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  1. Introductions!!

    I'm TorTracyn, but Tor is totally ok if you don't want to try and pretend to know how to pronounce that. I'll just go ahead and let you know it's Mandalorian (from Star Wars) and vaguely translates to Fiery Justice or some shit like that. I'm not as big into Star Wars as that all makes me sound, I'm more just into the Mandalorians and I'm part of the Mandalorian Mercs costume club (not official yet, but getting there!).

    I'm more into medieval fantasy than I am scifi, but I do enjoy a good space thing now and then.

    I've been rp'ing since I was 13 and on NeoPets (>.>) and I was HOPELESSLY addicted to rp until I was 20 and met my now-husband who showed me that (*gasp!*) there's an outside world where people actually go and do things...Not to say I completely kicked the addiction...I do go into withdraws if I don't get at least one post a day lol It's kinda sad, really...

    I'm 25 now, did a short 2.5 years (two years, seven months, fifteen days.....) in the US Coast Guard but hurt my back. I'm working on getting disability now because I don't half-ass anything, including hurting myself apparently lol.

    It doesn't stop me from rping or playing with my dog, so that's all that matters to me lol

    So, I started with one-liners on NeoPets, then graduated to one-liners on Lackadaisy (Emily O'Connor, if anyone here's from there), and now I try for nice, full posts with descriptions and everything but sometimes I'm still hopelessly lazy.

    As for what I rp...seriously, I'll do pretty much anything. I enjoy pirates, fantasy, medieval, modern fantasy, teenagers/college kids with powers, super dark depressing things, super bright and happy things, I'll do space stuff but it isn't my forte...ummm...yeah. Pretty much, name something and I'll probably do it if I'm bored enough or it's interesting enough lol.

    Aaannnddd that's just about it, I think. All the interesting stuff. I could go into costuming or LARPing more if I felt like it, but I don't! So there! :P

  2. [Cammy]Yaaaaay! *pounces and hugs!*

    This is my RP Buddy and you should all get to know her because she's awesome. :3

    *stamps "Welcome" on your forehead and runs away!*
  3. Cammy held me at gunpoint and told me I should come greet you, or else. So, here I am!

    Welcome to Iwaku! I hope you enjoy yourself and have fun!
  4. *is stamped!!* O_O

    Haha hi guys! :D
  5. Hi, Cammy's friend! Cammy has told me a bit about you (all positive, I promise). :] I'm Ozzie, and I also like costumes/LARPing/Star Wars/pirates/fantasy/some other things in common, so it would be great if we could chat sometime! I think I actually may have RPed on Neopets around the same time as you did.

    If you have any questions about the forum or just want to talk, shoot me a message.
  6. Cammy told me about you too, and that's actually what got me to finally sign up here XD I'm working on setting up all of my resumes and such, but I will totally message you once I get the chance. :)

    Actually, I'll do that now :D
  7. >.> I'm also alive... i was on here... some time ago, because Cammy dragged me over from Lackadaisy. I am the aforementioned husband =D *waves* hi honey bun!!!

    uhhh... things and stuff, yeah. I got sidetracked by by horrible depression that I'm still fighting, but thanks to Tor, I'm no longer wallowing it a pit of horrible
  8. [Cammy]Yay! *pounces Sarloch and bounces away happily!* [/Cammy]
  9. Hello Tor! I love Lackadaisy...I wish she had time to update her comics more! /tears

    Also, I'm pretty sure all my neopets are dead <_< and sorry to hear about your back. Hopefully things look up for you, dear. Welcome to Iwaku!
  10. :D Thanks, Cosmos! I love your avatar! Can't go wrong with Sexy Joker lol And I also wish Lackadaisy updated more often, but I'm ok with her taking forever because the art is AMAZING...

    And: BUAHAHA! I dragged Sarloch back in! Yay!
  11. [Cammy]Now we can resume our plan for world domination! Muahahahahaaaaa!

    *gets distracted by a shiny* Oooooooooo... [/Cammy]
  12. World dominaaaaa-did you say shiney?!