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I am a Pirate, I search for all those worthy of sailing with me on my quest for an amazing RP here and on Groups or 1x1. I really love stories of Pirates and demigods alike, Camp Half-Blood, Pirates of the Caribbean are the bomb and I search for all those who love such adventure. Be warned though I am a bit bad with grammar and I seek to improve it so it might take a while. I am very active in an RP if I like it and if you guys want to join my crew YO HO my Men YO HO.
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A warm welcome to Iwaku, Pirate! I hope you enjoy your sails here, and that ya unearth some nice roleplay booty. :3

..Wow, that sounded weird. XD


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Welcome to Iwaku. Toll is three candy bars and 3/4's of your soul, as well as two years of your life just for insurance. Take a cookie, and have a nice stay.
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Welcome! I adore pirate plays! I think I might add one to my request list. Thanks for the idea. ♥
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