Yesh, I'm a noob

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  1. Let me tell you the story how I got here ^^

    So...It's 6:40am and I'm bored out of my mind so I went to Google and googled "Best RP sites" Iwakuroleplay was the first one so this is what I did ~Stares at link, waiting 10 minutes then finally clicks it~ TT~TT Awesome!!!! ~Runs to kitchen and grabs Oreo cookies (I was hungry)~

    Amazing story, huh? (\('u')/) Well, I'm making a comeback in the rp world! ~She puts on 3-D glasses and pushses them up with her middle finger, looking out into the crowed. Quietly she takes a note card from her bra and begins to give a 20 minute speach, after she's done she then eats an Oreo~ I would like to thank my best friend Google ^^.
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!- now you're making me hungry! O_o

    *Rushes to kitchen to get something
  3. Thank you for the welcome and you may have some cookies if you'd like :D!
    ~She holds out one third of her cookies to him~
  4. *grabs cookie

    *realizes the computer screen is in the way

    "Damn it!"

  5. I'm sorry D': ~Tries to shove the cookie through the computer~ x.x
  6. -Sneaks in grabs the cookie and rolls out.- Nah kidding, It's a pleasure to meet you.

    -She'd smirk and make a slight bow her black hair coming loose from behind her ear and falling back in her face.- GAH dangit >.<
  7. ~Giggles and holds out cookies for her~ It's a pleasure to meet you too and you can have those cookies if you'd like^^
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creative shine here and that you find everything you are looking for with role play.
  9. Heyoooo

    Welcome to Iwaku SLA! I'm Hunter! Hope you like the site and you obviously do! Hope you love the community and stay for a long time! Also hope you find a RP soon, check around their are some pretty cool ones and new ones are always popping up! If you can't find any then go ahead make your own.

    Anyway its great to meet you and I hope you see you around.
  10. cookies~ o3o
  11. Best. Introduction. Ever. -Claps for the new girl-
  12. :D Thanks for the Welcomes ^^, and thank you Tenchi.
  13. Jesus, we were first on the list?

    The Admins are bribing more people than I thought.

    Oh yeah and welcome to the site.

    *Tosses you a cupcake with ocean blue frosting, star-shaped sprinkles, and a tiny plastic surfboard sticking out of it*
  14. TT~TT Thank you!! ~Smiles like a little kid as I hold the cupcake~ You're all very nice by the way ^^

    ‚Äč....welcome to Iwaku!
  16. Pffff my cupcakes are nicer > 3>

    -Grabs a box, opens it and gives it to the new girl.- Hehe ^w^

  17. O.o ~Looks down at my chest~ Those aren't cookies....

    Aww thank you Sin (\(^u^)/) CUPCAKES!!! ~Giggles and holds the box of cupcakes~