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what's up i'm aion, i'm 19, and i've really only got muse for kurama from yu yu hakusho right now. i'm not too picky when it comes to plot, as i've discovered that kurama's pretty adaptable when it comes to many things and i can cross over into most fandoms with a little bit of plotting and all that jazz.

  • i do tend to like to interact with canon characters (from just about any fandom), however.
  • i can rp on a forum, dms, discord, whereever you'd like.
  • my length can be from anywhere from a single paragraph to seven or more (with proper grammar and syntax, i promise. i am just suuuper lazy and it is a terrible habit for me to write like this out of character)
  • i do love shipping!! if we can make things work between out muses, i'd be hella down for that!

idk where i'm actually going with this honestly just hit me up, i'm sorry this is so sloppily thrown together but it'll do until i can get my shit together