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  1. The title says it all, and I will say even more.

    Yeah I've had a bad time with these.

    If I could, I would host them all. But after realizing my limits, one is good. One is good. Two maybe but...

    If 'Post-Apocalyptic' or 'Steampunk' is mentioned in any form or way, modern synthetics like Voltorb and Castform will be allowed, but you will have to note that Steampunk = no computers = no Porygon. In any case, Ancient synthetics like Golurk, Magnemite, Klink and Baltoy will always be allowed.

    A. A medieval setting where your faction limits your choice of Pokemon based on type and motif. It is made up for by worldbuilding. Basically, five factions have to unite in order to defeat a common threat that plagues the land. It is said that this threat wishes to engulf the land into a different dimension.

    B. A world where both alchemy and Pokemon exist. Not the bollocks of FMA, but the less flashy variety where you sit around a pot and synthesize stuff from stuff.

    C. A post-apocalyptic steampunk setting that takes inspiration from the settings of Kabaneri/Attack on Titan, down to being walled by walls to protect us from an outside threat - Pokemon. Except there's less risk because Pokemon. Pokemon don't eat humans, but rather, invade, raid, cause quite some damage and steal babies. The last part makes them a threat. They're pests otherwise. Very powerful dangerous pests. Since we actually tame Pokemon, we'll call wild Pokemon... Wild Ones.

    D. Something a little Shaman-themed.
  2. C sounds fun, even though I have never watched AoT....but it still sounds like a fun setting =^.^=

    A sounds kinda fun as well :3
  3. Yeah it has little to do with AoT. The only inspiration is the walled human civilization where the walls protect civilization from external threats.

    Glad to hear.

    A - 1
    B - 0
    C - 1
    D - 0
  4. C sounds fun! :D
  5. A - 1
    B - 0
    C - 2
    D - 0
  6. shaman-themed pokemon sounds refreshing.
  7. A - 1
    B - 0
    C - 2
    D - 1
  8. How would a shaman themed pokeworld work? It sounds interesting and all, but the only thing I know about shamans is that it's fun to throw spiders at things(diablo 3 is my only source of shaman knowledge XD)
  9. It's loosely based off an old RP of a friend of mine. I might mix Oriental Shamans in though.

    I am considering mixing and matching the concepts of ideas A and D.
  10. After reading some of the information in the roleplay you linked, I must say that I'm all for the idea of mixing D+A =^.^=
  11. I will mix the ideas of D and A then.

    There'll be these factions.

    The Iron Empire, warriors of the Swords of Justice.

    The Hoshizora Clan, warriors of Rayquaza.

    The Terrameisters, warriors of Groudon.

    The Undine Tribe, warriors of Kyogre.

    The Kimono Sisters, warriors of Ho-oh, Lugia, the Beast Trio and the Bird Trio.

    The Black Forest Sisters, warriors of Xerneas.

    Three sisters who are considered priestesses to the Regi trio.

    I wanted to include more and I will consider turning the last one into an NPC, but unless you all possess the ability to draw in many a player, I am unsure.

    Where are the other factions not shown here? All NPC-run.

    Also, the Pokemon you can use are limited by your faction. It is limited to what kind of Pokemon, but you can use whichever stage of the Pokemon you want.

    Some of these faction may state 'Male only' or 'Female only', so keep a lookout!
  12. Yay Xerneas! ov o
  13. I see that you remember a similiar, dead RP.
  14. Uh huh. o. o

    Also fairy pokemon are my favorite. ov o

    @Sasha Noblemine @Ruby. @.kii @Red crow

    Well, here's the incomplete signups.

    Before I continue and solidify it, I'm contemplating if I should make the Xerneas legion playable. We already have five playable legions and I do not want to thin it out too much without confirmation of popularity and characters.

    Since Sasha and Ruby are the ones who express the most interest in the concept of the Black Forest Sisters, this question is mostly directed at you guys and any others interested in a Fairy-, Ghost- and Psychic-Type Faction. If you guys are chill with its removal, then I'll remove it until later.

    If I choose to not include it, and the RP gains enough popularity, it'll be included later alongside other factions such as a Shaymin legion and a few 'wild' factions which will include the Eon duo legion and a Zygarde legion. Yes, I am very well aware of the heavy lack of playable Grass-Type Pokemon.

    The only legions I will definitely not make playable are a Yveltal legion and a Regigigas legion. Oops~ I spoiled the story~
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  16. I will most certainly have a character sheet up tomorrow evening at the latest, my interest is peaked but I just got back from the DMV in the city (TWO HOUR DRIVE THERE, TWO HOUR DRIVE BACK, THREE HOURS IN THE DAMN THING) So I'm not up to my ears in creativity rn.
  17. Yeah, I haven't made the character sheet yet, but seeing that you'll take 7 hours and my recess is in 4... I'll do my best to rev dem sheets up.
  18. I will try to have something up tomorrow too if I remember! Because work has exhausted me. on o

  19. So, are you alright with the removal of the Black Forest Sisters?

    Rest well.
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