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  1. In the city of Ishikuro, Japan, life carries on as normal. This city has never been the centre of anything grand, and perhaps some of the citizens hope it never will be. But unfortunately for them, the city is about to be involved in something that will go on to affect the entire world.

    There’s talk of a new group that has emerged, a group of terrorists that have been attacking countries at random around the world. There has been no established pattern in their movements, so the international community is scrambling to find out who they are, where they came from, or even what they want. All they know is that they dress in strange robes, and always evade capture….

    …and that there are rumours of a robed group appearing in Ishikuro city.

    Welcome to my very own Persona RP. And it’s the fact that it’s mine that makes it so special. I’ve been in a few Persona RPs over the years, and most of them have failed quite miserably. So, this time, I thought I would take it on myself to try and run my own Persona RP. Maybe it will succeed! Or maybe it won’t. Truth be told, it’s in your hands as much as mine.

    I will admit that my initial premise probably doesn't seem like the most verbose or original idea ever, but I feel that it's better not to be overly ambitious before the RP has even begun. But don't worry; I have plenty of ideas for how things will develop once this gets going.

    The one thing I will guarantee you is that I’ll have plenty of time to dedicate to this RP to keep it going. No first day disappearances from me, and I will do my best to make sure the RP doesn’t stall in the middle of action.

    So yeah, drop a post in here if you’re interested!
  2. I may be interested. But it all boils down to facts you haven´t mentioned yet. Are you planning to have social factors have a relevance in this story? Will we have demons or shadows to kill? How are personas going to be managed? I´d like to be filled in in more aspects of this before thinking further. Not that i am expecting this to be a standar persona concept so i won´t really mind if some things are lacking, but i think the social aspects give room for some of the more mundane yet interesting character development moments.
  3. 1: I'm not sure what you mean by "relevance" here. I really can't make them directly related to the story, because I have no idea what kind of characters people are going to make. Of course, I fully intend to give plenty of time for character interaction and encourage development in general.

    2: I'm intending to have enemies like the demons and shadows from the series, however, they won't be from the same source as demons or shadows from any of the games, so calling them demons or shadows is kind of moot.

    3: In my experience, Persona RPs usually fall apart long before any real Persona action even takes place. I'm more hoping to get a good group before making any ambitious new systems. I'll probably just handle it the traditional way; people choose their own persona for their character, and I'll think about adding new features closer to when it's necessary.
  4. 1. By relevance i meant what could be translated as social links, but not as an empowering method really. I kind of expressed myself pretty awckwardly. What i meant to say is if there is going to be an aspect in this rp were you have a mundane life BESIDES accomplishing the objectives of the double life as a persona user.

    2. That´s pretty cool i think i could dig that.

    3. I see, I haven´t actually been in any persona rp here yet, although i did in other places. However I can sympathise with roleplays with ambitious systems often falling apart before getting to move.

    Either way hope it goes great, you got me interested. So i´ll just lay and see how this unfolds.

    If you need any opinion or want to ask something feel free to do so.
  5. Teenagers gonna save the world yet again huh? I'm interested.
  6. I'm intrested. Are we OCs or can we be anyone we wish to be?
  7. Only OCs, sorry.
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