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  1. Now, I realize I've dropped the ball onto my own foot in the past, but now I'm all set to buckle down, find myself a partner, and get a good damn story going!

    I'm not really looking for anything over-the-top.. Just something straight forward. If we happen to click, then we can definitely get something more edgy going.

    So! What is it exactly that I'm looking for, you ask? Simple. A basic story revolving around either mutual-understanding, romance, or friendship.
    Also something school related.

    Plotting? We're tossing that out the window for now. The only thing we'll discuss is preference -- Do you want monsters, a supernatural world, romance involved, a rivalry relationship, etc.. And after we're done with that, we'll get things going.

    P.S. Inbox me if you're interested.
  2. I have shown interest and your preference has been duely noted, I have a similar request up for a high school story and have found your post while picking my way across many posts. I just wished to inform you I am interested in your school plot and would like to help you write a fantastic story if you would allow me the honor.
  3. Alright! First off, my apologies for the wait.
    I'm glad to see you've taken an interest in this request. Whenever you are ready, we can discuss the little details via inbox.