Yet another vampire story~

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  1. Rachel didn't believe in superstitions. She didn't believe in magic. And she surely didn't believe in werewolves, pixies, or vampires. She seemed to notice her disbelief in vampires more. Everyone had been changing the history of vampires so much that its become retarded. She payed no attention to Twilight, Vladimir Tod, Vampire Kisses, or any of those series. Rachel just went on and read her normal fiction.

    Rachel arrived at her school today and went to her locker. She looked over and saw still no one had that locker. The person that did have that locker moved away not too long ago. She shrugged and began to put her things away.
  2. Eddie hated the fact that changing schools was a long and complicated process's of the school system. He wanted it to be brief and easy. He wasn't like the regular vampire every one knows like in the story's. He was able to stand in the sun light but hated garlic, just because he didn't like the flavor. The only thing that's the same is that he is immortal and can die with a wooden stake to the heart.

    The school was empty and eddie began walking to his locker. He had seen some girl by it bust see left before the bell rang. It was going to be a long boring life again.
  3. Rachel glanced over to the new person. "Oh? Someone new?" she whispered to herself. But she shrugged and went to her first class, not wanting to be late.

    She arrived at the class and sat at her desk. It was a math/C.A. room. But in the hour she was in, she was in the math side of the room.