, Characters, a Chatbox where you can chatter with members in real time, and a whoooooooole bunch of other stuff that I'm not going to list off right now because I'm lazy :D Yay!

    Don't hesitate to ask questions!

  5. That's very helpful. Thank you!
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