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  1. Hello all, I was informed that this is a magical forum with a nice friendly and healthy community that is fairly active, so thanks for my good old friend Squee, I am now here while existing on the old Roleplayer Guild forum. Hooray!

    For those of you I recognize from that far off homeland (I traveled here in a Walmart special starship, I don't know how you guys managed), nice to see you! It's weird not seeing your faces around more often.

    For all the natives of this mysterious and Tron-coloured land, I come in peace (mostly)! I look forward to integrating with the native society here and maybe teaching you all how to love the best way a man with a Battleblock Theater cat can. In exchange, I work for snacks and boxes of ammunition. I am not a complicated individual.

    So for the three souls who looked at this thread who aren't wondering what I'm interested in, I'm telling you anyways! Two genres I like to poke around with most are sci-fi and fantasy, although I have a soft spot for historical fiction, horror, and some fandoms. I've been running an Elder Scrolls RP for about 3 years on the other site and I have been doing Mass Effect RPs on and off for nearly the same time span, so I'm pretty enthused about those universes (I've also really been wanting to do something with Halo and Metro, for the record). I figure I need a break from GMing and some new faces with a tabla rasa to kind of discover that fresh happy exciting feeling of roleplaying I have been missing for a while. Right now, I kinda feel like that older character in a war movie who's been on one too many deployments and naming his rifle has lost its charm.

    Anyways, nice to meet you all and thanks for not immediately cannibalizing my kidneys!
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  2. This man is pure gold.
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  3. :D
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  4. idle, you be platinum, giiiirl.

    <3 Squee.

    heya Bea! Always a pleasure to see you lurking about!
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  5. By far the best introduction I've seen :D Welcome to the community!
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  6. Oh lordy it's one of the natives I heard about, deep breaths...

    Many thanks! I aim to spruce this place up with my particular brand of posting which brings smiles to the good boys and girls across the land, like Soviet Santa Claus neglecting to take all their toys to redistribute them to all the other kids.
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  7. I do really enjoy not having my toys stolen by creepy Russian men, as does the rest of Iwaku, I'm sure. I bet you'll fit right in!
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  8. @Dervish

    Welcome to Tron Iwaku. I think you'll fit right in.

    Now give me your Soviet presents.
  9. Soviet presents are pretty much just vodka and rolls of one ply toilet paper.
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  10. The best kind of gifts are the ones that come in handy when you're blackout drunk.
  11. @idlehands

    Vodka and toilet paper are gold. Gold.
  12. One ply is for communists. Give me triple ply extra soft because I'm a capitalist pig.
  13. Then whats two ply for?
  14. Democrats.
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  15. I'm starting to think the Great Migration is never going to end.
  16. You can only blame yourself.
    I hope that helps you sleep at night.
  17. That's why it's great. It stretches on towards forever, slowly creeping into the void of nothingness at the edge of time.
  18. Trust me, I don't enjoy Soviet Santa, either. It's expensive to replace my collection once a year, and Commisar Kharov action figures can't be posted without them pointing their tinky pistols at you. Sigh.


    Rated for 5 years old and up!

    Also, he ran out of Commisar Kharov action figures.

    And the Everest-sized pile of military surplus.

    I'm waiting for bread that isn't staler than this joke.

    The Finnish, mainly.
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  19. Is that a bad thing?