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    The world has been peaceful for as long as anyone alive can remember. History tells of a time that war ravaged the land, seas, and air alike, the world being torn asunder by the conflicts of man. All four nations had become reduced to little more than quarreling regions that fought to either conquer or survive. The years have passed, as have those who remembered the turmoil the lands suffered. However, the pain from that time has never completely faded, as some wounds can never truly heal. The Fire Nation has become a stalwart ally in the fight to maintain a peace in the world with the other nations, and has maintained a constant vigil to ensure that corruption would never again take root in it's borders.

    Tensions run high now and then between the four nations, and now those tensions threaten to hurtle the world back into a period of death and despair. The Earth Kingdom, in times before known as the land of steady defenders who never allowed anything to trample over them, a land of people who strove to remain neutral and simply survive, has become the birthplace of a new generation conflict. Within it's borders, a man has risen to seek a new world order, in the hopes of achieving a peace that could never be broken. It began as simple raids, and over time became cunning strikes on important outposts, then full on militaristic takeovers.

    The Earth Kingdom began to stir the other nations by implanting rumors of a war coming, that the Fire Nation intended to follow in the footsteps of it's recent predecessors. While these rumors were initially false, much animosity was still felt towards the Fire Nation, and as such, they were often believed. This friction against the already strained peace agreement was all it took for small conflicts to break out between the nations, primarily the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation. It didn't take but a couple years for the fighting to reach deadly proportions.

    Now, with the war in full swing, battles rage all across the world, the great nations fighting amongst themselves. Meanwhile, a new threat to the world grows, taking on the form of a new avatar, while simultaneously another is presented. One avatar, the continued line of the avatars of old has appeared in the Fire Nation, and another mysterious avatar has appeared in the Earth Kingdom. It is speculated that this second avatar is simply a hoax, but it is widely believed in the kingdom, and as such, the truth is presently unknown to all but the royalty of the Earth Kingdom.

    Within the Fire Nation, a young man enters a small farming community, a village known to have stayed as far away from the war as possible. The village has been able to remain free of the violence, but many of the villagers have already felt the war's affects, having lost family members to the war effort. The man clad in an orange tunic with grey stripped pants and interestingly enough, no shoes, walked slowly under the archway the was the marked border of the village. A short yellow cape blew gently in the breeze over-top a longer orange cape. The man's face was covered by a shade hate, and a black cloth that came up over his face.

    A sharp spear twirled in his hand, coming to a stop as the blade stuck into the ground, the man stretching briefly as he took in the sights. The shaft was seemingly made of stone, while the blade itself was made of metal. His head turned slightly as what appeared to be a vegetable stand came into view. He made his way over slowly, bowing his head respectfully to the young woman behind the stand. The woman didn't appear to thrilled about his appearance, and said nothing until he spoke first. "Hello, how much for the potatoes?" He asked respectfully, a medium-pitched voice rang out from under the shade.

    The woman smiled nervously and replied in earnest. "O-only two copper pieces each, sir." The man smiled underneath his mask, reaching into a pouch with his right hand, dropping a few onto the stand in front of him. "I'll take two please." He said softly, taking a couple of them and inspecting them before again, bowing. The woman took the copper pieces, placing them in her pocket as the man began to walk off with his purchase. She watched him carefully as he walked away. She was no stranger to unpleasant behavior from people these days. Everyone and their brother seemed to be on edge.
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  2. Azura was walking down the village road she was sent by her mother to pick up some supplies from a local vendor. As she passed by the small buildings and farmland she started humming to herself her long silky blue hair flowing around her, she was carrying a large backpack to put the supplies in so she should haul them back to her home. Azura tilts her head slightly as she sees an unfamiliar man dressed in a odd fashion walking away from the vegetable vendor, he was obviously not from around here.

    She walks up to the general store building a pang of fear hitting her at what a stranger could mean, she really hopes he isnt here to start trouble she didnt want anyone else to get hurt, she hated wars and the fact that innocents get brought into them sickens her. She opens the door a light bell tolling to signal the owner a customer was entering, trying to put the strange man out of her mind she walks up to the counter smiling brightly at the old man that she had known sense she was little. "Hey Akiko! Im here to pick up the order my mother placed the other day" her voice was friendly and bright. He smiles at her and nods going to the back to get her supplies together for her. ​
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  3. Butterflies of yellow and purple fluttered fiercely against the fickle breeze which threatened to blow them away from flowers that littered the fields. Do they enjoy going against the flow of the mighty wind knowing failure is inevitable? Surely, they must, else why won't those petty creatures lay down their wings and simply let the wind carry them off to their deaths. Isn't that where we all are headed anyway? As if ashamed, the wind ebbed down and the butterflies found their way in the nearby flowers.

    A boy stood tall and stoic in his robes of white mourning. Beyond him was a vast green landscape where life danced underneath the peaceful blue skies. He clicked his tongue at the irony of today's beauty. He heard the skies only broke into tears when good people were to be buried. Does that mean my father is not worth the cleansing of rain?

    Your father has shed his fair share of blood, a familiar, gentle voice stirred within him. The boy laughed so heartily at this that the butterflies flew away. His elaborate headpiece the only hint of his nobility fell and revealed his dark wavy hair; it's tips, shaking along with him, barely touched his broad shoulders. He smelled badly of burnt incense.

    He hadn't heard the another boy creep up behind him. "You sound crazy, Mengji." The newcomer was much, much younger and his robes were more extravagant than the other. The concern in his words did not suit his childish voice. But his young, round, green eyes were too adorable even for Mengji to ignore. Still, he kept his fondness of the young one in check.

    "No, Your Majesty," the older looked down on its Earth King. The little one saw an unnerving flash in his beloved Mengji's grey eyes. He couldn't help but take a step back, which Mengji matched with a step forward. "This is the sound of a free man," Mengji added.

    "O-oh," the young Earth King stammered. "You mean Does that mean you w-won't take the offer?"

    "You kidding?" Mengji faced the mausoleum behind him where his old man is now laying in peace. The shelter was made of earth, molded by the finest Earthbenders of Ba Sing Se. But no matter how intricate the architecture was, it could not disguise what it truly was: a house of the dead, and no more. Mengji grinned, "I'll be much better than my father, Your Majesty. I'm the Avatar, after all. Now, come," he offered his had at the young prince, "We have a kingdom to rule."

    And the two boys, hands locked together, walked back to the mausoleum where carriages will carry them back to Ba Sing Se. "And how many times have I told you to call me Mengjiao," the butterflies heard the older one's words before the breeze carried their wings to where it splat on a nearby tree trunk.​
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  4. Bi Han glanced over at the building that the young woman just walked into. Something about her gave him a strange feeling, a sort of preemptive dejavu. Something about her just felt...different. His eyes narrowed under his shade, looking back to the woman behind the stand. No, she probably wasn't worth asking about. After all, he had no intention of remaining here for more than a day or so. Pivoting on his heel, he turned and began walking further into the city when he heard a peculiar sound behind him. It sounded (and more importantly, felt) like a herd of large creatures were nearing the village's entrance. "What now? Komodo Rhinos?" He asked no one in particular, looking back at the entrance. In the distance he could see them, smoke trails behind them. Something big is going on here. But what? What could they want?

    With that, a trio of the large creatures strode into the city, being ridden by a trio of Fire Nation soldiers, all of which appeared to be rather wizened. Odds are, they were men who had put a great deal of time into their military careers. One of the men dropped down from his mount, walking over to the woman behind the vegetable stand. "You there, miss, we are looking for a young woman. She has brightly colored hair and blue eyes. It is important that we find her." His voice was one of those deeper tones that commanded respect. It was obvious that this man was of some standing within the Fire Nation. Bi Han himself had only been to the Fire Nation a small handful of times, but he had men no small number of men like this one. Something about this just screamed bad idea.

    The woman seemed uncertain, almost frightened to answer the question. Not surprising. This was a small village. In a place like this almost everyone knew each other, and to sell someone out was downright unthinkable. The man noticed her hesitation as well, it seemed, as he began speaking again. "Do not worry, we are not here to harm her. We come bearing important news that she must hear." This calmed the woman, and she nodded before replying in her timid tone. "O-okay. That's Azura. She just w-went into the building across the road." She said quietly, gesturing towards the building the young woman had just entered. Bi Han glanced over to the building, then back to the men. Oh yeah, this was likely to get very interesting, very soon.

    The soldier thanked her, turning back towards the building. They apparently decided they would wait patiently, the other two men stepping down from their mounts and tying them off so they wouldn't wander around. The two men stood in a formation outside of the building, their hands folded behind their backs as they waited. In the mean time, Bi Han leaned against the building, his eyes down toward the ground, his shade hiding his face as it usually did. This should prove far more interesting than anything he would have done before hand. Then again...this could also prove rather bad.


    A young woman stood beside the carriage that would be escorting the young ruler and his adviser back to the city proper. Her eyes were deep jade color, a sort of intoxicating beauty about them. Her midnight hair was folded into a pair of buns covered in luxurious cloth. Xiaoyu flashed them both a pleasant smile. "Greetings, your majesty. Xu." She offered a respectful bow, her smile widening slightly as she looked to the older boy. "It's been a while. You've certainly managed to move up in the world since the old days." She said with a sort of far away fondness of memories past. It had been quite some time since she had seen him. They had played together a lot as children, but, as soon as he discovered who he was, or rather, who he was to be, everything changed. "As you can see, I haven't gone much of anywhere." She said quietly, her smile waning slightly as she opened the door to the carriage. The driver was still sitting up front, glancing back at them on occasion while waiting for them to be ready to leave.

    For a long time now, Xiaoyu had just been another member of nobility that wouldn't amount to anything other than simply existing. This drove her to do just about anything she could to prove her worth or to simply do something that she deemed worthwhile. In that regard, she had a tendency to get into trouble, becoming something of a wild child. Once the two of them would climb in, she too would jump in, ready to return to her home. Then again, now might be a good time to get reacquainted with him. Of course, she had heard much about how he had changed since the old days. Word was that he had become much more reserved since then, the type of guy who would rather ignore you than speak with you. She wondered how true such things were.
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  5. The first few moments inside the royal carriage was quiet save for the occasional laughter of the Earth King. Mengjiao had conjured snakes of water from his bottle to dance around His Majesty to play with. The Avatar will never cease to marvel at how easy it was to keep children preoccupied. So adorably pathetic. With one hand bending the water and the other, a fist on his cheek, one can see how amused he was. Like a master who watched as his kitten kept pawing at a ball of yarn.

    But every once in a while, he glanced at his female companion who sat in front of him, also quiet. At first, when she had greeted him back at the funeral, he could not place her, and so he ignored her like all the other people who did not matter to him. But now, the memory of her jade eyes brought back memories of childhood he nearly forgotten. Ah, yes, Xiaoyu Sun, I remember you.

    After checking that the young King was completely emmersed by his fluttering play thing, he nodded at his old neighbor, "Xiaoyu Sun, I nearly forgot about you. How boring your life must've been." The confidence and mischief in his expression seemed to magnify when he looked at her. An idea had popped in his head. "You might have heard by now: His Majesty has asked me to take the place of my father as Grand Secretariat. I will gladly do as His Majesty wishes but I'm afraid some nobles would not like having another Xu take the reigns. Do you happen to hear rumors that tell me likewise?"

    Mengjiao spoke as he would from a higher noble to another of lower rank. He knew how different his words rang from when he was a child and all that mattered was how to hit Xiyu with mudballs. Xiyu, he smirked. How long has it been since he called her that? But it seemed improper to use it now. She grew up to be a fine woman without a purpose, like the rest of the nobles. I will give you a grand purpose, Xiyu. But for now, you'll be my eyes and ears. A dear puppet.
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  6. As Azura gathered the supplies Akiko gave her and put them in her backpack she frowns slightly hearing an odd commotion outside, she quickly pays Akiko then throws the backpack on walking out the door. She stops dead in her tracks at seeing the Fire Nation soldiers surrounding the entrance obviously waiting for someone, her? Frowning at the odd sight in their little town she walks up to what seemed to be the leader "Uh can I help you? Are you waiting for me?" her voice is polite but confused. Azura keeps a few feet between her and the leader ready for anything, she didnt know if they were here for a bad or good reason and until she found out she would stay prepared for anything. Folding her arms across her chest she waits patiently, glimpsing the strange man off to the side, did he have something to do with this? ​
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  7. Akita wandered the little village, a bit nervous with only a small bit of water left in the pouch on her hip. Her long, ebony tresses were held up by a single blue hair spool from the Northern water tribe while the rest of her wore green earth bending garb to keep herself looking inconspicuous. She was only here to see if she could get something to eat for a small amount of money. She hadn't brought but a few coins with her when she ran away because of a terrible blood bending experience. It's illegal now and she knew that if anyone she knew, family, friends, even acquaintances from the northern water tribe ever saw her again, they'd hate and hurt her for what she'd done. She was a monster, so she had to run far, far away. She had been traveling for awhile before ending up here. Maybe she'd find a river nearby that she could refill her pouch with... Before she could make her way past the stands of food and buildings though, she heard the distant rumblings of approaching animals. Everyone faced toward the Fire nation soldiers as they approached and gave them a wide berth. Akita kept her distance, but stayed close enough to hear what the wanted from the woman. If she could do anything to keep anyone in the nervous gathering from getting hurt today, she would do it. Her hands stayed subtly ready. She considered stepping inside the building to warn some girl with bright hair about the fact that they might be looking for her, but she came out too soon, having heard the commotion as well.
    Akita still kept her cerulean eyes open and watched her surroundings careully, noticing every detail, as well as a man who decided to stay closer to the soldiers like she did. She wondered if he knew the girl, Azura.
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  8. The three soldiers clad in their red and black armor looked to the young woman as she exited the building. Bi Han himself glanced over to her, now able to get a better look at her. She was indeed young, and she had the look of the naive girl who was about to find herself in something so deep that she wouldn't be able to wrap her inexperienced mind around it. Unfortunately, what came next was not only shocking, but probably one of the most unbelievable things he could have possibly heard. The leader of the soldiers took a small step forward, bowing with respect as he began to speak, his followers doing the same.

    "My lady, Azura. We come bearing news both great and terrible. The Fire Sages have decreed that you are the world's next avatar." The man spoke the words so sternly that even if it had been some kind of joke, it never would have been humorous. The man glanced up at her, his mouth twiching slightly after the words came out, unsure of what the reaction would be. Many a gasp sounded collectively from around the small group of people around. Several of which immediately dropped down into a kneeling position, bowing their heads respectfully. Bi Han simply stared in shock. What? Was that possible?! He had been around the world a lot in the passed year, and had heard and seen a great many things, some of which seemed beyond belief. But this...

    This had to be impossible. For he, unlike most if not all of those in the Fire Nation knew that the avatar had already been found in the Earth Kingdom. So, it had to be a lie...but then again, it could have just as easily been a lie by the Earth Kingdom. Both could have easily made up a falsehood to try and demoralize the opposition. Then again, the Earth Kingdom hadn't even attempted to make it public knowledge to the rest of the world. It was likely they were trying to save it for an opportune strike. His shaded eyes looked to the men, then back to the girl. So...whom was telling the truth?

    Bi Han then noticed another young woman had arrived. From the look of her, she was from the Earth Kingdom, which wouldn't be good for her, considering she was in the Fire Nation at present. Then again, none of the attention was on her at the moment. Part of him was tempted to talk to her. She appeared to be alone, and worse than that, she appeared to be hungry and poor. His eyes narrowed slightly, his fingertips touching the pouch of coin at his hip. A lot was happening at once, what exactly was he to do? He would have to wait and see.


    Xiaoyu smiled slightly to the man sitting across from her. He was doing what he could to entertain the boy king, using his bending talents to perform minor tricks. The young woman sat with her face pointing out the window of the transport, her chin resting on the palm of her right hand, her left tapping on the seat beside her. He seemed to be not only bored out of his mind, but he seemed to be escaping from various things plaguing his mind. Perhaps he had a lot on his mind? Then again, considering his new position, that was very likely. It was difficult to believe that all those years ago he was just another boy at the academy with her. A boy that liked to occasionally pull her hair or throw mud or snow at her.

    Now, he was a young man, one whom had the tendency to push others aside and not give them an ounce of thought. Yet, still a boy. A boy who still had that had that far off look that betrayed little thought or emotion, yet longed for someone who understood. This thought broadened her smile. Yet, he seemed to bear no memory of her, a thought that brought her a little sadness, no doubt. However, that wouldn't really surprise her. After all, she had remained under the proverbial radar since she was a child. She had always been the secretive type, keeping things as far from regular view as possible. Her exterior was kind and bubbly, outgoing and polite, even fun and joyful. But her interior, well, that was a whole other story.

    When the boy finally spoke to her, her jade eyes lazily moved back to him, playful smile remaining intact. "So, you do remember me, huh?" She asked, her smile broadening slightly. Of course, he then made a comment about her life having been boring. The girl's eyes narrowed slightly, her face shifting into the barest hint of a pout. "You know, its not polite to poke fun at a lady." She said softly, her gaze again shifting out the window. He continued on, speaking of his new position, that she of course was well aware of. Xiaoyu had always been the type to have her ear to the ground. In fact, it was very rare that anything happened in the city without her knowledge. Hell, if someone coughed within the city limits, she knew about it. Of course, some things about the entire Earth Kingdom that very few knew were common knowledge to her.

    Jade eyes again moved to him, meeting his gaze with an ominous glance, the pout fading to show not even the slightest amount of emotion. "Ah, curious about other people's opinions of you? I never thought you the type to care." She said quietly, suppressing the desire to smirk at her comment. She slowly sat upright, crossing her arms and legs both as she looked to him. "I've heard many things about you, about your position, and about what such things mean. Nothing happens around here without my knowledge. Even a man of your...status...would do well to remember that." This time, her signature smirk crossed her lips, a look that had become a rather intimidating thing in the Earth Kingdom's underground.
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  9. Akita liked to think she was aware sometimes, but in truth, she never payed much attention to gossip or news while living in the tribe. It took conscious effort to stay on her toes, which is exactly what she's doing now, but as to knowing about the animosity between the earth and fire kingdoms far from her own tribe, she was clueless. She wasn't aware that wearing green in a small fire nation village would attract any attention. And it didn't matter much to her since she'd be passing through pretty quickly anyway. Until now. Watching some of the other citizens bow before the 'new Avatar', Akits kneeled as well, trying hard to remember if she'd heard anything about the Avatar since she'd been traveling. She vaguely remembered a mention of the avatar in the earth kingdom, but that couldn't be right if the wide eyed girl before her was.
    Akita became confused, but still kept her eyes open, glancing about without being obvious about it. Her azure eyes caught sight of the strangely dressed man who was still standing...and looking at her. She averted her gaze. No one's supposed to look at her. She's not supposed to be noticed!
    She was briefly tempted to just make a run for it and slip into the shadows or alleys , but with most kneeling around here and wearing red, it would just make stick out even more.
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  10. Azura blinked in a somewhat stunned state at the mans declaration. Avatar?! But but but....Ok I guess its not that shocking....She had always known she was different....I guess this just confirms it. Becoming eerily calm Azura frowns slightly still a little unsure "A-are you sure? I mean I can only Fire bend....How do you know im the new Avatar sir?" Seeing the other villagers get flustered and start to bow to her she fidgets nervously not liking the sudden attention. She didnt want to be treated different or revered over something she was born with.

    Looking out at the small crowd she spots a splash of green kneeling the same as the others to her, now that was odd, why would a Earth Nation citizen be here? Azura was still weary of the masked man that was now looking toward the green dressed girl, she had a feeling he was more than he seemed. Her royal blue eyes fall back to the leader wondering how this could be happening so suddenly...
  11. Mengjiao felt his wall of confidence collapse around him for a second only for a second and swiftly rebuilt the smirk on his face. The stream of water he had bended for the Earth King to play with hovered still in this fragile second before Mengjiao made it dance again. "I don't care what other people think of me per se," he assured his female companion. "But it doesn't hurt to know if the shadows lurking nearby are out to get you." His voice was as light and certain as ever, but his eyes... He allowed his gaze to show her how she had struck a nerve. I am afraid of nothing, he wanted his grey eyes to say.

    He had far from expected Xiaoyu to face him like an equal. Of course, there were others who blindly treated him the same. Many more even looked down on him in the past. But they were men or high-ranking fools and Xiaoyu is simply Xiaoyu, an innocent young noblewoman who just happens to know other nobles... or is she not? Now, he was unsure what to make of her.

    "I do remember," he leaned closer to her. His fingers still bending the Earth King's plaything. "That grin of yours. Always, a tell-tale sign that you have come up with a game our parents would definitely disapprove," a genuine chuckle from recalling a childhood memory, "But, yes, you are right. You must know many things about many things. Trust that I shall respect you for your knowledge."

    Mengjiao nodded at her, a symbol of his word which didn't mean much really. Even as a child, he had often lied through his perfectly lined teeth to get what he wanted. Xiyu must know this, too, he thought. But he will say anything to make her like him, like the rest of his allies. Because fooling hearts is always fun... and useful. And because, it seems my Xiyu has grown up to become one of the fools who think are better than I am. He was beaming at her, "So... have you heard anything at all?"​
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  12. The three soldiers nodded in earnest to the young woman, the leader again speaking. "The Fire Sages have never been wrong before, my lady. We are tasked with escorting you to the western air temple to begin your training as the avatar." The three men rose, taking quick glances around at the group. Bi Han himself was quite interested in this situation. After all, from what he had heard, his home nation had discovered the avatar. But, he wasn't about to step in on this. After all, it could have easily been a lie, a lie that he couldn't test. This girl, however, he could find out if she is in fact the avatar by observing her. That would require offering up his help, though...Why not? If she was the avatar, it'd be a good thing to help her.

    Having decided fully on the matter, he took a step forward towards the young avatar. "Miss, I am Bi Han. I am a nomadic monk who has been traveling for a great deal of time in pursuit of my destiny, and I do believe I have found it. Please, allow me to aid you in your duties." He said with respect, placing his palm to his fist and bowing in a polite manner. He knew it was likely that she would disagree with the help of a random stranger, but all he could do was offer his assistance. Even if she refused, he would simply tail them anyway. The soldiers didn't seem pleased with this, their leader looking over to him. "The avatar shouldn't need any more help than us. Besides, you are unknown here, we don't know if we can trust you."

    Bi Han frowned under his shade and mask, glancing quickly over to the other girl he had spotted, the one who was dressed in the Earth Kingdom colors. Perhaps she was here for a similar reason? After all, it was rather strange to see such a person in a place like this. Still, he knew better than to include someone in something that they had no desire to be a part of. In all likelihood, she was simply trying to survive. Perhaps it was best to just let her go on her way. "Please, I know that I am meant to help the avatar. I would make a fine bodyguard and ally. If nothing else, I am very familiar with the wilderness." The soldiers said nothing this time, instead looking to the new avatar. "What do you think, my lady?"


    Xiaoyu observed the young man's reaction. She was certain she had indeed struck a nerve. In truth, she had no desire to make him fear her, she only wanted him to be aware that she wasn't someone to be trifled with. Over time, one of the common things that were said of him, was that he had a tendency to use people until they were no longer useful, then dispose of them. His loyalties were only to himself, and that was something she would need to change. At the very least, he would need to be loyal to her, otherwise...

    The young woman diverted her thoughts to something else, looking at him curiously as he continued to speak. "It's commendable that you care little about the opinions of others. However, sometimes those opinions are important. For example, when a member of the very government you now belong in wishes for you to disappear." The woman's words slipped out quietly, her smirk melting into a friendly smile again, as though she were just telling her friend to be careful.

    His words about their childhood brought back more fond memories, and she found herself chuckling briefly at his words. His genuine laugh and smile were pleasant. If she could breach his walls, maybe her childhood wish of being more than a friend could become a reality. Then again, was that really what she wanted these days? Or was it just another useful tool? It'd be hard to discern these days. "I remember those days fondly. I may of come up with the ideas, but it was always little Xu that led us through them." She said with a slight grin, her jade eyes glancing into his.

    The young woman nodded briefly in response to his words, the tassels attached to the cloth wrappings around her hair bouncing with the movement. "I appreciate your trust. I've heard much. Cheng Wei, one of the men you've no doubt heard of, has been raising through the political ladder as of late, and is aiming to take a seat on the council within the next couple years. He has expressed a great distaste in you as of late. It has been entirely behind closed doors, as he would never make a public enemy of someone in your position, much less the avatar. After all, such a thing would greatly dishonor him and his status..." Xiaoyu paused briefly after she spoke, leaning forward slightly so her dress revealed a little more up top than necessary.

    "...anyway, that isn't important right now. If you need anything, Avatar Xu, feel free to contact me and I'll do what I can." It wasn't necessarily a good idea to speak of such things in the presence of the king, but, she could certainly spare a little of the information on him around the distracted king. After all, children had such terribly short attention spans.
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  13. The new avatar seemed unsure of herself, Akita could see, but apparently, The Fire Sages had never been wrong..
    the water bender realized she was attracting unwanted attention now and while those around her had already begun to stand, Akita slipped away behind buildings and little kiosks until she reached the forest outside the little martket place. She breathed a sigh of release and continued to walk. She was hungry, but her main priority was water right now...maybe she'll find a river nearby. She closed her cerulean eyes and listened closely for any sound of rushing water. Maybe it wasn't rushing, but she could faintly hear the possible sound of a babbling brook. She felt drawn to it as a water bender and continued forward, taking a deep breath o the fresh air away from all the people.
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  14. Azura kept her arms folded across her chest watching the Fire Nation soldiers interact with the masked man - Bi Han, she raises her eyebrow slightly at the Fire Nation's confidence, she respected it but also she knew that people often let their pride get in the way of their judgement. Her sapphire eyes look at Bi Han surprised at his formal words and actions toward her, she wasnt use to it. She smiles softly waving her hand in a friendly gesture "No no please dont be so formal with me, all of you I dont see myself as above you so lets all be equals k?" Her voice is a little nervous but friendly.

    Azura looks her smile fading to the Fire Nation soldier trying to wrap her mind around her be the new Avatar. Deciding it was best to find out for herself she nods slightly. "I will go with you to the air temple, but I need to pack a few things first. Ill meet you all at the entrance to the village in a hour" She looks back at Bi Han "Including you that is if you wish to come along. The more the merrier, I just hope you betray my trust". Her voice is serious, she notices the green clothed girl has vanished from the crowd. But she decides to leave her be, no point in bringing attention to someone that hasnt done any harm.

    Azura walks down the steps and smiles at the soldiers and Bi Han trying to be cheerful even though her emotions were in chaos. "Ill be back, thank you for all of your support" With that she starts walking home the full backpack still strapped to her back.
  15. Mengjiao was pleased that Xiaoyu had subdued her assertiveness. Clearly, she is starting to fear him as she should. At least, that's what he thought to himself. "Of course, I lead our adventures," he winked at her. "If I remember correctly, you were afraid what your parents would do to you if got into any trouble. Do you still hide under their shadows, Xiaoyu?"

    This was a legitimate concern for him. He had lost touch of her in these past years. In fact, he had thought her unimportant and forgotten her. But it was too much of a coincidence that a person of his past appears to him after another has faded away completely. His mother would have called it fate. Fate may declare my Xiyu to have an important role of my destiny, but I will choose which role she shall play. I must know how weak this girl is, he decided.

    But Xiaoyu's feminine tricks is making Mengjiao anxious. He had not expected her to be so bold. So many surprises, this one. Seemingly lazily, Mengjiao diverted his gaze towards the Inner Wall of Ba Sing Se rising in the horizon. As majestic as it was intimidating, the great walls of the Earth Kingdom's capital has remained impenetrable for centuries now. But Mengjiao knows that once, long ago, the Fire Nation had defiled these walls with their metal montrosity. Soon enough, it'll be their walls that will fall— and no one will stand in his way.

    "Cheng Wei, eh?" he cupped his chin, eyeing the Earth King carefully, anywhere but Xiaoyu's legs. Is he listening? A hearty giggle from the little boy gave him the answer. "Yes, I've seen him give me dark looks back at the Palace," he shrugged. "But he is not a threat to me. If he is my biggest enemy among the nobles, then the council meeting to declare my place as Grand Secretariat will run smoothly."

    Abruptly, he stopped himself. Did I reveal too much? A scowl tainted his self-assured smirk for a second. Then, just as fast, he laughed heartily. Women and their guiles. Maybe Xiaoyu would find his sudden shifts of mood disturbing but it seemed the young Earth King was oblivious. Too oblivious. But Mengjiao shrugged it off. He's just a kid; no more, no less. And so both companions have yet a clue if the young royalty has the sharp ears of a true politician.​
  16. The soldiers were obviously displeased with the girl's request for an hour to prepare. But, they couldn't be terribly surprised. They just dropped on this girl that she is the new avatar, and that they had to take her away from her home for training. So, with no small amount of irritation, they moved across the street, sitting on the ground as they waited. In a few minutes, they were invited into the inn to wait, and treated to a nice meal. The people were always appreciative of the soldiers who actually made an effort to protect the people, and didn't resort to bullying the people they were supposed to be protecting.

    Bi Han was appreciative of the girl's words. So many people were so quick to mistrust him. Of course, sometimes, their reasons were well founded. After all, part of his purpose for helping her is to find out of she really is the avatar. The other reason, however, was that he was always led to believe that he was meant to aid the next avatar. So, his reasons weren't entirely selfish. Nonetheless, he would do what he could to help her how he could. However, in the mean time, he had something else on his mind. The young woman he had seen from before had taken off. This, while normally none of his business, could have easily been a girl in trouble. Seeing as how she was in Earth Kingdom attire, she may have been from a place not terribly far from where he was from. He could certainly help her as a guide at the very least.

    With that, he informed the guards that he would be leaving the village for a short time, but, would try to be back before they left. Waving him off without caring much about whether or not he returned, the soldiers nearly ignored him, watching him walk off. Bi Han hoped he wouldn't be gone too long and he wouldn't miss the Avatar leaving. Of course, even so, they would likely have to pass right by him in order to make their way to their destination. So, he made his way outside of the village, heading into the woods in search of the girl who had vanished before.


    Meanwhile, in the forest, a small band of Fire Nation soldiers were making their way towards the village for another routine pick-up. In truth, these men were, in essence, former soldiers. They had taken it upon themselves to begin "protecting" a small string of villages from any raiders or anything that would potentially cause them harm. Of course, the people would argue this included them, as they caused them more harm than any raiders or creatures. Their current objective was to collect some resources and payment from the village where the avatar was presently located. Unfortunately, they became distracted when they happened upon something strange.

    A young woman was beside a brook, only shortly off the beaten path towards the village. This wouldn't have been a problem in the slightest, had she not been wearing Earth Kingdom apparel. The head soldier stepped forward, gripping his weapon tightly. "Hey you! Girl! What are you doing here?! Are you an Earth Kingdom spy?!" He shouted to her, the four men behind him quickly follow after him, each readying their weapon.


    Xiaoyu arched a brow when the boy winked at her, uncrossing her arms as she leaned back, folding her hands on her bare legs, crossed as they were. Then, he said something that frankly irritated her. However, she had spent a great deal of time working on keeping her composure. It was an important thing in her rather shadowy line of work. "I was a child then, Mengjiao. I relied on my parents. Times have changed. Circumstances have changed. I have changed." The young woman put emphasis on the word "I", her eyes narrowing only slightly as her eyes gazed into his for a moment before she again averted her gaze, looking to the floor for a moment in a false submissive gesture.

    "Besides, its difficult to hide under the dead." The girl added quietly, glancing back to him. Her head tilted slightly to the side as he began speaking of the information she just gave him. It was common knowledge that Chen Wei had been rather against a few people, Mengjiao being one of them. She flashed him a curious smile, one of the tassels swaying gently in front of her face. "Have you heard the story of the spider and the tiger? Its a long tale that I won't bore you with now. But it seems appropriate for you now. You have always been of keen intellect, have always been a stronger boy than many of your peers. But, even the strongest and the smartest can still be defeated. All it takes is one simply mistake. Don't underestimate people, no matter how small and insignificant they seem." The girl said quietly, throwing a bit of wisdom at him that she hoped he would at least listen to.

    "Nonetheless, I think you will do just fine in your new position. Cheng Wei, his supporters, his allies, even his superiors, are all under watch. Very little happens in this city without my knowing. If you'd like, I could watch out for you. It always pays to have someone on your side." Xiaoyu offered, her smile broadening slightly, unfolding her legs slightly as she again leaned forward a bit so she was closer to him, her voice dropping to barely above a whisper. "You trust your old dear friend...right?"
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  17. Tai Zoe sat at the side of the street a large brimmed hat over his head as he begged for change. He asked politely, but was often turned down for his looks and scruff demeanor. After a day of doing that he collected the earnings he got. He began to walk down the road the road sign only said one village left till the end of the road. he was tired but was just following the road. He came to a large rock just off the road and he punched it three times and made it a bit warmer for his sleeping habits. his head rested on the grown and the world opened up to him he could hear many happenings of woodland creatures and the like and with that he fell asleep to the earths melody.
  18. Mengjiao bellowed another laugh, so abruptly that even the Earth King turned inquiringly at him. "No need to get worked up, Xiaoyu. I was only teasing." Seeing how the King's play was interrupted, he gave a wave and the water he had been streaming for the King was divided into glops of water. They whizzed around the child who, delightedly bounced in his seat. Distracted in a matter of seconds. Pathetic King.

    Then, he turned to his other companion. "I don't underestimate people, Xiaoyu," he corrected, pretending to be offended. "I truly don't. I see everyone as they truly are," his voice lowered so only she could hear, "below me. Below the avatar."

    Menjiao paused dramatically so his friend can absorb the power and confidence of his words. He will teach her that there is nothing to fear. He was the avatar, master of all elements. No one can defeat me. I have countless lifetimes to prove it. And no one, not Xiyu, and not even the wisest guru, can tell him otherwise.

    So, with a deep nod, he thanked her "old dear friend" as she had put it. "I look forward to your support, Xiaoyu. I'm sure your connections will be put to good use. But as for trust..." he shot her a threatening glance. After all, trust is such a powerful word, not to be taken lightly. "My trust is earned, Xiaoyu, and you still have a long way to go. You've said so yourself: you have changed."

    "Ah! We're almost home," declared the Earth King. Sure enough, the grand Palace walls opened before their transport. The palace guards bowed deeply as their beloved Earth King passed them by. Mengjiao, however, liked to believe that they bowed for him, too.​
  19. Azura ignored the soldiers irritation, sure it was important that she leave and train to become...the Avatar...Ugh just thinking about it made her feel like hiding, she wasnt some hero born to save the nations. Putting the thoughts of that off her mind she continues to walk to her small home, it wasnt much but it was enough for her and her mother. She opens the door walking in and setting the bag of supplies on the floor next to the kitchen table. "Mom im home! I have uh...News" With that she walked in to the living room area where her mother (which is about 50) was sitting in a chair mixing herbs. She knelt in front of her and explained what happened in the village and her decision to leave with the soldiers and take the responsibilities of the Avatar. During this her mother stayed silent listening to her intently, once Azura was done she smiled at her daughter with pride and love. "I always knew you were special and born for great things my little Azura, I approve of your decisions and am so proud of you. But you make sure to stay safe, I will want to see my daughter again even if she is the great Avatar" her voice is full of warmth and love. Azura smiles her eyes getting teary, she felt warmed and gain courage from her mothers words. Jumping up and capturing her mother in a tight hug for a few moments before standing up with a heavy sigh. "I have to hurry and pack mamma, Ill make sure to write as much as I can. And you WILL see me again." Her voice is soft but determined.

    After packing a large backpack and throwing a hooded black cloak on Azura steps outside her home, looking back to see her mom waving at her from the doorway. She gives her a encouraging smile even though she didnt feel it "I love you mom!" She waves bye before dashing off toward the village. Running she kept her thoughts focused on the job at hand, not letting herself think about all she was leaving behind. She soon arrives to the entrance outside the village, a few minutes before the hour was up, she was panting softly from her running. She walks up to the waiting soldiers putting on a brave smile "Alright, im ready. Where is Bi Han?" her voice is upbeat, though theres a subtle falseness to it.
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