Yet Another Doctor Who RP

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  1. Okay so right now I'm doing two Doctor Who RP's, and I'm the side-kick person in both of them. I'd like to do just one more, but this time I'd be the Doctor.

    Anyone interested in playing with me?

    I'd prefer a female co-star, but if you persuade me well enough, I may think about letting you play a male...

    I'd like to play a David Tennant-like Doctor (Hence the strong wary-ness of guy with guy cuz there may be romance involved... And I'd cry if Tennant ever kissed another dude... -Sniff-)

    I AM going to be a guy (Duh :P)

    And I may get a bit crazy at times, so you need to be someone who's a bit hard to confuse.

    Depending on my mood, I write anywhere from one-liners to two-paragraphs but they are usually one-to-two-liners due to time limitations.

    Okay so if you have any plot ideas or anything, PM me or Reply on here and we can talk it out!
  2. Hello there! I didn't think I would find a Doctor Who RP in here. Anyways, I'm interested in roleplayin with you. We can throw some ideas back and forth for a plot. I have an idea formulationg in the back of my mind if you plan to play a David Tennant-like Doctor. Also depends on what you plan the Doctor to be, I mean one of his incarnations or exactly the Tenth Doctor.

    BTW I am both. A one/two-liner and a full paragraph RPer. =^.^=

    As for a bit of an idea: The Doctor and his companion land the TARDIS in a Judoon station where they are tracking down a spaceship that has been pursuied for some time now. The driver in it has been to different planets and helped various aliens yet done several damages, too, and the Judoon only want the driver to show his/her face so the public finally rests and doesn't have to be in panic at every time. The driver we can discuss that later but what about it being Jenny? Y'know, from The Doctor's Daughter in series 4.
  3. Sounds great! And yeah I plan on being as close to David Tennant as possible lol.
  4. Glad you liked it. =^.^= And to not break the tradition we have a female companion?
  5. Well, here's my character for you to check her out. C:

    Name: Gabrielle 'Gillian' Zurich
    Age: 22 years-old
    Profession: Works as a pizza deliverer.
    Description: Stading at 1.68m with a fairly good figure, Gillian has deep green eyes, dyed purple hair, and slightly pointy teeth from a bad experience with braces.
    Personality: She can sometimes be sarcastic but help someone's self-teem by grinning and giving them a little push to go on. She loves to talk about music and can think of a song as a background in the most unexpected moment. One of her hobbies is to read horror short stories in her phone whilst working.