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  1. As long as you can post a couple times a week I will be happy and I will RP F/M, M/M, or F/F relationships. Anyways here are a few coupling ideas:

    Senior in High school x Freshmen in College
    Nerd x Artist
    Loner x Oblivious Popular
    Alpha x Beta [in terms of power or actual animals if you wanna]
    Magical x Mundane
    Half Vampire x Alpha Werewolf/cat
    Time Traveler x Human
    Psychic x Psychic Blocker
    Pryomancer x Snow Fairy
    Shapeshifter [demon] x Human
    Assassin x Target's Guard [or the Target]
    Inventor x Invention
    Psychic x Psychic
    Genderbender x Human
    Genderbender x Genderbender
    Merperson x Human
    Vampire x Human
    Scientist x Creation
    Neko [cat person] x Neko [cat person]

    And now for some love triangles, because they're awesome:

    Student x Student x Teacher [or any order honestly]
    Princess x Knight x Handmaid [genders can be swapped]
    Dragon [shapeshifting involved] x Experienced Rider x Trainee Rider

    ** Once I have at least two RPs with a specific couple or threesome it will be crossed out...

    I can easily write up a plot, or three, if need be for any of the above ideas. Or, if you're interested let me know and we can build one together. Or we could just let things happen as they may with a very loose plot. Anyways. *crosses fingers* I hope someone likes at least one of these. *waits patiently*
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  2. Do your rp male or female?
  3. I'd be interested in the student x student x teacher love triangle roleplay. If you're still interested, PM me and we can chat more about the plot! :D
  4. On the same note as above, I'd be willing to play the third character in that RP
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  5. Assassin x Target sounds like fun
  6. I'm interested in the half-vampire x half-werewolf/neko (half cat person), demon x human or the student/student/teacher triangle :)
    I don't mind being a guy either :)
  7. @Wintermoon - I RP both genders~

    @Alison - Alright then.

    @April - Um. Do you wanna do the plot too?

    @ Stryder - YAY~ Feel free to PM me so we can work out plot and characters~

    @Aly Purdy - Which one are you the most interested in? I am willing to do more than one roleplay with you as well~. PM me if ya wanna work things out more with me.
  8. Princess x knight x hand maid in interested in :)
  9. @Wintermoon - I PMed you

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