Yo, Any Harry Potter Fans Out There?

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  1. Hello!
    I've got two plots from the Harry Potter fandom that I'd love to do.
    However, I have a few requirements first.

    1- Literacy. I need a partner who is the same level as me. Which to me, means that you can use proper grammar, and punctuation, as well as spacing, and you know how to spell correctly, as well as use the correct versions of words.
    (Example; your and you're)

    2- Activity. I would prefer a partner who is quite active. I would love if someone could reply more than once a day, but I understand that isn't always possible, so I'll accept someone who can reply at least once every other day.
    (Example; You reply Monday, but not Tuesday, and then you reply again Wednesday)

    3- I appreciate a partner who loves to plot with me, as well as make oc bios. I have been getting a lot of unenthusiastic people when it comes to these things, and it just takes away from the whole spirit of the role play.

    4- Please let me know if you're bored of the role play, or if you simply want to quit. I would also appreciate it if you could let me know these things during planning as well- I hate having to send a message asking what happened. Please don't leave me hanging. In return, I won't leave you hanging.

    5- Although I would prefer someone 18+ in age, I'll accept people who are 16+. If you're younger than that, I just can't do a romance with you, I'm sorry.
    If you've read all this, please tell me your favorite color.

    Now that those are out of the way, please note that the two ideas I have are the ones I'd like to stick to.
    I am willing to double as a canon from the HP universe for you, if asked.


    My oc and Draco were dating while at Hogwarts, and continued on afterwards. They've been married for a few years, and early on in their marriage, things were rough, since the Malfoy named was ruined after the whole Voldemort thing.

    Draco couldn't get work, and he was shunned, and my oc suffered as well, since she's his wife.

    Now, a few years later, things have begun to look up, Draco got a job, and they're becoming members of society again, ect, ect.

    But last year my oc had a miscarriage, which resulted in her becoming depressed, and thus creating distance between the two, which caused Draco to begin an affair with someone at work.

    There can be drugs involved, or something else, I just like the drama of it all.


    This will take place when Snape first begins teaching, before Harry gets to school.
    My oc is a seventh year Slytherin, who's family is much like the Malfoys.
    They're old Pure Blood, and wealthy, as well as involved with The Dark Lord.
    So, of course, my oc has grown up knowing Severus outside of school and such.
    She admires him, and hopes to one day become a Potions Master as well, since she has such a talent and love for the class.
    Severus has a soft spot for the girl as well.
    My oc's parents have been urging her to become a Death Eater for years, and have finally told her that if she refuses to do it by the end of the year, she will be disowned, and possibly killed by the other Death Eaters.
    They've asked Severus to keep an eye on her during the year, and persuade her to join the Death Eaters.
    He agrees, though in reality he only did so in order to watch over my oc and keep her safe.
    As such, they grow closer, and eventually begin a romantic relationship.

  2. Hey, the Draco one seems pretty cool, I'd be up for that! If you want, of course.
    Oh, and my favourite colour is red. Haha c:
  3. Awesome! Thank you for reading through my rules.
    PM me please!
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