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  1. Hello there, Chivarable here reporting in to Iwaku.

    I did in fact have an account maybe a year or two ago, which I have long since forgotten and a such decided to create a new one

    I guess it's custom to tell you a little about myself so here you go:
    I enjoy roleplaying in a medieval/fantasy setting
    Vikings Season 2 has started! Episode 2 today! Maybe I will start a Viking inspired roleplay, that sounds cool to me right now.
    I'm not much of an anime lover despite my avatar, NGE, Berserk and Gantz are the only animes I really enjoyed
    I'm not new to roleplaying but have been on a break (A long one) and plan to start again.
    Speaking of Berserk, a roleplay in that style also sounds great
    I am from Britland!

    That's about it, I also play games and watch a lot of youtube videos (A lot of Rooserteeth videos that is), but who on the internet doesn't nowadays?
    Peace ^_^
  2. Welcome back Chivarable! Always great to see people come back to join our family again!

    Hope you find everything you're looking for and more~
  3. Welcome back bud. I'm a big fan of medieval fantasy too. Tolkienesque worlds are my preference.
    Have you read the discworld books by Terry Pratchett?
  4. Tolkien is in fact my favourite author, if I took a pic of my sidetable right now it holds The Children of Hurin and Silmarillion
    The only books of Pratchet's discworld series I have read are the colour of magic and light fantastic but I remember laughing a lot whilst reading them, probably more than any other book I've read
  5. Pratchett's a genius. he takes the most depressing things in life and makes them funny, and he holds a warped mirror up to our world that is in some ways entirely outlandish and in other ways all too real.
    My favourite arc is the Ankh-Morpork watch books, starting with "Guards! Guards!".
    Such a great book.
  6. Hi there Chiva! :D Welcome back!
  7. Welcome to, or welcome back to Iwaku, Chivarable!

    I might be interested if you do start a viking type rp. I need to remember to watch Vikings >_< I keep forgetting it's on because I haven't been making use of my tv much lately.
  8. Thanks for the welcomes, I will probably get a Viking roleplay up at some point, keep an eye on the fantasy section.

    At some point I will pick up some of his other books
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  9. I'm glad to see you returning to the wonderful world of role-play. I hope you settle down here okay. Don't be afraid to ask anyone if you need assistance :D
  10. Welcome back then, to Iwaku ^^
    There are prone to be multiple awesome rps fitting your style ;)
  11. Hello again! I'm not sure if we've met before, but if we haven't, it's wonderful to do so! ^^

    I too am addicted to the Youtube OwO