Yin and Yang (Avatar Based RP) (Accepting!)

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  1. It has been more than two hundred years since Aang, the last of the Air Benders fulfilled his destiny as the avatar. The world has enjoyed an uneasy peace for the better part of two centuries, but all good things must come to an end. Recent rumors have begun appearing all throughout the world that a new avatar has appeared after more than a hundred and thirty years. However, unlike the avatars of the past, this one is believed to be bringing about the ending of days.

    Rumors say that the new avatar has been leading the Earth Kingdom on a campaign to eliminate the other nations, starting with the fire nation for it's transgressions of the past. The Fire Nation is now in ruins, much of it having been destroyed or taken over by the Earth Kingdom. Unlike times past, another avatar rises at the same time, and the two are destined to do battle to decide the fate of the world.

    We have all required roles! I will allow another companion for each side if necessary. So, feel free to join still!


    Yin (Good) Avatar - Taken
    Yang (Evil) Avatar - Taken
    Yin Companion 1 - Taken
    Yin Companion 2 - Taken
    Yang Companion 1 - Taken
    Yang Companion 2 - Taken

    Lycaon - Yin Companion 1 Bi Han
    Obsidian L Scarletta - Yin Avatar Azura
    Ravenbelle - Yin Companion 2 (Akita)
    Lycaon - Yang Companion 1 Xiaoyu Sun
    Mistress - Yang Avatar Xu Mengjiao
    Profile Sheet:

    Power: (Avatar, Earth Bender, Fire Bender, etc...)
    Personality: (Optional)
    Short Bio: (Optional)
    Appearance: (Picture and/or description)
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  2. I am this sounds fun =D I love the Avatar series ive seen it all. So are the roles open for the 2 Avatars or will you be playing those?
  3. Cool I would like to play as the good guy avatar if thats okay, would you like to do CS's or wait till see if more are interested? I'd like to play as a female too if thats okay lol
  4. The avatars can be female, just letting you know. If you would like to play another character, that is fine with me. ^_^ Hmm...maybe I should add more roles...

    I will be making a sheet soon for characters.
  5. Like what? I dont mind playing a female good guy avatar lol. I can play 2 roles if you like though. Okay ill make one when you have it up :)
  6. I could add companions for the Yang Avatar as well. Which would give us six slots instead of four. That way you could play multiple and we could still get at least two others without making an abundance of characters. Haha

    I added the template to the original post. ^_^
  7. Can I still join?
  8. You certainly may. ^_^ I only have one person joining so far.
  9. I'm thinking of playing the evil avatar.
    Will that be alright?
  10. That would be entirely fine with me. ^_^
  11. Awesome.
    Practicing my evil laugh.
  12. Haha. Nice. ^_^

    *Joins you* Mwahahahahaha!
  13. LOL okay ill make my CS soon
  14. Name: Azura Crimson
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Role: Yin Avatar
    Power: Avatar but only knows fire bending currently (If thats okay)

    Personality: Azura is a kind, sweet, caring, strong, and stubborn girl. She has a temper but is slow to anger so it takes a lot to piss her off but even more to calm her down. Shes always willing to help others never wanting to leave anyone behind. She hates injustice and is respectful to others rules or beliefs but sticks to her own, she doesnt always play by the rules (lol).
    Short Bio: She was born in a small village in the fire nation, her father was a fire bender but he died when she was 4 from fighting off earth benders that were attacking their village, he was the village chiefs brother. Her mother isnt a bender but she was always very kind and helpful toward the village, she was the village healer (as much as she could be without bending) everyone loves her. She taught Azura from a early age on how to be a healer without bending not realizing until Azura was 8 that she could fire bend.
    Appearance: SleepingNinjaGirl.jpg
    Ignore the Ferret lol. She has deep royal blue eyes and carries a wakizashi strapped to the small of her back. Paul_Chen_Hanwei_Golden_Oriole_Wakizashi__15713.1333504517.1280.1280.jpg
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  15. Looks good to me. ^_^ I'll add you to the roster.
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  16. Here we go. ^_^ Information about him will be given in the rp. I hope we can get another person or two still.
    Name: Bi Han
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Role: Yin Companion 1
    Power: Air Bender
    Costume (open)

    Normal Appearance (open)
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  17. Cool I like him =) yay I have a buddy! Lol, hope we do too I bet theres other Avatar fans out there
  18. Ah, thank ya. ^_^ Avatar is very popular. I honestly expected more people to express interest by now. Haha

    Thanks again for joining. I've been watching the series and I'm itching to do this. Almost literally. *Scratches cheek*
  19. I'm still working on a cs for the evil avatar.
    But I have to take a nap.
    Anyway, I think it's because Avatar is SOOOO AWESOME that people are afraid to roleplay the series.
    You know, like how artists are afraid to cover Beatles songs.
    At least, that's what a friend told me.
  20. That does make a bit of sense. On the other hand, I feel that its easy to do a great series justice by simply enjoying it, you know? ^_^

    After all, even the silliest concept use of it's basis is a matter of respect. "Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery." ^_^

    Anyway, take your time. I prefer to let the creative juices flow. Still, I do hope we can get another person. Then we'll have the requirements. Though, having the full six would be best, since it'll be the easiest for the Yang avatar to be able to act more than with just NPC's earlier on.
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