Yet Another Pokemon RP anyone?

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  1. Gee, what's with everyone and Pokemon today and yesterday? Did the new Zygarde stuff do this? Zygarde why did you do this? I thought you were my friend. Aaanyways, let's move on with this idea.

    To start off with, the concept revolves around five clans/tribes/legions/youknowwhat

    The Hoshizora Clan - one with the skies
    The Aquos Legion - one with the oceans
    The Terra Tribe - one with the earth
    Black Forest - a frightening, eerie place
    Hattori Village - mind, body, soul.

    The rivalry between these tribes have existed for many mellenia, and their existence lives on to modern day [Insert Region Name Here].

    I have two ideas that will be stated down soon...
  2. First idea.

    Medieval times.

    A conflict(war) breaks out. Additionally, Pokemob have been going berserk. Basically this, except the main kingdoms are conflicting and refuse to listen to each other. Realising that the six kingdoms are absolute idiots, the five tribes set their differences aside and set off on a journey to save the asses of everyone.
  3. Is it pure Pokemon or ancient Trainers AND their Pokemon?
  4. Wha- wha?

    Oh, I forgot to post the second idea.

    Yeah, it's ancient trainers and their ancient 'mons.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.