Yet another newbie



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}{Waves frantically.}{ Heya!!
I just signed up and would love to know who everyone is and how to really get going.
Any advice is more than welcome. =3

I have about eleven years of roleplay experience but only a month or two of forum rp in my belt.
I'm pretty decent at it, if I do say so myself, so I'm looking to broaden my horizons and maybe meet some new people.

Sooo, hi! =3
Hi Symphony. We met very briefly in the Cbox. Welcome to Iwaku.

First thing you could do is fill out the Roleplayers Resume this will give people looking for potential players an Idea of what your RP style is like.

Browse the forum, check things out and if you have further question feel free to message me.

Also Go back to the Cbox and chat some more!
Hello there. We've already met, of course, but this is my official welcome. You can call me Peter or the Butterfly or anything, really. It doesn't matter all that much. If you need anything, please ring.

Welcome to Iwaku.
We've already talked, but I'll say hi here too!
I'm Kitti and it's great to have you here.
If you need any help, please ask!