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  1. A little about me:

    Name: NeeraEnds - Just call me Neera
    Status: Craving a slice of life, also need some inspiration!!
    Literacy: Lazy Lit - Lit - Adv Lit
    Interests: Onexones, Originals, Fandoms (Message for deets!)
    Currently Craving: Slice of Life - (Plot Idea), Zombie Apocalypse - (More on the side of The Last of Us), RWBY (Blake x Adam), Star Ocean (Till the End of Time), .Hack//Sign (OCxOC)...
    Posting: I don't reply once a day. I do have a life outside of Iwaku. Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to delay your posts or ignore them! Just with classes just starting, I don't want to get behind on anything. I do also have to work four days a week. But just send me a message and I'll get right on it!

    Updated 1/21/15

    As you can see, THERE ARE OPTIONS! Throw your ideas at me!
    Also, I what I'm craving is not what I'm limited to..
  2. Pairings ...


    plot idea :: !!!
    needs convincing :: ???
    craving :: ღღ


    Knight x Princess//Prince !!!
    Princess//Prince x Slave//Commoner !!!
    Thief x Authority ???
    Human x Lycan
    Lycan x Vampire
    Lycan x Lycan
    Druid x Fey/Archer/Hunter ???


    Vampire x Human
    Demon x Demon Hunter !!!
    Human x Lycan
    Lycan x Vampire
    Lycan x Lycan
    Vampire x Vampire
    Model x Photographer
    Foreign Student x Host Student ???
    Assassin/Murder x Witness "protege"
    Best friend x Best friend !!!
    Doctor x Nurse ღღ

    Updated 1/21/15
  3. plot idea :: !!!
    needs convincing :: ???
    craving :: ღღ

    Video Games

    Final Fantasy
    Cecil x Rosa

    Cecil x Kain
    Cloud x Tifa ღღ
    Cloud x Aerith (Aeris? XD) !!!
    Cloud x Yuffie ???
    Tifa x Yuffie
    Cloud x Zack !!!
    Cloud x Sephiroth
    Sephiroth x Zack ???
    Squall x Rinoa ღღ
    Selphie x Irvine
    Quistis x Squall
    Zidane x Garnet
    Steiner x Garnet ???
    Steiner x Beatrix ???
    Vivi x Garnet
    Vivi x Zidane
    Tidus x Yuna !!!
    Yuna x Rikku
    Auron x Tidus
    Auron x Paine ???
    Tidus x Rikku ღღ
    Lightning x Cid ღღ
    Serah x Snow
    Serah x Noel ღღ

    Star Ocean Till the End of Time
    Nel x Fayt ღღ

    Fayt x Sophia
    Cliff x Nel
    Cliff x Albel
    Cliff x Fayt
    Nel x Clair

    Kingdom Hearts
    Sora x Riku

    Sora x Kairi
    Kairi x Riku !!!
    Roxas x Kairi
    Roxas x Namine
    Kairi x Namine

    Resident Evil
    Claire x Leon !!!

    Shion x KOS-MOS

    MOMO x Jr. !!!
    MOMO x Albedo ღღ

    Devil May Cry
    Dante x OC !!!
  4. IDEAS
    preferred role :: bold
    plot idea :: !!!
    needs convincing :: ???
    craving :: ღღ


    Knight x Princess//Prince !!! ღღ ((Doubling is possible !!))

    The prince//princess is a runaway and they are trying to escape their destiny of ruling a very powerful kingdom. The knight has been watching over the prince//princess practically their entire life and has been a loyal servant to the kingdom since birth. Whilst running away to another kingdom, the knight tracks them down and has been denying their feelings to their prince//princess but is having trouble keeping back their feelings. Due to the situation, the prince//princess has the same feelings, but due to responsibilities is caught up in their own world of royalty.

    Doubling is a possibility. The prince//princess could be involved in an arranged marriage and the prince's//princess' fiancee could come looking for them while they are trying to escape their destiny. But one night as the prince//princess are escaping to a nearby hut, they find a girl whom the prince's//princess' fiancee is having an affair. Trying to make things right, they try to be together, but will they be found out ?? Or will the stars permit they're being together ??

    Princess//Prince x Slave//Commoner !!! ღღ ((2 Stories in 1!!))

    All of the prince's//princess' life they grew up playing with the slave//commoner. Although the slave//commoner was always scolded by the guards to stay away from him//her, they were inseparable. Growing up, the prince//princess found that the slave had been helping him//her out with different things whether it was food, his//her writing or even finding different pieces of literature for them to read. The prince//princess began to grow fond for them, as the slave had felt for their highness.

    All of the prince's//princess' life they grew up playing with the slave//commoner. Although the slave//commoner was always scolded by the guards to stay away from him//her, they were inseparable. One day the prince//princess went venturing out into the town and bumped into the commoner. Out of spite, the prince//princess requested that the guards fetch this commoner so that they may pay for their crimes in court. As they did so, the commoner grew spiteful, and in order to make things right the prince//princess decided to learn the ways of the commoner. In the end the prince//princess grew to become friends with the commoner, afraid to admit that thise feelings were confused with love.

    Vampire x Human!!!
    The human just moved to [insert city name here]. The human is new to town, and although he//she has a friend in that town [for school], they barely know anything about [city]. One day the human decides to go to a night club and the vampire analyzes them and keeps in contact with the human through the human's dreams. The human dreams about this vampire time and time again before finally deciding to go to the club to find him//her again. Here, the human finds out thathe//she is a vampire and through curiosity, sticks around. Only thing is, will the vampire make the human their new prey or is there something else in store ??

    Demon x Demon Hunter !!!

    The demon is the right hand of the devil and finds out that his new mission is to destroy a demon hunter that made his//her list. The demon hunter traded his//her soul to kill demons for all of eternity. The only was that he//she can find solace and rest in peace is to destroy the right hand of the devil. The demon and the demon hunter come into contact, and try to play each other through their confidence. Then eventually they end up falling for one another until they learn of each other's identity. Only problem is, will they destroy each other or will they put their missions aside for one another ??

    Best friend x Best friend !!! ((3 possibilities here ..))

    ((Referred to as A & B))
    1.) A and B have been friends throughout their entire lives. They're parents have always cracked jokes about how they're going to get married and they've always shook it off, laughed about it or even yelled at their parents for even bringing it up. But then one day, A starts to realize that the possibility of their getting married or even being together isn't far off. One day, A tries to tell B how they feel and B freaks out. He//She is afraid of trusting anyone, and pushes A away. A tries to give them his//her distance but realizes that they can't hold back.

    2.) A has had it rough growing up. His//Her parents split up in the middle of high school and he//she got the worst of it. Needless to say, it was a messy divorce. B has been friends with A since they have been kids and although his//her parents never got a divorce they treat him//her like the perfect child and the stress gets to them. A gets involved in drugs and tries to hide it from B. When B finds out, he//she picks up the pieces and finds their friend he//she fell in love with along the way.

    3.) B has been a loner for most of his//her life. A has always been there for him//her and thinks the world of B. B actually got involved in a gang and is now killing people in order to help protect A. A, completely oblivious to the fact falls in love with B. When A finds out that his//her best friend is a murderer freaks out, but tries to think of why they would ever do such a thing. A distances themselves away from B, but in the end will he//she forgive their friend ?? Or is forgiveness unattainable ??
  5. I kinda have an idea for a angelxdemon.
  6. Lay it on me!
  7. Don't be, it's totally fine!
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