Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Primevere, moon

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  1. Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
    By Primevere, moon
    Fantasy | Modern | Sci-fi | Realistic | Romance
    It was Destiny that brought us together
    It is Love that will keeps us together
    Two destined lovers separated by time.
    One stuck in the past while the other flowed with time.
    What will become of them and their love for each other?
    How will the one react when the other one is in love with another?
    Name: Lord Abel Alexander Grandevior IV
    Age: 24 years old
    Sex: Male

    Personality: Abel is an insightful and passionate person. He is intellegent, curious and creative when it comes to solving problems even when under stressful situation. He is quite poise when it comes to socializing with other people, even when the conversation becomes awkward, he knows exactly what to do. He has a good sense of humor as well, and would laugh at just about anything that is funny to him--even at times when the joke is concerning him. Abel has a curious soul and is curious in just about anything. He would always keep asking questions on how things work, he never runs out of questions. Abel is kind to those around him and wouldn't hesitate to lend a helping hand. Even when others have done him wrongly. Abel is brave, just like any knight should back in the medieval days and won't hesitate to save you in times of trouble regadless of the dangers it could bring to him.

    Short Bio: A knight of the Kingdom of Thidon. He is a knight of noble blood and second son to the Duke of Griftin. He fell in love with the princess of Thidon, Emma Rosalie. He vowed to love her and protect her even til death.

    One night after he had saved the princess from a dire faith, he and her were to be wed. But a sorceress suddenly interupted Abel and the princess' wedding ceremony. In attempts in trying to stop the sorceress from destroying everything in her path, he was casted upon a powerful magic spell making everything around him frozen. Lord Abel had been frozen inside a frozen prison of ice and no magic nor powerful potion could help destroy it.

    Medieval Times: Drak colored shoulder lenght hair (his hair tied at the nape) and green eyes as seen in the picture. Wears a light suited armour.

    Modern Times: Same physical features but due to not wanting to look conspicuous, they had to cut his hair short--as seen in image. Wears modern style clothes.
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  2. Name: Emma Rosalie
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Personally: kind-hearted, loving, caring, sweet. Yet has a short temper. Stubborn, etc..
    Short bio:
    Medieval time- Princess Emma Rosalie. Her father, King Rowan Of Thidon. The princess had fallen in love with a noble Abel. A knight in armor, who won her heart. Then, she was kidnapped and he saved her. When they were to be wed, an evil witch had taken her love from her. Heart broken, she tried everything to get her true love back. But nothing work and eventually Emma had to move on.
    Future- Emma "Em" Winters. Has shorter hair, middle of her back, but other than that and her clothing, she is more or less the same. Her mother had passed away when she was little. Her father on the other hand is very much alive. He's overly wealthly and very successful. Emma became an archeologist In this life. Emma has a neckless that had be pass down over the years, along with other jewels.
    (Will add more later when I can think lol.)
    Appearance: Blonde Hair/princess.png


    Princess Emma Rosalie walked along the path in the gardens close by the castle, awaiting for her knight, Abel. Every once in a while she would stop, smelling a flower here and there. She hummed softly and quietly to herself as she gazed around the beautiful site before her. This was one of her favorite pla ces to be. The day was clear and the sun high above, shinning down brightly and making the gardens seems so much more than they were.

    In the middle was a flowing fountain, filled with clean, clear blue water. The breeze tickled acrossed her cheek and brushed the mist of water over her as she neared the fountain. She smiled as she sat on the edge. The water was cool to the touch as she lightly ran the tips of her fingers over the surface. She sighed happily, closing her eyes as she soaked up the sunlight warming the bare places on her skin.

    ((Wasn't sure if I should have her kidnap in this post or a little later. Still thinking of a kiddnapper lol. Sorry if the reply is a little sucky.))
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  3. ((That fine~ We should start with a romance somewhat nostalgic scene in the intro since we're going to do the same thing when we get to the future scene. You want me to be the narrator throughout the whole thing?))

    Abel had arrived not shortly after but had hidden himself to just admire the scene before him--his maiden, Princess Emma Rosalie. Ever since he had first laid eyes upon her during the Princess sixteenth birthday--her coming out to the world, he knew, he knew right then and there, that she was the one he was going to protect even til his last dying breath. His one true love. And fortunately for him, the princess felt the same way for him as well. Many winters have passed and the war between Kingdoms have won and peace has been restored between nations, this, Abel thought, this was the perfect time for them, for both of them to live peacefully... together.

    Abel breathed in deeply, it was now or never, he thought. Funny, he was a knight for the King of Thidon, and was always praised by his bravery--slaying giant ogres, dragons, enemy knights from vast nations. But by just one woman, just one beauty, all of his training, his bravery, all vanished leaving him to quiver and weak kneed. Yes, he was weak when it came to his beloved princess. Only by her he would feel what fear is about. And if by any chances, even just a fraction of a chance that if he might lose her, he wouldn't survive the lost. He will be lost.

    Having mustering up enough courage to stand before her maiden, Abel, made hast towards her waiting. He hadn't intended to have made her wait any longer but it took him longer to gather his courage to be able to face her. He did mentioned to her that he had an utmost important matter to discuss with her after all. "Milady, Your Highness. I apologized to have made you wait for long." he spoke in a apologetic and polite manner before his princess, he was kneeling on one knee before her, head down. Despite him being her lover, he was also her knight and her father's and for their country. It was only right for him to show his respect to the people who is above his ranking.
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  4. ((If you want..sorry I'm slow on replying and that my post may not be so good. I know some Medieval time period but not a lot and not enough to make my post real good.))

    The Princess of Thidon hath been lost in thought as she waited for Abel, her beloved. The Noble her father, King Rowan, deemed fit to take his daughter's hand in marriage. The chosen man who was after all a brave, trusted knight, worthy of his daughter's love. After all if her father hath not approved then they two lovers would have been doomed. Forbidden love would not have lasten long, Emma thought.

    She wondered what was so important that her beloved wished to see her here. He knew this to be one of the few favorite places she enjoyed going to. It didn't take.much to convince her to meet him here. She would do anythinf for that man.

    At the sound of his voice, a smile tugged at the corners of her lips. Her eyes slowly open to see him bent down on a knee with his head down. "But My Lord, Abel, it was no hardship to wait. I doth enjoy this place very much so. So ye hath nought to apologize, beloved." She spoke kindly, softly as she lightly touch his cheek and motion him to raise.
  5. Upon he felt her lighten touch on his cheek, his insides churned. Oh how he loved her gentle touch. It was like ecstasy to him. He hadn't rise up as her beloved would have wanted, but instead continued to kneel in front of her and had raised his head only with a smile plastered on his face. He touched her hand that had been placed on his cheek. He moved his face to to kissed the palm of her hand then at the back. He loved these gentle hands and as of the rest of her. He loved her. Vowing to never look at anyone else and love anyone else but her.

    Taking her hand on his own. He looked at his princess with eyes that only has her in it. He smiled at her. "My princess. The war is over, and we are at peace. Would you do me the honor, to be my bride in wait?" he finally asked her. It took every ounce of his person to utter those words to her. But now, it was the time for the most hardest battle he had ever fought--it was harder than having to slay a fire breathing dragon, waiting for his lady's answer.

    ((Alright then. It's fine! I don't really mind the length! It's the content that matters most to me! You are actually pretty good. :D))
  6. His touch a shiver down her back. Her cheeks flushed a bright red, adding color to them. Oh how she loved that simple touch, that small kiss.

    She stared down at her lap. His hand was quite bigger than hers and yet their hands seemed to fit together perfectly. When she looked back up she got lost in beautiful green swirling pools of his eyes. There she saw his love for her, his passion. The amount of feeling showing there still shocked her. She felt as if she were the luckiest girl to have a love like this. It was perfect.

    Finally, he voiced the question she had been dying to hear. A squeal escaped in excitement. Embarrassment flushed her cheeks once agian. She took deep calming breath. "Yes. Yes, of course." She replied, throwing her arms around his neck.
  7. One would never compare the joy he had when hearing his beloved words of acceptance of his love for her. Words could never express the feelings he had that day. All he knew was, at that moment, he was overjoyed. As she had him in her arms, he too did the same. Locking her into his embrace, he felt a sort of bliss resonating both of them. Everything looked perfect. Everything was perfect. Oh, how he never wanted this moment to end, but sadly they were both interrupted by a soldier in arms, asking for Abel's presence at the training ground.

    "My Lord. The General wishes to see your presence. It is of the utmost important that you do." said the soldier and Abel had not choice but to pull away from his beloveds hold--regrettably as it may be.​

    "As regrettable as it may be, my love. But I must see to it what's requires my presence. Shall I escort you back to the castle?" he asked, sadden that they would part as of this moment. As much as he would've love to savor this moment with her, he was knight after all. His duty had to come first, it was important for the kingdom, the king and his princess. Without him being in the front line, who knows what would have happened.​
  8. Emma Rosalie's heart swelled with more love than she could ever dream of having. Most princesses had no choice in who they'd be wed to. The king of the kingdom would usually pick the gentleman without any say of his daughter. But King Rowan was not that cruel nor like any other king. At least when it came to his beloved daughter. He for one believed in love and happy endings even if it was hardly seen.

    A soildier appeared in the garden next to Princess Emma and Lord Abel, ending -or in Emma's mind, ruin- their happy love filled moment. She listened as the soilder spoke. Every word he utter from his mouth cause a pain in her heart. He spoke of taking her only love away. She knew he had to leave. That it was not his choice but his job. After all he was the best knight the kingdom has.

    Yet, she had this strange feeling. A feeling she'd never felt before. It hurt to let him go but she could not ask him not to leave her. Deep down she felt it would be the last she see him for a while. Though she never spoke aloud her worry, thinking it was but in her head.

    "I understand." She responded quietly as she held back the tear threatening to spill. "I'd like to stay here for a while longer. If that may be okay." She said, holding his hands and giving him a small smile.
  9. Abel nodded to his princess thankful that she was understanding of his duties to the King and for the Kingdom. Though he hadn't left immediately like he should, he still had yet to give her her present. He took out an old rage of a pouch from his person, opened it and was shaking the content out from it. Out fell a carefully crafted white-golden thin chain necklace with an emerald stone at the end. It didn't look anything like any of her more grander jeweler she had on her person, but he thought that no amount of jewelry could match her fair beauty.

    He held it up for her to see it clearly before he spoke. "I found the stone during one of my matches through the Kingdom of Niall." He spoke. "I thought it was too enchanted to be left alone. I had it turned into a necklace. Would you do me the pleasure and wear it for me, my princess?" He asked her dearly.
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  10. Emma's eyes trailed down to see him pulling free an old pouch from his side. As he emptied the contents onto the palm of his hand, her eyes widened at the sight before her. One piece in particular stood out from the rest. It was like nothing she'd had ever seen or owned in her lifetime, until now. The neckless, from what she could now tell, was breath taking beautiful.

    She gasped as her eyes took in the beauty of the emerald stone dangling from white golden chain. "Abel, it's...gorgeous." She breathed softy, reaching out to gently touck the jewel. "I would love nothing more.than to wear this gift." She said as she moved her long wavey blonde hair to one side and turning her back facing him. "Will you do the honors to place it on me?" She asked, glancing over her shoulder to look at him.
  11. Without having said anything else, Abel was happy to place the jewerly around her neck and had locked it securely in its place. As she turned around to face him once again, he looked down at the emerald stone then into her beautiful sapphire eyes. "Keep it around your neck and never lose it, my princess, for it will protect you when I am not by your side. Always think of this as me, as I am always a part of you. It shall be of your reminder of me and the love I have for you, from now and until forever." He spoke as he made his vow of loving her always and forever more. That his love for her would never fade much as this stone around her neck.

    He then took her hand helding it up gently on his own and kissed it lightly on the back. With the necklace on her neck, he had made it clear to everyone that the Princess of Thidon; his love, his life, his everything, she was his and his alone and that no one else shall have her but him.

    "I shall be leaving now, my love. I hope to see you again soon." She said to her after they said their goodbye's. Parting from his beloved was indeed painful to bear, but he had a duty to fulfill and that was to protect his Kingdom and its people, his King Rowan of Thidon, and of course, his fair maiden, Princess Emma Roselie.
  12. Princess Emma Rosalie smiled faintly up at him as the stone rest against her chest, right above her breast, and between them. The weight of it was of nothing like her other jewelry. From the moment he placed it on her she vowed she'd always keeo it close and cherish it for as long as she lived and even after her death.

    A single tear manged to slip from her left eye as he spoke, bringing her emotions to to the fore front. Emma nodded in complete agreement as he spoke of never removing the jewel.

    As her knight walked painfully away she looked down, not wanting to see him go but knowing it had to be. They'd gotten very little time together. Yet, they made those few moments precious and dear to them. She knew she would always remember this day, this moment of pure happiness. Lord Abel, knight of kingdom Thidon, her beloved and one true love.

    More tears now swiftly fell down her cheeks. She took a deeo breath to get her emotions back in order as she turned back to the flowing, refreshing water fountain.

    (( I'm figuring the kiddnap happens soon?? Lol))
  13. (Yeah, but let's skip that part since I think its unnecessary. Let's say your already been kidnapped already.)

    "What is the meaning of this?! What do you mean my daughter has been captured? Abel! How could you let this happened?" the King of Thidon, King Rowan was livid when he caught heard of his daughter being kidnapped by a huge dragon.

    "I appologize, my King. I shouldn't had left her. I shall return the princess back here safe and sound." Abel said while all the while cursing himself--blaming himself for permitting this to happened. He made a promise to her. He promised to protect her, to be always be there for her always. He couldn't forgive himself if anything were to happened to Emma. "I swore upon my life, my King, I shall take back the princess unharmed." he vowed.

    "See as you do that, Abel. I trust that you do." the king said and it was clear to everyone that saw him that he was indeed, worried about his daughter. He'd condemned anyone who'd dared harm her in anyway.

    Without delay, Abel, along with his fellow knights head out to rescue the princess at any cause. He was going to save her no matter what happened.
  14. Princess Emma had passed out at the sight of dark huge wings attached to a monstrous dragon swoopping down to snatched her. It carried her off into it's layer. A cave.

    Time passed and Emma finally came to, sitting up, blinkly the hazyness away, and rubbing the back her head. Her fingers touched something wet and sticky. When she pulled her hand back to look at it she saw blood. She must have hit her head, she thought. Heart racing, she scanned her surroundings to find where she was. It was too to tell but the air felt colder. Dim Light shimmered up ahead, barely, which had he believing it was almost nightfall.m and that was the exit. The problem being she heard the monster in front of her gurading the way out.

    With nothing for her to do, she pulled her legs up to her chest, and wrapped he arms around them to wait for her knigh to resuce her.
  15. ((skipping the dragon slaying part because again... not important))

    "Princess!!" was the desperate call of Abel searching for his beloved princess. After finally slaying the dragon Abel didn't stop to rest despite being weakened and is in the brink of fainting due to how much blood had been lost but he hadn't a care. His beloved Emma and her safety was important. Oh, how he could imagine how scared, lost, and alone she was. He hated her seeing her that was. It was heartwrenching to see her like that. He made a promise to her that he would protect her and take care of her so he was going to do just as that. Just as he vowed to do.

    Running around aimelessly inside the dragons cave, it was vast and dark. It would be imposdible to look for her in the darkness alone, but it didn't matter to Abel. All that mattered was her safe in his arms again--even when he is on the brink of death.

    "Princess!!" he yelled again. "Emma!!"
  16. Hours seemed to pass by to Princess Emma. She wasn't aware of how long it'd been but she was cold and alone in the dark with a dragon. Also, she had a wound on the back of her head. To her, things couldn't get worse until the dizziness and a small headache begun. That was when actual fear struck her. What if she died here? She thought to herself as she blinked rapidly to try getting everything to stand still. She hugged her legs tighter as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

    Just as she was gjving up all hope of being found, she heard the slightest of noises. Emma looked around for the source of the sound. Yet, she could not see anything. Suddenly, the dragon that was not to far from her, was no longer there. Her heart begun to race as the hope flared inside once again. She tried to listen to where the dragon went, straining to hear but the thing must have went to far for her to pick up anything.

    She waited for someone...or the dragon to come to her. As time went by, she started to feel lost with hope once again and slumped back. Her aches and pains screamed out but she ignored it. Her eyes dropped, threatening to close. She knew she should not sleep but she wanted to see him once more....even if it were only a dream.

    Finally, she heard a voice call out to her and she seen Abel. A smile spread acrossed her face as she reached out for him. Yet, he hadn't seen her. Abel was moving his lips and Emma could barley make out what he was saying. She heard 'Princess......princess....Emma' in a desperate voice of her beloved. Confusion washed over her, her face scruched up. "Abel...Abel..." she screamed waving her hands but he moved on. Saddness filled her as her tears wet her cheeks.

    Emma jerked awake, bitting down on her bottom lip as it started to tremble. It couldn't be true. "It was just a dream. It wasn't real." She mumbled to herself over and over. Suddenly, Abel's yell reached her ears. This time she was too afraid it was a dream but called out to him anyway. "Abel! Abel, I'm here. Oh Abel..."