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  1. Greetings everyone, it's Nomad-22 here, but just call me Nomad for short. Anyway as you all notice I have a interest check, involving the GI JOE series. I'm looking for one, or two partners to roleplay with me as members of the GI JOE team fighting together, during a fierce battle against Cobra. So is there anyone interested? If that may be the case, then we can discuss possible ideas for the Joes and their mission.

    Knowing is half the battle :)

  2. Just one or two people? Would it be more interesting with a smallish group? 10ish?
  3. It would be cool if that can work. I just don't know how how many would join up for this, so one or possible two more roleplayes was being on the safe side. Still I should've explain, a little better earlier. Each writer can RP up to one to two JOE characters if we want to. Beside that the Joe team will have between a squad or platoon worth of NPCs, Greenshirt troops to be more specific, backing them up.

    As for the combat itself think it will be of a band of brothers theme. Membership now can go up either to three or eight roleplayers if we're that lucky.
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