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  1. I've been in a few of these, and I tend to enjoy the concept, so I'm going to try my hand at running one. I can't promise I'll always be the greatest GM, but I can at least be active.

    This thread is one part interest check, one part group plotting and world-building, as I do like the idea of letting everyone bring their own subplots and rogues' galleries into the game.

    So far, I have a pretty loose setting put together, in large part so everyone can add to it without difficulty. Events would take place on Earth, and the heroic characters, at least, would start as part of a Justice League style organization. That way, there's no need to roleplay out the potentially long segment of everyone meeting and deciding to team up, and instead, the characters can generally already know each other. It would also probably allow for any given character to be a bit stronger, as things aren't starting at "street" level with emergent superhumans. The superhumans are already there, and the stage is global.

    If you want to play a villainous role or antagonist yourself, you'd be free to do whatever nefarious plots you so desire, and see where things go from there. I probably wouldn't start with a large, overarching plot line, though one might form eventually. Things would mostly go from one incident or event to another, and overall, the game would be more sandbox-style than following a story from start to finish. It can be harder to make a good story that way, but I find it's also not bad for this kind of thing, even if, as a player, I sometimes run into trouble with sandbox adventure. But, that's why I'd be providing my own villains and other things to do.

    As players, you'd have a good bit of leeway to add to the setting entirely, possibly even defining ways in which it works. If you want to be part of an alien race, go for it. You've just created an entire alien civilization, and possibly anything else connected to them. If you want to be some kind of wizard, you get a role in defining how magic works. And so-on. It's a bit open, but it's also a bit interesting, I'd hope. I'd encourage bringing one's own antagonists along, or at least leaving some hooks or other interesting things other people could play off of for making their own characters (be they hero or villain).

    If you'd be interested in this, please say so. And if you'd like to suggest things for the setting, I'd also be happy to have the discussion.
  2. Sounds fun, I'd like to join.
  3. Cool. Glad to have you. Anything you might be interested in doing, character-wise?

    Also, tagging some people as they asked or might want to have a look. @Olissa @Yuuki_Tatsunohi
  4. I'm up for anything, really. I was thinking about having some sort of magic-user character, but I haven't really decided yet.

    The hardest part for me is coming up with superhero names. :u
  5. Ooh, ooh! Pick me!!!
  6. I, too, am down with this.

    I'd play a portal manipulator, i.e., he can summon portals leading from point A directly to point B, similar to Blink in X-Men. Other applications would be "teleporting" items to his hand, using portals to defend against attacks and reflecting them back at people, and having one awesomely convenient way to change into superhero attire.
  7. Names are hard for me, too. So, speaking of, naming the heroic organization is probably a priority. I'll happily take suggestions there. Otherwise, you'd have to do with my poor naming sense, and get something uninspired at best.
  8. the Paragons

    the Protectorate

    Freedom Furies

    the Modern Knights

    the Untouchables

    the Ultramen

    the Tomorrow Men

    the Legend Legion
  9. Ooh, I like The Tomorrow Men. Sounds mysterious.
  10. I like The Untouchables and The Tomorrow Men.
  11. when i'm on, I. Am. On.

    ....also, it is possible i read far, faaaar too many comic books.
  12. That's quite the handy list, all right. I'll probably put up an OOC thread in the next couple of days, though meantime, any discussion can go here. Any general questions on the world, or suggestions for major cities (real or imagined) for a "primary" setting would be welcome. Unless I do a littl world building before starting the OOC, there won't be much for me to say in it at first.
  13. Might join a bit later. Not sure, but interested ^^
  14. We will need a sizable threat to justify creating the Tomorrow Men, but not one big enough that future threats seem dwarfed by it.

    Might I recommend evil Alternate Universe Counterparts attempting to take over Earth?
  15. That is always a good one.

    While possibly not quite on the same sale, I do have one villainous organization in the business of making monsters via genetic engineering and similar things. Generally, it's for the highest bidder or to further their own goals, which are to create an "ultimate" being and transcend humanity.
  16. Sounds awesome to me!
  17. and Evil Alternate Universe Counterparts after?
  18. Or before, or during. Whatever the case, my aim is to try and cut down a majority of the "everyone meets and decides to work together or not" establishment time, and start at a point where at least some of that's already happened.

    A big threat to really get everyone together, though, is fine. I guess, even if there isn't the Tomorrow Men as an organization at the start, it would be best if the likely members already do know each other in some capacity.
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  19. Yay interest thread!

    And I lol'd at the Tomorrow Men, as to me that sounds remarkably much like the Tomorrow People.
    But it kinda excludes women a bit if you say men... Heh....

    Anyway I already told you I'm in for this.
    I want to create a character that is similar to Alexiana (of the other RP) but a little less 'damsel in distress' though I would definitely like to throw her in such positions hehe. *is mean to her characters*
    Power immunity, power negation. Not sure yet if I'd do the acidity and blood manipulation as well, but otherwise she kinda can't really defend herself XD
  20. I'll give it a go. might make things faster if characters already know each other, even though I am used to and fond of the teaming up and deciding to work together spheal
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