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    Rules Are Cool/Intro:
    • I am an advanced [Adept, really] player and no, I won't be up your ass for one or two small errors. I do enjoy a good 3+ paragraphs because sadly, I lose interest in RPs fast. It shows me that my partner is really engaged and it makes me ecstatic to see a good, well written post after a long day. Especially when it comes to sex scenes [yum]. I know that's usually hard to write 3+ paragraphs and I'm not as cruel; do at least 2-3 paragraphs though.
    • I prefer original. If original isn't you're thing then I'm sorry.
    • I do Yaoi. Now, I won't stray away from Hetero, but it has to be a pretty damn good plot as I will take it into consideration.
    • Is it weird that I find RL pictures creepy? Please no, okay?
    • No furry, nekos, or other strange stuff like that.
    • 18+ or older characters. Shota.
    • I usually don't do character sheets, but its whatever.
    • Please respect that I do have a life and things can get pretty hectic in my life. I can't sit still, so I need to constantly move and do something. There will be those days where I will sit in front of my laptop/tablet and reply, but other than that no spamming. I will usually send out PMs that I am busy or unable to be online for a certain amount of days.
    • I am very versatile. Submissive I usually lean towards since it's difficult to be a submissive nowadays, but there is dominant in me. Seme x Seme is just very alluring to me and this is the closest thing to "switch" I will do. I do not believe in "Sekes". Dominant ukes are sexy. Submissive Semes are hot.
    Genres I Enjoy:
    • Fantasy | Horror | Crime | Modern | Romance
    What Gives Me Those Fluffy Feels:
    • Abuse
    • Stockholm Syndrome
    • Possessive Partners
    • Rough Sex
    • Pseudo Rape
    • Drug Abuse
    • Scandal
    • Age Gaps

    Love Is A Game (open)
    {Taken} Character A is known to be the school's slut. Opens his legs for anyone that asks. He finds love to be a hassle and feels that it a feeling that can deceive. Character B is a transfer student and doesn't much about the services that the school's slut has to offer. After walking in on one of the sessions, he feels A is someone that needs to be avoided as he only fools around. To said man's dismay, A finds interest in the transfer student; tall, muscular [or lean], handsome, and new. He is determined to getting into the other man's pants, but seeing as B isn't interested, he changes his game. A suggests they start "dating" as a small act of challenge, and B accepts willingly to A's surprise. Although, what was once just a game starts turning into the real deal. A actually falling for B?! Impossible.
    Anyone willing to play Character B? PM for more details on plot and characterization for both characters.

    Orange The New Black? (open)
    {Taken} Character A has been sent to prison for a crime that he did not know he had been involved in, but he isn't the typical newb to be anyone's bitch. As a tradition, it is expected for the cell mates to "welcome" their new cell mates. Character B has been in this hell hole for years and basically anyone will do to cease his boredom. A peaks his interest almost instantly as he likes the other's attitude isn't like the other whores he's been with. Despite A's stubborn nature and B's insanity, the two have found common ground to indulge themselves in mindless sex. Though A claims to hating B's guts, he can't help but hesitate when he questions his true feelings. Can people even fall in love in prison?
    Any takers for Character A? Maybe Seme x Seme plot? But most defiantly dominate submissive. PM for more detail.

    Sea Salt & Shells (open)
    {Taken} Character A is a special case siren. He's the only male siren and basically a rare species. Never really feeling like he belonged with the other sirens, he decides to explore the sea alone and be even more curious of the human world. Curiosity killed the cat, as A gets captured and is held as an auction for customers and pirates. To somewhat of A's luck, Character B, a pirate, buys the siren from the merchant and has high hopes in selling the confused creature for some money. His rough exterior is no bother to A as this is the closest interaction with a human he's had and instantly finds admiration for his "hero". Even though it's an annoyance for B to constantly have the siren attached him, he can't help but grow fond of the curious creature within due time and starts questioning on whether not the siren is up for selling. A can't help, but automatically fall for the pirate, but it is taboo to fall in love with a human. That is why he is such an outcast to his family, because of his mother's mistake. But, that shouldn't have to concern him right?
    Anyone willing to play a pirate? I haven't done an RP like this before; kind of exciting. PM for more details.

    Porn Or Nah? (open)
    Character A is on a quest to finding a job and to his luck someone happens to pass by him and have him try out a job. Without hesitation he accepts. Come to find out, his new job involves Porn? On the verge of wanting to reject he can't help but spot gorgeous Character B. Famous porn star that works on both gay and straight sex. A figures if he works here, he could get to know the other. Even though he was in training to be a porn star, he doesn't made taking up the offer in being B's assistant. The eyes can be very evil bastards as he realizes that B is nothing more but an arrogant jerk. The man constantly teases him and enjoys watching A get flustered. It sucks already having to work with the man, but living with him is just cutting the line. Even though they clash heads, there is a hidden attraction that A wants to avoid, but its hard to hide feelings for someone you're around 24/7. Plus, they also work in porn!
    A feisty dominant please. PM for more details.
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  2. Good Plot Heavy RPs

    There has been word that people have been mysteriously disappearing after visiting a circus that night and not even a single of their existence is left. One detective is determined in finding out what really goes on in this so called circus as he goes undercover to get some evidence. Apparently, his targets thought ahead and already knew of the man's arrival and after a mysterious blackout of the whole tent, the detective gets caught in this circus mind games. As the detective wakes up, he finds himself in a torture room. He can hear the screams of and muffled pleas of the other's around him and this could quite possibly be the end of him. To his luck (sort of), the ring master of this whole ordeal shows up and for someone as beautiful and lithe looking could be behind all of this is beyond the detective. The ringmaster gives the man the choice of being his "slave" to spare his life and for him to not give them away to the police. What said man fails to realize is that he signing his life away to the devil.
    A submissive dominate is needed and would be nice to have fun with, only for awhile in this RP until things get a bit serious. Please PM for further details.

    More to come this week...
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