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  1. You see, I'm simply one hell of a butler.
    Hello there. If you're reading this, you've stumbled onto my partner search. My name is Sebastian, and, you see, I am a butler. As of late, I've been searching for more one on one, or small group gatherings. That being said, I'm open to any and all ideas you may have, even if it does entail me being something other than one hell of a butler. Perhaps you'd prefer a bodygaurd, or prince? I can easily assume most any role you need filled. I'm not picky on my scenarios, so if you have an idea that you'd like to run by me, please do. No need to beat around the bush if you plan on following through, hmm?

    - Sebastian
  2. Are you still open?
    How are you at multiple support characters?

    I had an idea for a roleplay including a princess in trouble for stealing a jewel by accident (it was passed on from the clutches of a dying woman who thought the princess was a village girl) from a criminal group of dark lords or magic users. Multiple attempts have been made upon the royalty's life as a threat to the people who loved their king. To save her, the king sent his only daughter away after two of his 5 sons died in mysterious circumstances. He sent his butler away with her.
  3. I am one hell of a multicharacter roleplayer. I am, however, best at being a butler. To your first question, yes, I am still quite available. I can do perhaps another four or five roleplays before I begin to become burdened, and even then I will still be likely to accept most requests. Now, there is a catch to my being a butler. I do not work for free, m'lady, and gold and money are worthless to me. All I want from you is one thing, your soul. Until the day that I may claim it, I shall follow your every command, your watchful protector to the very end.

    If you'd wish to discuss this further, please respond quickly. I am a busy man, and cannot afford to loligag about for too long. There is tea to be brewed, lunch to serve, and shrubberies to trim.
  4. You do drive a hard bargain and Father would be upset to lose his only girl. Alas, a deal with the devil often accompanies dark magics and those have already tumbled my way so I do suppose this is fate. I am as good as dead one way or another seeing as this jewel has sunken into my skin but I make only one more deal, you teach me to control this power so that I may be as powerful as you, perhaps even more so. What say you, heathen, will you take upon you a virgin soul in exchange for an education?

    Of course, we can renegotiate after I am found and taken against my will but I doubt you will wait that long. You obviously have others keen to capture you but be warned, I am no Faust. I will not be captivated llong by your tricky ways if there is still a God around, Mephisto.
  5. I'd love to roleplay with you anytime.
    If you'd like to discuss a plot together or maybe share ideas, message me so we can talk more about it.
  6. I would really enjoy role playing with you, if you want to that is...
    Just message me if you do
  7. I am open to any ideas, however, do not expect me to come up with the scene. I am merely a butler, a pawn for your scenario.
  8. Oh! I want to roleplay with you if its possible.
  9. Of course, miss Kitsune. Please just PM me if you've any ideas or wish to work one out.
  10. Hmm, you would fit well into my revenge plot. Much like your ciel Family has been taken from and I have need to find the killers.
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