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Welcome all who read. I hope that at least one of you finds the plot interesting enough to shoot me a private message for further information. I am open to multiple threads with current partners, starting threads with partners I had in the past but don't currently play with, and of course, meeting new partners. I only play Male characters and do MxF pairings. Here's the story I'd like to play.

Your Character: YC
My Character: MC

Setting: Medieval Fantasy

Plot: YC is a princess of the royal family. Threats of war loom over the kingdom and with diplomacy not granting the King the peaceful ending he hoped, many villagers are expecting open war soon. It's a thought that has silently split the villagers for the opponent boasts a war machine of considerable power. A traitorous plot is put into motion at the Villager's Ball thrown to honor all that the village does to maintain the castle and the royal family. All of the kingdom's dignitaries are in attendance as well as all the Royal Family.

YC is lured away by a dignitary that has always had her heart and graces him with a dance. As is customary, drink is poured to all guests but because of her presence on the dance floor she does not partake. Not long after, all who drink (for none thought to be rude enough to not sample the king's wine on a night to honor all) begin to die. When the soldiers rush the room to defend the royal family (who are doomed by their own drinks) some turn on others as partakers of the plot. In one night, YC entire family is murdered, all the prominent leaders (noble and peasantry) are murder leaving the kingdom open to invasion. In two days time, the enemy marches in unopposed and takes his place upon the most coveted throne in all the land. For his part in the betrayal, the dignitary that distracted YC now possesses her.

MC is a member of the resistance that has begun to raise in hopes of restoring the rightful ruler in YC to the throne. Hidden in the castle as a lowly servant, he must find away to position himself in just the right way to usher the princess to safety before returning her to her throne.

Rules and Expectations:

1. I have a three paragraph minimum requirement though I often will write more. I'm not looking for someone who just writes down a bunch of words to meet the requirement but that writes well thought out paragraphs that progress the story.

2. Be willing to talk about the progression of the story with me. We are writing the story together not just following my outline blindly. I have the basic concept and it is our job as partners to flesh it out.

3. Let me know if you will be absent for some amount of time. I will do the same.
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This sounds rather interesting, I would very much like to do this with you.
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